10+ VCloud Alternatives and Competitors


9.4 User Rating
$2 M Revenue
11+ No of Employees
2007 Founded
SaaS Industry
Workload Automation Category
Gerald Marolda CEO

VCloud is a comprehensive IVR solution that automates call and communications workload for businesses. A subsidiary of VoiceCloud LLC, VCloud has been specializing in automating voice communications for over 10 years. The platform makes everything possible, thanks to its cloud-based technology. Today, VCloud is recognized as one of the best workload automation software to use.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Stonebranch Stonebranch 9.5 Giuseppe Damiani N/A 1999 $17 M
Georgia 1895+ Reviews
350 +
VCloud VCloud 9.4 Gerald Marolda $995 2007 $2 M
Las Vegas 1888+ Reviews
JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler 9.3 Scott McCausland N/A 1985 $7.5 M
1874+ Reviews
700 +
ActiveBatch Workload Automation ActiveBatch Workload Automation 9.2 Reed Overfelt N/A 1981 $12 M
1888+ Reviews
1.7K +
IBM Workload Automation IBM Workload Automation 9.1 Arvind Krishna N/A 1911
$79.1 M
New York 1748+ Reviews
650 +
VisualCron VisualCron 9 Henrik Erlandsson $499 2004 $1000 K
1874+ Reviews
2K +
Control-M Control-M 8.9 Ayman Sayed N/A 1980
$2 B
Houston 1987+ Reviews
Broadcom Broadcom 8.8 Hock E. Tan N/A 1991 $22.6 B
San Jose 1987+ Reviews
23.4K +
Tidal Workload Automation Tidal Workload Automation 8.7 Rick McNees N/A 1979
$5 M
Chicago 1888+ Reviews
Opcon Opcon 8.6 Rolf Hasselstrom N/A 1980
$10 M
Houston 1654+ Reviews
3.3K +



Key Employees

Richard ScarbathRichard ScarbathChief Strategy Officerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rscarbath


“ vcloud is great for a disaster recovery service ”

7/10 (overall) - Duane B
  • We use the vcloud service for off site data storage in the event there is a catastrophic event at one of our facilities.
  • Thankfully, we have never had to use it, but there is a piece of mind knowing our data is safe.
  • The only thing we dislike is paying for the service by the hour.
  • But the peace of mind is well worth the price.

“ Cudos VMware! ”

8/10 (overall) - Nurman Z
  • Tech Support was excellent when I needed it.
  • They pretty helpful and fast response to help me
  • The limitation of vCloud is that I can’t define anti-affinity rules.
  • Beside that vCloud is amazing and the pricing is reasonable

“ The best and only serious virtualization platform out there. ”

8/10 (overall) - Hans D
  • vCloud is backed by VMWare, the company that brings the gold standard for virtualization that most all companies utilize in their data centers.
  • vCloud takes the experience and knowledge of VMWare one step further and provides a platform familiar to companies in order to extend their infrastructure to the cloud with minimal configuration.
  • As with any hosting platform one pays a premium for the VMWare name, especially when it comes to scaling out virtual machines and resources in the cloud.
  • Pay careful attention to pricing on network bandwidth and storage to ensure the cost of vCloud is in fact cheaper than hosting your own infrastructure.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • CRM Integration
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Predictive Sales
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does VCloud IVR Solutions cost?

VCloud IVR Solutions doesn’t have any actual pricing details for all of its services. The platform only specifies that users can access their service’s price details by contacting their representative. With this said, if you want to pick VCloud as your primary workload automation platform, immediately contact VCloud’s representative today and find out the right solutions for your operations.


Q. Does VCloud IVR Solutions offer on-premise deployment?

Unfortunately, VCloud only offers a cloud-based deployment option. All the platform’s IVR systems run through the Cloud, and it is built through ultra-modern technology. VCloud’s cloud-based solutions allow users to experience fast up-time, simple repairs, and changes to the IVR system.

Q. What is VCloud Transcription Services?

VCloud Transcription Services is an extensive cloud-based VCloud solution that delivers automated software transcription. This VCloud solution delivers the quickest and most accurate capabilities, perfect for voicemail, CRM automation, marketing, and repetitive calls automation. Additionally, VCloud Transcription Services also offers overflow services for in-house agents that deliver real-time overflow services for times when all agents are busy or around the clock, 24/7.



Q. What is VCloud Integrated Voice Biometrics?

VCloud Integrated Voice Biometrics is another VCloud solution that provides fast and simple identification solutions. This solution has the capacity to capture customer data and secure them in a safe cloud-based technology.