10+ Opcon Alternatives and Competitors


8.6 User Rating
$10 M Revenue
10+ No of Employees
1980 Founded
SaaS Industry
Workload Automation Category
Rolf Hasselstrom CEO

OpCon is an advanced workload automation software designed for midsize companies to large enterprises. It is also one of the earlier software solutions in its target market, having opened its doors in 1990. Today, OpCon now serves more than 3,300 businesses worldwide. Leading the way to its success is CEO, Rolf Hasselstrom. Learn more about OpCon below.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Stonebranch Stonebranch 9.5 Giuseppe Damiani N/A 1999 $17 M
Georgia 1895+ Reviews
350 +
VCloud VCloud 9.4 Gerald Marolda $995 2007 $2 M
Las Vegas 1888+ Reviews
JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler 9.3 Scott McCausland N/A 1985 $7.5 M
1874+ Reviews
700 +
ActiveBatch Workload Automation ActiveBatch Workload Automation 9.2 Reed Overfelt N/A 1981 $12 M
1888+ Reviews
1.7K +
IBM Workload Automation IBM Workload Automation 9.1 Arvind Krishna N/A 1911
$79.1 M
New York 1748+ Reviews
650 +
VisualCron VisualCron 9 Henrik Erlandsson $499 2004 $1000 K
1874+ Reviews
2K +
Control-M Control-M 8.9 Ayman Sayed N/A 1980
$2 B
Houston 1987+ Reviews
Broadcom Broadcom 8.8 Hock E. Tan N/A 1991 $22.6 B
San Jose 1987+ Reviews
23.4K +
Tidal Workload Automation Tidal Workload Automation 8.7 Rick McNees N/A 1979
$5 M
Chicago 1888+ Reviews
Opcon Opcon 8.6 Rolf Hasselstrom N/A 1980
$10 M
Houston 1654+ Reviews
3.3K +

Key Employees

Kelly ReimannKelly Reimannhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kelly-reimann-3454511
Allen AsheAllen AsheSr. Software QA Specialisthttps://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/allenashe
Darrell AndrewsDarrell Andrewshttps://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/darrell-andrews-6405301


“ Streamline all your IT Related Challenges with OpCon ”

8/10 (overall) - Kendrick L
  • The toughest IT challenges get a permanent solution from OpCon.
  • The application increase the automation processes of a company, reducing the chances of poor service delivery to the users.
  • OpCon has directed a lot of technical skills to the required players.
  • Changing the high end procedures for many companies. The developer of the OpCon has skills on the IT world.

“ A complete platform that changed our way to work ”

9/10 (overall) - Roberto M
  • It allows you to schedule and precisely monitor our MVS, Linux, Windows jobs.
  • Their technical support is really fast and very efficient.
  • Web browser management is incomplete but will be expanded with future releases.
  • The only limitation is that, since the system uses the comma as a field separator to generate events

“ A complete tool to manage all your job scheduling needs ”

8/10 (overall) - Lorenzo M
  • It can read logs and access them remotely.
  • Everything on a single machine from where you can control local or remote jobs via simple agents. It’s powerful and complete.
  • Sometimes some features are hard to find, and you have to be ready for some retries to get what you want.
  • We had many jobs to migrate from the preexisting configuration and the process is slow at the beginning, since you have to gather all the informations and map them in OpCon.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM Integration
  • Collaboration Tools
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. What is OpCon used for?

The OpCon app is one of the most extensive workload automation tools available in today’s market. In essence, this software enables businesses to streamline their entire operations processes, boosting efficiency. Aside from that, OpCon also lets you automate repetitive tasks, so that you can focus on other vital tasks.

Q. How much does OpCon cost?

If you are planning to use OpCon for your business, you should know that this platform offers customers a quote based pricing system. That is because OpCon features a suite of modules and solutions. Nevertheless, this pricing system allows you to take control over the cost of using the app. 

Q. Is OpCon purely a cloud-based application?

With OpCon, you have the benefit of choosing its deployment. You can either deploy it on the cloud or on-premises.When it comes to its cloud solution, OpCon works on a variety of cloud servers. This includes Google Cloud, Docker, Microsoft Azure Data Management, Amazon EC2/AWS, Microsoft Azure VM, and Web Services RESTful.

Q. Can you use OpCon on a Mac computer?

Unfortunately, the desktop solution of the OpCon platform is only available for Windows and Linux users. However, since it also features cloud-based deployment, you can still use it on your Mac computer’s browser.