10+ ActiveBatch Workload Automation Alternatives and Competitors

ActiveBatch Workload Automation

9.2 User Rating
$12 M Revenue
192+ No of Employees
1981 Founded
SaaS Industry
Workload Automation Category
Reed Overfelt CEO

ActiveBatch Workload Automation is an extensive workload automation platform that develops, optimizes, and orchestrates automated processes. ActiveBatch Workload Automation was established to simplify workload processes across IT organizations, allowing them to streamline the complexity of making data systems. Today, ActiveBatch Workload Automation becomes the go-to platform for 1,700 operations worldwide.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Stonebranch Stonebranch 9.5 Giuseppe Damiani N/A 1999 $17 M
Georgia 1895+ Reviews
350 +
VCloud VCloud 9.4 Gerald Marolda $995 2007 $2 M
Las Vegas 1888+ Reviews
JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler 9.3 Scott McCausland N/A 1985 $7.5 M
1874+ Reviews
700 +
ActiveBatch Workload Automation ActiveBatch Workload Automation 9.2 Reed Overfelt N/A 1981 $12 M
1888+ Reviews
1.7K +
IBM Workload Automation IBM Workload Automation 9.1 Arvind Krishna N/A 1911
$79.1 M
New York 1748+ Reviews
650 +
VisualCron VisualCron 9 Henrik Erlandsson $499 2004 $1000 K
1874+ Reviews
2K +
Control-M Control-M 8.9 Ayman Sayed N/A 1980
$2 B
Houston 1987+ Reviews
Broadcom Broadcom 8.8 Hock E. Tan N/A 1991 $22.6 B
San Jose 1987+ Reviews
23.4K +
Tidal Workload Automation Tidal Workload Automation 8.7 Rick McNees N/A 1979
$5 M
Chicago 1888+ Reviews
Opcon Opcon 8.6 Rolf Hasselstrom N/A 1980
$10 M
Houston 1654+ Reviews
3.3K +

Key Employees

Rayna O'NeilRayna O'NeilSales Executivehttps://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/raynaoneill
Katti WolfeKatti WolfeMarketing Communications Specialisthttps://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/kattiwolfe


“ Robust Scheduling Platform with HA built-in ”

7/10 (overall) - Gleb K
  • Support of File Transfer Protocol and Secure File Transfer Protocols where you can define the download/upload files using variables.
  • Can push notification of the missing file directly to the vendor or third party which also helps with product support and operations having alerts and notifications built around the processing.
  • Some of the prod issues we have experienced are still not addressed by the Enterprise Support, support tickets remain unanswered/no solution provided to the problem reported.
  • We had a RETRY Logic failing around several jobs in a PRODUCTION environment while running as expected on several other nodes/identical environments. This has been sitting unresolved for almost six months.

“ AWESOME and powerful tool with a robust set of features. ”

8/10 (overall) - Dustin M
  • This tool comes with built in ‘job steps’ which enable just about any level of experience to generate a meaningful workflow.
  • In this way it is very beginner friendly, but it is also robust and flexible enough to benefit users with complex requirements!
  • There are minor nuisances with the new user interface. However, these things will get smoothed out over time as users share their experiences with the ActiveBatch team.
  • Knowledgebase could use some work but they make up for that with an educational ActiveBatch Academy and good support lines.

“ Best tool for schedule the jobs in the industry ”

8/10 (overall) - Upendra P
  • Customize the schedule and trigger the next job after completion with alert systems.
  • Also We can create a plan to schedule no of jobs in that we can use dependencies as well. which helps us to run our batch during night and no manual interference.
  • Sometime AB hanged and wont back after few runs. Also i figured in my recent time that even after we disable the job it runs quite few times before it actually disabled.
  • The one thing AB can do is provide just a robust solution to inbuilt scheduled based on time day and even for months. which helps user directly schedule any kind of jobs.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM Integration
  • Collaboration Tools
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Security
  • Predictive Sales
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does ActiveBatch Workload Automation cost?

Like any other workload automation platform, ActiveBatch Workload Automation offers custom, flexible, and contact-based, subscription options. ActiveBatch Workload Automation offers a custom subscription option for all of its services so that you can get personalized solutions. To give you a gist, ActiveBatch Workload Automation’s subscription pricing is primarily based on a number of servers.


Q. What operating systems does ActiveBatch Workload Automation support?

ActiveBatch Workload Automation currently supports almost all of the available operating systems. You can run ActiveBatch Workload Automation in operating systems like Windows, Linux/UNIX, Mac OS, iSeries (AS/400), and z/OS.

Q. Does ActiveBatch Workload Automation offer integrations?

Yes! ActiveBatch Workload Automation offers end-to-end integration functionality that allows you to connect with other systems and extensions. ActiveBatch Workload Automation has the functionality to integrate with systems like IBM Cognos BI, IBM DataStage, IBM PureData, Informatica Cloud, Active Directory, Oracle Job Scheduler, SQL Server Scheduling, Task Scheduler Automation, PowerShell, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and so much more.


Q. Can I use ActiveBatch Workload Automation using my mobile device?

ActiveBatch Workload Automation has ActiveBatch Mobile Ops that allow you to monitor and manage critical workloads using your Android and iOS devices, 24/7 and on-the-go.