10+ Paycor Alternatives and Competitors


9 User Rating
$209 M Revenue
5000+ No of Employees
1990 Founded
SaaS Industry
Workforce Management Category
Raul Villar CEO

Paycor is a powerful human resource (HR) and payroll management software, programmed to provide efficient workforce management for businesses. This software app aims to streamline business’ HR and payroll processes and get fast and easy access to their employee’s data. Thanks to Paycor’s high-end HR and payroll management, all of these benefits are possible, such as employee demographic data, organizational charting, off-cycle/on-demand payment, benefit plan administration, and more. Founded in 1990, Paycor has been streamlining payroll, time, allowance, and attendance for over 30,000 organizations and various users. The platform also becomes the primary HR and workforce management platform for leading brands and businesses, including Wendy’s, KFC, YMCA, and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. As Paycor becomes recognizable among several users today, the application was also recognized as one of the best workforce management platform to use, together with its alternative applications like Kronos, Workforce.com, Bitrix24, UltiPro, BambooHR, Connecteam, Reflexis, and Deputy.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Kronos Kronos 9.5 Aron J. Ain N/A 1977 $1.4 B
Massachusetts 1987+ Reviews
3.5K +
Workforce.com Workforce.com 9.4 Jake Phillpot N/A 2016 $45.1 M
Chicago 1879+ Reviews
3.3K +
Bitrix24 Workforce Management Bitrix24 Workforce Management 9.3 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1987+ Reviews
5M +
UltiPro UltiPro 9.2 Scott Scherr $600 1993 $2 M
Weston 1978+ Reviews
6.6K +
BambooHR Workforce BambooHR Workforce 9.1 Brad Rencher N/A 2008 $34.5 M
Utah 1777+ Reviews
15K +
Paycor Paycor 9 Raul Villar $99 1990 $209 M
Ohio 1988+ Reviews
30K +
Connecteam Connecteam 8.9 Amir Nehemia N/A 2014 $6 M
New York 1898+ Reviews
200 +
Reflexis Reflexis 8.8 Prashanth Palakurthi N/A 2001 $76.7 M
Massachusetts 1685+ Reviews
45K +
Deputy Deputy 8.7 Ashik Ahmed $2.50 2008 $44.4 M
Sydney 1989+ Reviews
100K +
Hubstaff Hubstaff 8.6 Dave Nevogt N/A 2012 $3.8 M
Indiana 1878+ Reviews
8K +


Basic Payroll
$99 /month
Up to 10 employees
Tax calculation and filing
Essential Payroll
$149 /month
Up to 10 employees
Advanced analytics
Complete Payroll
$199 /month
Up to 10 employees
New hire onboarding

Key Employees

Mike StallingsMike Stallingshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-stallings-b1675
Jeanette MooreJeanette Moorehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanettesmoore


“ Mostly positive experience with NimbleSchedule ”

7/10 (overall) - Sara V.
  • In general, I am very happy with this product as the person putting together the schedules!
  • It is easy to see when requests are put in, and it is nice that our nurses can easily pick up shifts and we do not have to deal as much with filling in open shifts.
  • This is the biggest flaw we have encountered.
  • It is also sometimes a pain to enter shift times, though that is becoming less of a hassle as I am becoming more comfortable with the program.

“ Best Payroll System ”

9/10 (overall) - Kathy M.
  • Ease of use, functionality, payroll processing made easy and reports options.
  •  You can access reports quickly.
  • While there are a ton of topics not everything in the HELP too not everything is to find.
  • Once you do find what you are looking for there’s a how to video which is helpful.

“ Overall, Nimbleschedule has been great ”

9/10 (overall) - Rachel R
  • Fairly easy to use – One you get a hang for what certain features do, it is very easy to use and a schedule can be set up pretty quickly.
  • I can do a year’s worth of scheduling for a dozen people in about a half an hour.
  • Inability to turn certain features off.
  • Since our service relies on coverage, we cannot just request time off.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Security
  • Drip Marketing
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Security
  • Predictive Sales
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does Paycor cost?

Paycor’s pricing comes into three different subscription bundles that you can choose to have. Paycor’s Small Business plan starts at $99 per month, which already includes payroll and tax filing, PDF-only reporting, and Paycor mobile features. For the Essential plan, price starts at $149 per month, and it already includes advanced PTO requests and approvals, garnishments and child support self-service, compliance checklists and template, and advanced analytics. Then, for the Complete plan, it cost $199 per month, including features like new hire onboarding and tax filing, integrations with 401, and so much more.

Q. What industries does Paycor cater to?

Since Paycor is an HR software for businesses of various sizes, this platform is perfect for every industry that requires efficient workforce management and payroll services. Whether in education, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, restaurants, or nonprofit industry, highly guaranteed that Paycor can provide the best tools for HR management.

Q. What integrations does Paycor provide?

Paycor provides multiple integrations so that its users can streamline their HR management more. Currently, Paycor gives you vast options for integrations, starting from payment solutions, down to background screening platforms, such as Instant Pay, SkyLight PayOptions, Sterling, GoodHire Background Checks, EBI Background Screening, and so much more.

Q. Can I still access Paycor's Marketplace even if I am not a Paycor client?

Yes! Non-Paycor clients are welcome to browse, search, and learn Paycor’s featured apps and partners through Paycor’s Marketplace. You can also get in touch with Paycor’s customer representative if you wish to evaluate your options.