10+ Best Whistleblowing Softwares 2021

Whistleblowing software is a type of issue management solution that provides employees with anonymous options to report issues related to fraud, harassment, theft, embezzlement, corruption, and so on, giving organizations the ability to uncover these workplace problems.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Got Ethics Got Ethics 9.5 Peter Dago N/A 2010 $1.4 M
1658+ Reviews
500 +
Convercent Convercent 9.4 ‎Patrick Quinlan N/A 1994 $11.2 M
‎Denver 1587+ Reviews
600 +
Whispli Whispli 9.3 Sylvain Mansotte $379 2015 N/A 25+
Sydney 1547+ Reviews
500 +
Ethicontrol Ethicontrol 9.2 Oleg Lagodiyenko $51.83 2014 $2 M
1587+ Reviews
150 +
Hello Ethics Hello Ethics 9.1 Craig Dubitsky $19 1995 $1 M
Las Vegas 1658+ Reviews
1.5K +
OneTrust OneTrust 9 Kabir Barday $500 2016 $160.8 M
Atlanta 1558+ Reviews
3K +
EQS Integrity Line EQS Integrity Line 8.9 Achim Weick N/A 2000 $39.6 M
1658+ Reviews
1K +
NAVEX Global NAVEX Global 8.8 Bob Conlin N/A 1997 $500 M
Oregon 1654+ Reviews
14K +
Canary Whistleblowing System Canary Whistleblowing System 8.7 Dan K. Eberhart N/A 2001 $2.7 M
1689+ Reviews
1K +
WhistleB WhistleB 8.6 Gunilla Hadders N/A 2011 $1.6 M
Sweden 1658+ Reviews
1.1K +

Got Ethics

9.5 User Rating
Dashboards and Filters, Statistics and Reporting, Access Management Feature

Got Ethics is a high-end whistleblowing software. It enables employees and concerned third parties to report issues that might affect a company’s welfare and reputation. Got Ethics has multiple secure reporting channels to allow them to do that anonymously. This software is what every organization needs to enhance their protection and security against all sorts of threats.


9.4 User Rating
Board Reporting, Root-Cause Analysis, Use data analytics Feature

Convercent is a highly-capable whistleblowing software. It provides a seamless communication platform to report code of conduct violations, risks, incidents, and other situations that can harm a company. Convercent can help organizations mitigate risk and prevent issues from escalating further. Managers should integrate Convercent into their business to optimize compliance, safety, and security.


9.3 User Rating
$379 Price
Unlimited incident reports, Multichannel reporting inbox, Self on-boarding. Feature

Whispli is a flexible and reliable software for whistleblowing. It’s a user-friendly interface that provides a platform for employees to report incidents, frauds, and other suspicious activities anonymously. Whispli is compliant with whistleblowing laws, compatible with mobile devices, easily configurable, and many more features. It has everything to empower employees to speak up without sabotaging their privacy.


9.2 User Rating
$51.83 Price
ISO Compliance, Incident Management, Process/Workflow Automation Feature

Ethicontrol is an all-in-one whistleblowing software programmed to provide fast and easy whistleblowing solutions. This software provides a cost-friendly whistleblowing system and case management captures incident triage and prioritization, as well as incident escalation beyond the management level. With Ethicontrol, users can get the most important information within a limited amount of time.


Hello Ethics

9.1 User Rating
$19 Price
Violation, Safeguarding information, Integrity Feature

Hello Ethics is another extensive whistleblowing software designed to safeguard businesses and organizations. This software provides intelligent SaaS capabilities that collect human information about situations like ethics violations, safeguarding information, and integrity. Hello Ethics highlights its key capabilities, including customizable design tools, metrics, intuitive dashboard, high-end safety features, and more.



9 User Rating
$500 Price
Auto-categorization, Ongoing monitoring, Reports Feature

OneTrust is a privacy, security, and governance platform that delivers high-end whistleblowing management. OneTrust encompasses all the essential features that manage ethical program requirements, for a safer workforce environment. With OneTrust, businesses can enjoy a simple configuration of branding, custom fields, and workflows via a self-service, user-friendly interface, while leveraging reporting methods that oversee incidents anonymously.


EQS Integrity Line

8.9 User Rating
Data Transmission, Highest security, Encryption requirements Feature

EQS Integrity Line is a whistleblowing software that suits small and medium-sized companies. This software has extensive solutions that provide reporting process that’s completely anonymous with a dialogue function. On top of that, the platform offers an integrated case management solutions, ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliant solutions, and machine translation of reports.


NAVEX Global

8.8 User Rating
Optimize globally, Robust analytics, Audit-ready reports Feature

NAVEX Global is a flexible, integrated GRC platform that enables businesses’ to establish integrated risk management. NAVEX Global delivers high-end risk and compliance management solutions, as well as ethics and whistleblowing solutions. This platform has the capacity to redirect issue reports to the proper department and assign and follow up on cases electronically.


Canary Whistleblowing System

8.7 User Rating
Email Autoresponder, Email redirection service, Push notifications Feature

Canary Whistleblowing System is a whistleblowing platform that provides effective fraud detection tools. This software has the capacity to provide businesses with third-party ethics hotline, enabling them to detect activities involving misconduct, fraud, other violations of company policies. Canary Whistleblowing System makes it happen through its high-powered solutions, including case management, security and retention, communication support, and confidentiality and safety.



8.6 User Rating

WhistleB is a whistleblowing system programmed to deliver the most secure and simple whistleblowing system. This software offers multiple functionalities that protect businesses against frauds and threats. WhistleB primarily features its high-end capabilities, such as case management tools, reporting channels, high-end data security management, statistics tools, and anonymous dialogue from any device.