10+ SiteBuilder Alternatives and Competitors



8.9 User Rating
$4.2 M Revenue
12+ No of Employees
1997 Founded
SaaS Industry
Web Design Software Category
Roger Chappel CEO

SiteBuilder is an easy-to-use web design software programmed for faster website creation. This platform provides drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to design websites in as fast as a snap. It also delivers custom domain functionality, SEO tools, and pre-built website templates that users can enjoy and freely choose. Founded in 1997, SiteBuilder was designed to allow individuals to create websites in minutes, whether for business, blog, or portfolio purposes. SiteBuilder instantly captures web designers and business users’ interest, thanks to its A.I. builder feature that allows them to create responsive sites without coding. What also makes SiteBuilder stand-out is that it provides insights and analytics to allow its users to oversee engagement stats and visitor metrics in real-time and improve their site performance over time. With more than 64,500 users that trust SiteBuilder today, the platform is now considered one of the leading web design software, competing against its alternatives and competitors like Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, Bluefish, RapidWeaver, Xara, Bitrix24, and Xara.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver 9.5 Shantanu Narayen $18.99 1982 N/A 5,000+
San Jose 1878+ Reviews
2.9K +
WordPress Web Design WordPress Web Design 9.4 Matt Mullenweg N/A 2003 $132 M
California 1589+ Reviews
4M +
Webflow Webflow 9.3 Vlad Magdalin N/A 2013 $20 M
San Francisco 1578+ Reviews
121.3K +
Wix Web Design Wix Web Design 9.2 Avishai Abrahami N/A 2006 $1 B
Tel Aviv 1698+ Reviews
180K +
Weebly Weebly 9.1 David Rusenko N/A 2006 $32 M
California 1654+ Reviews
625K +
Bluefish Bluefish 9 Steve Sims N/A 2008 $39.4 M
1655+ Reviews
8.3K +
SiteBuilder SiteBuilder 8.9 Roger Chappel $4.00 1997 $4.2 M
San Francisco 1587+ Reviews
64.5K +
RapidWeaver RapidWeaver 8.8 Dan Counsell N/A 2002 $2.3 M
1587+ Reviews
2K +
Vev Vev 8.7 Tine Karlsen N/A 2017 $17 M
1878+ Reviews
64.5K +
Bitrix24 Web Design Bitrix24 Web Design 8.6 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1687+ Reviews
5M +


With a 2 year plan
FREE hosting
Customizable Layouts
Mobile Optimized
With a 2 year plan
FREE hosting
Customizable Layouts
Mobile Optimized
With a 2 year plan
FREE hosting
Customizable Layouts
Mobile Optimized


“ Creative director at an agency ”

8/10 (overall) - Verified reviewer
  • I like that it has enough features for me to build specific ideas so my results are closer to what I say I can deliver.
  • The more I use it, the easier it gets to understand, but it’s kind of hard to follow at first.
  • Need to have quick chat for any issue.
  • When trouble arises should provide helper tutorial would be nice!

“ Easy to use, but with plenty of options ”

8/10 (overall) - Verified reviewer
  • I love the variety sitebuilder.com gives you when creating your website.
  • You can use a template to get started but you are also able to be free and create any sort of site you want without the hassle of coding.
  • Nothing really comes to mind: more options of course is always a nice idea.

“ Allows for great flexibility ”

9/10 (overall) - Verified reviewer
  • Ease of use. Allows for a good combination of coding along with drag and drop.
  • The drag and drop features are everything that you need to create a website and the flexibility to add html, CSS and script allows for more custom and unique features.
  • Sometimes it does not allow font size changes on mobile which can be a headache to try and figure out why.
  • Another improvement that can be made is when zooming out sometimes it distorted elements on the editor.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • List Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Security
  • Team Collaboration
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does SiteBuilder cost?

SiteBuilder offers three different subscription plans that you can choose to avail of. The application provides you its Pro plan, which costs $4.00 per month, the Premium plan at $4.80 per month, and the E-commerce plan, which costs $7.20 per month.


Q. What benefits can I get with SiteBuilder?

SiteBuilder primarily gives you the all-in-one solutions that would allow you to create your desired website, in as fast as a snap. With SiteBuilder, you can actualize your business, blog, or portfolio sites in just a matter of time, thanks to the application’s highly automated no-code features. It also provides you high-level customization, analytics features, and 24/ support, allowing you to control your site creation in one platform.

Q. What Is SiteBuilder's Intelligent Editor?

SiteBuilder’s Intelligent Editor is a powerful program that allows you to enjoy easy to use web development process. The application’s Intelligent Editor allows you to create personal, business, or portfolio websites without needing to code. It’s fast and intuitive to use, allowing you to make your responsive site without you needing any coding or graphic design skills.


Q. Does SiteBuilder's site work on any device or browsers?

Given the fact that responsive and alluring sites are now one of the critical aspects for website creation, SiteBuilder ensures that you can make it happen through its powerful tools. SiteBuilder secures that all of your created sites are highly responsive to any web browsers and devices, including the mobile platform. On top of that, with SiteBuilder’s intelligent editor, the setup process for your site’s format is now automated.