10+ Best Web Design Softwares 2021

As our world transcends into the digital age, most of us slowly become digitally-driven individuals. From our lifestyle down to our day-to-day endeavors, no doubt that we rely on digital advancement, especially with the internet's advantage. And this fact is unquestionable, considering that there are 4.57 billion internet users around the world as of July 2020, as per Statista. Consequently, the internet is now essential in the business setting. The advantage that it delivers now means a lot, for it becomes an avenue for every business person to generate more customer engagement. However, putting up one business on the internet is not as easy as you might think, for a necessary aspect, which is website development still comes first. Benefits:
  • Website development establishes a first impression.
  • It gathers and reaches potential customers.
  • It creates an interaction that maintains loyal customers.
Knowing that a business that has a well-designed website is equivalent to more customer conversions, probably, you might be thinking that you should put on high regard with website development right now. However, considering how overwhelming website development is, even if we only imagine it, there's no need for you to worry about it, for Web Development Software is here to save your day. Get to know more about it through our list below!


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver 9.5 Shantanu Narayen $18.99 1982 N/A 5,000+
San Jose 1878+ Reviews
2.9K +
WordPress Web Design WordPress Web Design 9.4 Matt Mullenweg N/A 2003 $132 M
California 1589+ Reviews
4M +
Webflow Webflow 9.3 Vlad Magdalin N/A 2013 $20 M
San Francisco 1578+ Reviews
121.3K +
Wix Web Design Wix Web Design 9.2 Avishai Abrahami N/A 2006 $1 B
Tel Aviv 1698+ Reviews
180K +
Weebly Weebly 9.1 David Rusenko N/A 2006 $32 M
California 1654+ Reviews
625K +
Bluefish Bluefish 9 Steve Sims N/A 2008 $39.4 M
1655+ Reviews
8.3K +
SiteBuilder SiteBuilder 8.9 Roger Chappel $4.00 1997 $4.2 M
San Francisco 1587+ Reviews
64.5K +
RapidWeaver RapidWeaver 8.8 Dan Counsell N/A 2002 $2.3 M
1587+ Reviews
2K +
Vev Vev 8.7 Tine Karlsen N/A 2017 $17 M
1878+ Reviews
64.5K +
Bitrix24 Web Design Bitrix24 Web Design 8.6 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1687+ Reviews
5M +

Adobe Dreamweaver

9.5 User Rating
$18.99 Price
ColdFusion, ActionScript, ColdFusion Feature

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a web development software tool powered by Adobe Inc. This platform allows you, as a user, to create, publish, and manage responsive websites in just one platform. Adobe Dreamweaver CC provides you all the essential tools for web design, along with its well-designed templates that are ready for publish. On top of that, this platform allows you to create responsive websites using multiple language codes.

Despite its popularity as a web development app, Adobe Dreamweaver CC also has its major setbacks as a software. Adobe Dreamweaver CC has a little learning curve in terms of its utilization; its pricing structure is expensive; plus, there are several issues with slowness on its processing.

WordPress Web Design

9.4 User Rating
Flexibility, Publishing Tools, User Management Feature

WordPress Web Design or WordPress is a powerful website builder software available in today’s market. This software allows you to create a highly functional website or blog for free or paid. WordPress Web Design also allows you to manage sites through its high-level content management system, while you can enhance it through its plugins, widgets, and themes.

However, like any other software, WordPress Web Design still has several issues that you need to take a closer look at. Since the application is web-based, it has a low vulnerability, so it can go down without notice. Also, it offers limited SEO optimizing features, which is not enough to help you rank on sites.


9.3 User Rating
Exportable code, App prototyping, Build CSS grid Feature

Webflow is another easy-to-use website development app programmed for users who wish to build a responsive site on-the-spot. This application provides a powerful website building tools and customization options while allowing its users to deal with the no-code process. Webflow also provides content management solutions that enable users to access SEO tools, optimizations, integrations, and content updates.

If you aim to pick Webflow as your web dev app, make sure that you also recognize the application’s negative attributes. Webflow is relatively difficult to use compared to its competitors; it has expensive plans and no chat support.

Wix Web Design

9.2 User Rating
API, Website management, Order tracking Invoices Feature

Wix Web Design is a free website builder application designed to create high-quality websites. This software 100+ website templates that are highly configurable so that you can modify it according to your preferences. It also has a drag-and-drop website builder that is capable of building sites for small businesses, restaurants, online stores, and freelance.

Overall, Wix Web Design could be the application for you; however, negative attributes concerning the application should also be your priority. Wix Web Design’s customer service is unresponsive, which makes it a problem, especially for queries. Also, the application’s price is pretty high, while it has poor payment methods.


9.1 User Rating
App integration, Easy publishing, eCommerce Store Feature

Weebly is a content management system designed to provide drag-and-drop website builder capabilities. This software offers easy-to-use tools for building websites, enabling you to create attractive and responsive sites without learning web design language. With its superb interface and powerful page management features, Weebly is one of the go-to website developer apps today.

However, negative qualities concerning Weebly is also the aspect that you should consider before picking the software. Despite how great this platform is, Weebly still has its glitch and slowness issues, cluttered layout formats, and limited SEO capabilities.


9 User Rating
Auto Updat,e Online Booking Tools, Content Import/Export Feature

Bluefish is an open-source website editing software designed for programmers and developer’s ease of creating powerful sites. This free software provides advanced text editing and programming tools that powers users to build a website. Also, Bluefish supports a variety of programming languages, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Go, Vala, Ada, D, SQL, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, Python, Ruby, and Shell.

Taking into consideration that Bluefish could be your potential pick as your main website builder, it’s also essential for you to recognize the application’s disadvantages. Bluefish’s interface is outdated, it is not accessible through mobile, and there are a lot of issues with bugs and crashes.


8.9 User Rating
$4.00 Price
Landing pages, Website templates, Free email Feature

SiteBuilder is a self-hosted website builder application designed to allow you to create websites in as fast as a snap. This application has its drag-and-drop builder feature that enables you to modify your website in just a matter of clicks. Also, SiteBuilder offers its comprehensive SEO tools to help you manage your website at the top of the site rankings.

Nevertheless, SiteBuilder still has negative qualities that you should also consider. Before you pick SiteBuilder, you need to take note that the application has multiple concerns and complaints about its customer service and unnecessary subscription charges.


8.8 User Rating
HTML editing, Uncluttered interface Integrations, Unsplash Integration Feature

RapidWeaver is a website design software programmed for Mac device users. This application offers all-in-one web design solutions and tools that enable you to build engaging and responsive websites. RapidWeaver provides you its page management, device simulator, media manager, Unsplash simulator, web icon generator, social media tags, and so much more!

Before you aim to purchase RapidWeaver, you need to know that this application also has disadvantages. The application lacks the ability to edit code within the program directly; it still has a bit steep learning curve, and it is not robust enough for some website buildouts.


8.7 User Rating
HTML Input, A/B Testing, Dashboards & Reporting API Feature

Vev is a powerful collaborative website builder software made for organizations and teams of various sizes. This software offers end-to-end web design solutions to its users, allowing them to experience no-code or with code website development process. Moreover, Vev also provides hosting, onboarding, and plugins for enterprise needs.

Despite how superb Vev is, it is still best that you recognize the application’s negative qualities. Utilizing Vev takes time to understand how the application works, for it has a little bit steep learning curve. Also, you need to know that Vev has several issues with system errors and lags.

Bitrix24 Web Design

8.6 User Rating
Instant messages, Sales reporting, Ticket management Feature

Bitrix24 Web Design or Bitrix24 Website Builder is a platform designed by Bitrix24 that allows you to create responsive websites in a matter of clicks. This software has the essential tools and features that allow you to create a stunning website for your business or personal use. Bitrix24 Web Design provides industry-specific web templates, free hosting domain, CRM integrations, and built-in web forms. On top of that, Bitrix24 has SEO and mobile optimization to maximize your web management at the top!

Nevertheless, as you recognize Bitrix24’s powerful features, it’s also beneficial for you to know the application’s drawbacks. Lacking customer support, plugin errors, and improvable reporting and analytics features are few of Bitrix24 Web Design’s disadvantages.