10+ Best Web Conferencing Softwares 2021

Since most people stay or work from home nowadays, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, they would need a robust platform where they can quickly get in touch with their person of interest, especially those working from home. Fortunately, thanks to technology, there are various Web Conferencing Software available. A Web Conferencing Software is a type of software where users can share live or recorded videos towards a specific individual or group. These platforms enable teams to host or attend meetings or conferences through the internet. Benefits:
  • It allows users to share their desktop live.
  • This enables team heads or trainers to conduct employee training easily.
  • It enhances customer relations.
If you are looking for the best platform for your company, we have you covered. Our team knows how much time you consume in researching the right software. That is why we eliminated that for you. Below is a list of the best Web Conferencing Software available in today’s market.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
GoToMeeting GoToMeeting 9.1 William (Bill) R. Wagner $14 1997 $7 M
California 4000+ Reviews
Zoom Zoom 9.1 Eric Yuan N/A 2011 $1.3 B
San Jose 5000+ Reviews
12.9M +
Cisco WebEx Cisco WebEx 9 Chuck Robbins $13.50 1995 $380 M
California 3000+ Reviews
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams 9 Satya Nadella N/A 2017 $49 B
Redmond 3000+ Reviews
75M +
Google Hangouts Meet Google Hangouts Meet 8.9 Sundar Pichai N/A 2013 $2.6 B
Mountain View 2670+ Reviews
3M +
Join.me Join.me 8.9 Sarah Muraki N/A 2013 $1.1 M
California 2000+ Reviews
Skype for Business Skype for Business 8.9 Tony Bates N/A 2003 $1.7 B
California 3500+ Reviews
10K +
Samepage Samepage 8.8 Scott Schreiman N/A 2017 $2.2 M
2500+ Reviews
ConnectWise Control ConnectWise Control 8.5 Jason Magee $19 1982 $243 M
Florida 1900+ Reviews
100K +
TeamViewer TeamViewer 8.5 Oliver Steil N/A 2005 $437 M
Germany 6504+ Reviews
200M +


9.1 User Rating
$14 Price
Meeting Scheduler, Toll-Free Option, Meeting Room Feature

GoToMeeting is another advanced web conferencing software platform that enables businesses to meet with their employees quickly. It can efficiently accommodate over 3,000 participants. This makes them ideal for literal conferences. However, it does offer various plans that can cater smaller groups of people. To top it all off, its interface is quite intuitive, making webinars straightforward for everyone.

Before you go and subscribe to GoToMeeting, you need to know about a few of its flaws. You need to consider that this app has an underperforming mobile app and an unreliable video quality. On top of that, its admin report portal is a more challenging section to navigate.


9.1 User Rating
Integration, Multi-Share, Board meetings, Chat / messaging Feature

Zoom is one of the most popular web conferencing software in the world. Aside from HD audio and video conferencing, the app also provides collaboration tools, enterprise cloud phone solution, and chat functionality. On top of that, Zoom also features H.323/SIP zoom systems for a much more seamless Zoom room functionality.

However, you also need to take into account that no software is free from any limitations or bugs within its entire platform. Zoom is no different. So, before using Zoom, you need to know that its chat functionality is basic at best and it also has a poor customer support team.

Cisco WebEx

9 User Rating
$13.50 Price
Collaboration, Video call, recording encryption Feature

Cisco Webex is a straightforward video conferencing software from the Cisco Corporation. It offers simple and intuitive tools and features for users to utilize for their online conferences or meetings. Plus, this app caters to all types of businesses. With Cisco Webex, users can quickly join a webinar through mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC, whichever is convenient for them.

Although, aside from knowing about a particular software’s strengths, it is also quite essential that you know of its weaknesses. With the Cisco Webex platform, you can experience a counterintuitive installation process and limited customization. On top of that, it has no desktop sharing functionality.

Microsoft Teams

9 User Rating
Activity Dashboard, Collaboration Tools, Integration Feature

Microsoft Teams is an extensive web conferencing software application. It enables small to large scale communication and collaboration throughout a company. On top of that, Microsoft Teams also provides file sharing capabilities to add more flexibility to its platform. This app features various tools to help you manage documents online and also store various documents on the cloud.

Knowing an app’s disadvantages puts you in a better position because you already know what to expect. So, before choosing Microsoft Teams, you need to know that its screen sharing feature is not quite good. Additionally, it also has a suboptimal interface and the activity section is not rather intuitive.

Google Hangouts Meet

8.9 User Rating
Instant Messaging, Voice Calls, Group Conferencing Feature

Google Hangouts Meet is a simple and straightforward web conferencing software from the industry giant, Google. With this app, you can easily create groups, chat, and video conferences with certain individuals. Plus, you also get to enjoy robust integrations with the app’s on the Google Suite. It can also cater up to thirty (30) people with high-definition video quality.

Our team, though, would highly recommend that you have the proper knowledge of some of the limitations that Google Hangouts Meet has. So, we have narrowed down each of them. They are its lacking customer support team, limited functionality, and outdated and basic user interface.


8.9 User Rating
Conference calls, Live Chat, Developer API, Lock meetings Feature

Join.Me is a simple web conferencing software that caters to small and mid-sized businesses. It enables users to easily manage team collaboration and online meetings. On top of that, the app also provides tools and features for you to share your screen with other people. Join.Me offers various ways to share online meetings, such as audio only, video bubbles, and through video bubbles.

With Join.Me, however, you should take note of a few of its restrictions when it comes to overall functionality. These are its limited audio controls, small number of features, and a complicated mobile application.

Skype for Business

8.9 User Rating
Online meetings, Security, Online administration Feature

Skype is arguably the most well-known and versatile web conferencing software in the world. However, it adds further functionality through the Skype For Business platform that specifically caters to all types of businesses. On top of that, it enables users from various teams within the organization to collaborate and communicate with each other seamlessly.

There is no denying that Skype for Business can deliver outstanding webinars for your company. However, as with all apps, it does have a few flaws and limitations. These include a poor integration with Microsoft Outlook, and its customization tools could be enhanced. Plus, the platform can also work on improving its video quality.


8.8 User Rating
Collaboration, Document management, Video conferencing Feature

Before anything else, Samepage is widely used as a project management software. However, it also boasts of a robust web conferencing solution for its users. Because of that, you can have a more flexible platform. Not only can it provide you with excellent video conferencing tools and features, but it can also provide you with document management.

Before you subscribe to a Same page price plan, we would like to show you a few of its drawbacks. This enables you to choose the right app for your company. So, with Samepage, you need to know that it has a complicated interface, complex setup process, and a limited mobile application.

ConnectWise Control

8.5 User Rating
$19 Price
Multiple agents, Remote Support, Secure information Feature

ConnectWise Control is a straightforward online meeting solution that caters to businesses with a variety of sizes. Additionally, it offers remote access tools, where certain individuals can take control of your desktop to repair any damages, manage apps, and provide updates. Of course, it also features a reliable video conferencing solution where users can conduct seminars, training, meetings, and more.

Now that we provided an overview of what benefits to expect when using ConnectWise Control, let us not show you the downsides of using it. With this app, anticipate that you might encounter problems when upgrading and a slowness with its technical support team.


8.5 User Rating
Built-in reporting, Collaboration tools, Calendar management Feature

The TeamViewer app is a popular collaboration platform that offers businesses a solution to connect through support, remote access, and control capabilities. This app is quite known for its outstanding remote access feature. It enables users to provide specific individuals to take control of their desktop to install updates, resolve software issues, and more. On top of that, iot also offers a fantastic web conferencing functionality, so that users can have more collaboration tools.

However, before you use TeamViewer, you need to know about a few of its disadvantages, so that you won’t be surprised in the long run. These drawbacks include a counterintuitive user interface, poor customer support team, and its mobile app could be improved.