10+ PrivateVPN Alternatives and Competitors


9.8 User Rating
$8 M Revenue
10+ No of Employees
2009 Founded
SaaS Industry
VPN Category
Michael Gargiulo CEO

True to its name, PrivateVPN is a VPN software platform that provides advanced tools and features at an attractive and competitive price point. PrivatVPN offers its functionality to various businesses and organizations across several key industries. On top of that, this VPN solution also features a highly intuitive user-interface that will enable users to start using it immediately. PrivateVPN, which started providing its functionality in 2009, over in Sweden, is now one of the leading solutions in the worldwide market today with their customer base amounting to more than 44,000. the platform’s CEO, Michael Gargiulo is one of the people to thank for its success.

To add to the numbers, PrivateVPN is earning an estimated revenue of $8 million per year in revenue. This means that people are putting in money to use its capabilities. That is why we included all relevant information about PrivateVPN on this page. Moreover, we also provided a list of all the elite competitors that this software has. The list includes ExpressVPN, Perimeter 81, NordVPN, OpenVPN, CyberGhost VPN, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, HotSpot Shield, IPVanish VPN, and Private Internet Access VPN. Know more about these apps when you scroll down.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
PrivateVPN PrivateVPN 9.8 Michael Gargiulo $7.67 2009 $8 M
Sweden 1784+ Reviews
44K +
ExpressVPN ExpressVPN 9.8 Gabriel Weinberg $12.95 2009 $3.5 M
1744+ Reviews
3K +
NordVPN Software NordVPN Software 9.6 Jodi Meyers $3.49 2008 $5.5 M
1784+ Reviews
8M +
Perimeter 81 Perimeter 81 9.4 Amit Bareket $8 2018 $4.4 M
Tel Aviv 1666+ Reviews
110M +
OpenVPN OpenVPN 9.2 Francis Dinha $75 2001 $13.9 M
San Francisco 1989+ Reviews
1K +
Private Internet Access VPN Private Internet Access VPN 9 Ted Kim N/A 2010 $10 M
Denver 1777+ Reviews
100K +
CyberGhost VPN CyberGhost VPN 9 Robert Knapp $2.52 2011 $7.2 M
1578+ Reviews
100K +
ProtonVPN ProtonVPN 9 Andy Yen $5 2014 $2.3 M
1686+ Reviews
1M +
Hotspot Shield Hotspot Shield 8.5 David Gorodyansky $7.99 2005 $26.7 M
Redwood City 1777+ Reviews
600M +
PureVPN PureVPN 8.2 Uzair Gadit $10.95 2007 $15.7 M
Hong Kong
1777+ Reviews
1M +


1 Month Plan
30-day money-back guarantee.
24/7 customer support
High-speed unlimited bandwidth
13 Month Plan
30-day money-back guarantee.
24/7 customer support
High-speed unlimited bandwidth
3 Month Plan
30-day money-back guarantee.
24/7 customer support
High-speed unlimited bandwidth


“ PrivateVPN review ”

9/10 (overall) - Saeed S
  • The option to connect to a specific service oriented server is present.
  • Many options like streaming services are there also there are wide variety of servers for each service so for example Netflix can be used for nearly every country.
  • Connecting speeds and ping speeds is very low.
  • Sometimes takes a bit longer to connect to the vpn.

“ Fast and can spoof location ”

7/10 (overall) - Sean M
  • I like how PrivateVpn allows you to spoof your location to countries you are not actually in.
  • It is also fast, i didn’t notice it slowing down my computer one bit.
  • Honestly, there isn’t anything I dislike.
  • Most VPN’s lock you into a 1, 2 or 3 year contract paid upfront; however, privatevpn can go month to month.

“ Maintains the privacy of our data on the internet. ”

8/10 (overall) - Carl G
  • The sixty places offered by PrivateVPN have a fairly fast browsing speed.
  • We managed to prevent data leakage via Wi-Fi, since we can choose a 2048 bit military grade encryption, capable of hiding our true IP addresses and geolocation.
  • PrivateVPN guarantees that our information is protected and does not store our data.
  • When there are failures in the connection to the servers, the support service helps us to change the PPTP protocols for the fastest ones.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Email Integration
  • Customization
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Security
  • Process Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. What is PrivateVPN used for?

PrivateVPN is a virtual private network software that provides top notch security features so that users have a safe browsing experience. With that said, it is one of the fastest growing platforms in the market. This VPN solution also features a user-friendly interface, as well as a straightforward installation process to help you implement it to your system instantly. On top of that, PrivateVPN guarantees faster speeds compared to other solutions.

Q. How much does PrivateVPN cost?

PrivateVPN offers a different approach when it comes to pricing. Other VPN software providers require you to commit to an annual subscription, PrivateVPN provides both monthly and yearly plans, so that you can choose which best fits your business. That said, the subscription plans are the 1 Month plan ($8.10/month), the 12 Months plan ($4.14/month), and the 3 Months ($5.03/month). Today, PrivateVPN also offers a special 24 Months plan, which costs half of its 12 Months plan or $2.07/month.

Q. Does PrivateVPN offer a free trial?

Yes! If you are hesitating to subscribe to a monthly plan from PrivateVPN, you are in luck. The app offers a free 7-day free trial period, where you can utilize all of PrivateVPN’s advanced features. This will help you decide on whether it is the best option for your personal needs or for your business. Plus, PrivateVPN does not require any credit card information to avail of the free trial.

Q. How secure is PrivateVPN?

PrivateVPN is well-known for its robust security features and rightfully so. This app has a lot to offer users when it comes to privacy and data protection. With that said, PrivateVPN’s security features include a Zero Data Logging Policy, IPv6 Leak Protection, 2048-bit Encryption With AES-256, and more.