10+ Best Video Sharing Softwares 2021

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, almost the entire world is on lockdown. People are forced to stay inside their homes and are only allowed to go outside to purchase necessities. So, in this particular situation that we are in today, entertainment is king. Thanks to video sharing software, people can enjoy watching entertaining videos to help pass the time, and ultimately, make the lockdown easier. A video sharing software is a type of platform where users can publish and usually make edits on their videos. These are then shared with a number of people all around the world. Benefits:
  • It makes it easier for businesses to promote products and services.
  • It helps increase the number of engagements.
  • It shares the values of a company’s branding.
If you scroll down, you will see our compiled list of the finest video sharing software around. If you are looking for a platform to promote your business, chances are, the best software is located below.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Mitron Mitron 9.4 Shivank Agarwal N/A 2020
$133 M
Bengaluru 5000+ Reviews
17M +
YoPlay YoPlay 9.1 General Mills N/A 2018 N/A 10+
London 2000+ Reviews
Chingari Chingari 9 Sumit Ghosh N/A 2018 $3 B
Bengaluru 3500+ Reviews
500K +
TikTok TikTok 8.8 Kevin Mayer N/A 2016 $17 B
Los Angeles 27000000+ Reviews
500M +
Likee Likee 8.8 Jason Hu N/A 2017 $80.7 M
Singapore 2300+ Reviews
80.7M +
Dubsmash Dubsmash 8.7 Jonas Druppel N/A 2014 $113 M
Berlin 5000+ Reviews
161M +
ShareChat ShareChat 8.6 Ankush Sachdeva N/A 2015 $258 M
Bengaluru 3200+ Reviews
60M +
Triller Triller 8.5 Mike Lu N/A 2015 $37.5 M
New York 4000+ Reviews
50M +
Funimate Funimate 8.5 Kemal Ugur $2.99 2014 $1 M
San Francisco 4000+ Reviews
40M +
Roposo Roposo 8.4 Mayank Bhangadia $40.58 2013 $3.2 M
3000+ Reviews
85M +


9.4 User Rating
Creativity tool, Ads -Free experience, Easy Share Feature

Mitron is one of the popular video sharing mobile applications in India today. It enables users to record, edit, and publish short videos for their various followers. On top of that, Mitron also lets you share videos through other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Its seamless and clean interface allows for all of that to be possible.

Knowing an app’s disadvantages is equally important as knowing its advantages. So, before using Mitron, you need to know that it has no option to search for music, crashes occasionally,  has limited video editing tools, and verifying an account takes longer than expected.


9.1 User Rating
Video Downloader & Clips, Safety, Security Feature

YoPlay is a simple and straightforward mobile application for iOS users. It enables them to record videos at short bursts to help users capture their day-to-day. With the YoPlay app, users can easily make quick edits on their videos. You can trim, cut, and crop them easily. Plus, you can also select a number of filters, stickers, and music from its library.

However, you should also know about the certain limitations that this mobile software has before you download it. The first drawback that you need to know is that YoPlay’s content is only available for iOS devices. Another limitation is that the app does not let you publish content outside of it. Finally, its music library is quite small.


9 User Rating
Upload videos, Trending news, Available in different languages Feature

Chingari is an Indian based video sharing mobile application. It provides users with the necessary tools to create relevant and visually appealing videos. With Chingari, users can easily locate their preferred content through the app’s category pages. Additionally, users can also add audio clips, GIF stickers, photos, and WhatsApp statuses, aside from videos.

Before using Chingari, though, one must know of the drawbacks of using the app before downloading it on their phones. The first is that ads can become quite a nuisance when watching videos. Another is that the Chingari app crashes from time to time. Last, uploading videos can take longer than desired.


8.8 User Rating
Video editing, Live streaming, QR code scanner Feature

TikTok is a video sharing platform that is based in China. It helps users share entertaining and eye-catching videos in a short period of time. Currently available on a mobile platform, TikTok enables you to share and create interactive content with various people in your area, and even the world.

TikTok is, indeed, one of the best platforms to share videos and keep people entertained. However, it does lack in a few areas. In fact, one example is that the app is not a great platform for more formal videos. Another is that its algorithm for showing video platforms is rather complex.


8.8 User Rating
Swipe to navigate, Omnichannel login, Language selection Feature

Likee is an online video sharing platform for both Android and iOS users. It provides users with a number of free video editing tools – from cropping to trimming their videos to however they want. On top of that, Likee also offers a large library of special effects that users can put on top of their videos to give them more pizzazz.

Although Likee is a robust mobile application, it does a few setbacks that you should know before using it. These downsides include a limited amount of sticker gallery, there are multiple bots that plague the system, and filtering videos is a tedious process.


8.7 User Rating
Record hilarious videos, Filters, Text animation Feature

Dubsmash is a video sharing mobile application. It aims to provide users with ways to make creative videos using the app’s massive storage of shows, music, and even films. Dubsmash lets users create lip sync videos from their favorite songs and shows. Plus, it provides multiple effects to add value to their videos.

Although a fantastic platform to share amusing videos, Dubsmash has a few issues that one may encounter when using it. These include the app’s constant crashing when editing videos, you won’t be able to upload videos at times, and Dubsmash needs to optimize their system, as it becomes slow.


8.6 User Rating
Create your own stickers, Repost, Post Search Feature

Based in India, ShareChat is one of the leading video sharing software and social platforms available in the country. It provides users with various categories of content to follow so that they can view only the ones that interest them the most. On top of that, ShareChat also provides a chat room feature where you can connect to other users.

Being one of the leading mobile apps does not exclude ShareChat from having a few hiccups in its system. Before using it, you need to be aware that you cannot earn money from using Sharechat, a video that you are streaming might glitch occasionally, and its notification system is a bit clunky.


8.5 User Rating
Professional videos in minutes, Special auto-editing algorithm, Drawings feature

Triller is a fantastic video sharing platform for creators to add value to their videos. It enables users to fully express themselves in videos and connect with other Triller users that they are fond of. On top of that, the app lets users access its filter library, collaborate with other users, publish videos on various social media platforms, and more.

However, one should know of Triller’s downsides before using it. First of all, the app’s interface can be slow to run from time to time. Second, editing videos can get quite complicated. Lastly, the app’s music content is limited to a user’s location or country.


8.5 User Rating
$2.99 Price
Fan edit videos, Musical video clips, Slow motion videos Feature

Funimate is a creative video editing mobile application. It enables users to add stunning and eye catching effects to their, otherwise, simple videos. With Funimate, users can even create their own visual effects. On top of that, users can also add texts and emojis, crop videos, add music, cut or trim videos, and much more.

There is no question that Funimate can provide the tools you need to create better engagement with your followers. However, you would need to know the app’s issues before using it. A few of them are the app’s complicated interface, videos become offbeat when publishing them, and, at times, Funimate won’t let you save edited videos.


8.4 User Rating
$40.58 Price
Record videos, Time-lapse portraits, Natural light Feature

Roposo is an excellent video sharing platform that is made in India. It enables users to freely post various content, such as videos and images, on the WhatsApp Status platform. Plus, users get to select a range of various content, such as healthcare, comedy, sports, homemade, entertainment, and so much more.

Raposo is one of the more popular mobile apps in India. However, before deciding to download the app on your phone, we would highly recommend that you know about the disadvantages that come with using it. These drawbacks include a limited reach capability, faulty notification system, and the built-in chat platform needs to be improved.