10+ Best Video Hosting Websites Softwares 2021

Started as a medium for recording significant historical events, down in today's avenue for advertising and marketing, the video platform has come a long way. Probably, some of us might still think of video as just an avenue for entertainment, but with today's thriving business setting, video has truly become an essential tool for businesses and organizations. We cannot deny that the video platform is the most preferred channel for marketing today. Aside from most of us has access to video channels via smartphone or computer devices, video is an easy-to-digest format compared to textual-type information. And that explains the statistical data by Outbrain.com, where 87% of marketers prefer to use video content. With this said, multiple video hosting websites today emerge and become in demand. Benefits:
  • Video sharing boosts customer conversion.
  • It increases business SEO.
  • It aligns marketing goals.
You might find video sharing an intimidating process. However, with the availability of sites today that offers video sharing tools, you can upload, store, and share your videos in just a snap. If you're looking for that perfect site, we gathered below a list of the best Video Hosting Website that you can use, so check them out.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
YouTube YouTube 9.5 Susan Wojcicki $11.99 2005 $16 B
San Bruno
1574+ Reviews
200K +
Vimeo Vimeo 9.4 Anjali Sud $7 2004 $160 M
New York 1875+ Reviews
170M +
Netflix Netflix 9.3 Reed Hastings $2.66 1997 $20.2 B
Los Gatos
1574+ Reviews
182M +
Veoh Veoh 9.2 Jon Goldman N/A 2004 $388 M
San Diego
1547+ Reviews
100K +
Dailymotion Dailymotion 9.1 Maxime Saada N/A 2005 $110 M
Paris 1685+ Reviews
300M +
Wix Video Wix Video 9 Avishai Abrahami $13 2006 $1 B
Tel Aviv 1874+ Reviews
180M +
Wistia Wistia 8.9 Chris Savage N/A 2006 $32 M
Cambridge 1874+ Reviews
50K +
Jetpack Jetpack 8.8 Fatima Dicko N/A 2008 $1 M
San Francisco 1574+ Reviews
5M +
Metacafe Metacafe 8.7 Arik Czerniak N/A 2003 $30 M
San Francisco 1668+ Reviews
40M +
SproutVideo SproutVideo 8.6 Adam Podolnick $24.99 2010 $2.6 M
1574+ Reviews
144.2K +


9.5 User Rating
$11.99 Price
Subscriber Notifications, 360-Degree Videos, Better Live Streams Feature

YouTube is a popular online video-sharing platform created to provide a platform for anyone to post and share high-quality video content. This platform is a free-to-use service that offers a variety of video content where users cannot just upload and share videos, for the can also watch, like, share, and comment. YouTube also offers high-level accessibility, for the service can be accessed across PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phone devices.

With its popularity, there’s no way you cannot recognize YouTube. However, as much as we want to acknowledge YouTube’s superb features, it is also best to know some of its negative qualities. Since the platform is for public use, YouTube tends to be a cause for copyright and privacy invasion issues. Also, the platform has multiple rules, which lead to restrictions as to what you can do with your channel.


9.4 User Rating
$7 Price
Tons of storage, Privacy settings, Speed controls Feature

Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing service platform programmed for artists, advertisers, and creative-types who aim to produce high-quality video content. Vimeo offers its video hosting tools, which allow creators to host, share, and sell videos in just a single platform. This platform also comes with high-quality live streaming, branded private portal, enterprise-level security and privacy, as well as advanced analytics.

Whether you want to pick Vimeo or not, it’s also beneficial for you to know the platform’s current issues and disadvantages. Vimeo’s visibility is lower compared to its competitors; it has smaller audiences; it has a lower standing in Google’s search rank, and it has a limited amount of storage use.


9.3 User Rating
$2.66 Price
Unlimited Number of Films, Documentaries, Television programmes Feature

Netflix is a video streaming service that provides streaming services from a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, and documentaries. This platform is considered as today’s popular internet media services provider, with an estimated 193 million paid users around the globe. With Netflix, you can enjoy a variety of original content, multiple device access, and Ultra HD movie experience.

Despite its popularity, Netflix still has several negative attributes that are important for you to know. Netflix has no live streaming options, so its users can’t access live TV shows or current seasons. Also, Netflix has limited global content.


9.2 User Rating
Internet video streaming service, Online free movies and TV shows, different video formats Feature

Veoh is a simple internet television company that enables users and businesses to upload various videos. This platform serves as a place where you can share their films, commercials, animations, and more for their audience to see. On top of that, Veoh also provides a portal for all people to view their favorite content.

If you are looking for a platform where you can post your videos, Veoh is one of the websites where you can do so. However, since it has multiple alternatives, it is best to know the downsides to using it. These include the software’s outdated design and poor customer service. Plus, it is also not as quite popular when compared to other video hosting software platforms.


9.1 User Rating
User interface, Streaming capabilities, Adaptive HLS streaming Feature

Dailymotion is one of the popular platforms for video and live streaming today. Dailymotion allows users to create and manage top-notch videos and live streams, thanks to the application’s full-scale free video management solution. With the newest Dailymotion version, it offers a redesigned user interface that priorities the latest video content, such as news, sports, music, and entertainment. Also, the platform includes newly improved search algorithms designed to make streaming content a whole lot easier.

Despite its superb features, one must consider that Dailymotion still has negative qualities as a video hosting site. Dailymotion doesn’t have the number of people uploading terabytes of data per day to the platform; it has a lesser quality, plus a bunch of annoying ads.

Wix Video

9 User Rating
$13 Price
Optimized Mobile View, One-Pagers, Image Editor Feature

Wix Video is a video-sharing platform designed by Wix. This platform offers video hosting capabilities that would allow you to create, upload, and stream video, as well as create video channels for film content, courses, or video portfolio. With Wix Video, you can also create unlimited superb video content for free across social platforms.

However, Wix Video also has its share of negative attributes that you need to consider. Wix Video is not capable of changing the video quality from 360p to 1080p; its mobile platform lacks overall functionality, and it requires user interface improvement.


8.9 User Rating
HD bandwidth detection, Customization, Collaboration Feature

Wistia is a video marketing software designed for small for medium-sized businesses. This video marketing software empowers businesses to connect, engage, and grow with their audiences seamlessly, thanks to its powerful video hosting features. What also makes this software an effective platform is it provides a variety of integrations, engagement graphs, email collectors, and so much more that aid users to improve their marketing.

However, like any other platform, Wistia has several issues that one must also consider. Despite how effective this platform is, it still lacks SEO capabilities. Also, Wistia has a pretty expensive cost and minimal customization options.


8.8 User Rating
Always-on Security, Built-in Performance, Code-free Customization Feature

Jetpack is primarily a security and marketing tool platform for WordPress sites, which also offers video hosting capabilities. Jetpack’s video hosting allows its users to upload videos to be hosted for WordPress. On top of that, this platform provides a simple user experience for video sharing, thanks to the application’s top-notch visitor management modules, security modules, and appearance modules.

Despite how great this application is, you need to consider that Jetpack also has negative qualities. Jetpack primarily depends heavily on the WordPress connection; the app slows down websites, and it has plugin incompatibilities.


8.7 User Rating
Shorter clips, Longer movie segments, Video Hosting Streaming Feature

Metacafe is a web-based video-sharing platform. This application specializes in short-form videos for a variety of video content, along with its user-friendliness and intuitive user experience approach. Metacafe also allows its users to create video channels, upload multiple videos, and share it across various Metacafe users. With Metacafe’s popularity, the application has more than 40 million unique viewers every month.

Aside from its superb features, Metacafe also has negative attributes that are essential for you to know. Metacafe has tons of adverts, which makes it annoying; it has an outdated interface, and protection for the children’s viewers is non-existent.


8.6 User Rating
$24.99 Price
Direct engaged traffic, Increase CTR, Video SEO Feature

SproutVideo is another video hosting platform designed to provide on-demand video hosting for businesses. This professional video hosting service provides intuitive video hosting capabilities, which allow users to take control of uploading, sharing, and storing videos. With SproutVideo, users can also grow their business through the application’s marketing platform integrations and SEO video tools.

Like any other video hosting platform, SproutVideo also has disadvantages that one has to consider. The application’s pricing is a little bit expensive; its storage is limited; the playback caching is slow, and the application’s tech support needs to be more responsive.