10+ Best Video Editing Softwares 2021

According to a 2018 study from HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a company or brand that they support. This leads us to another survey conducted by Wyzowl that shows 8 out of 10 people purchased a software after watching the brand’s video. Bottom line is, people are more likely to purchase or support something after watching a short or long video from a certain business or organization. That is why it is quite vital that you have the right video editing platform. A Video Editing Software is a type of software that enables users to edit raw footage and turn it into a marketable product. Benefits
  • It allows for working remotely.
  • They help make ordinary footage become more lucrative.
  • It improves productivity.
Looking for the right video editing software for your organization is quite difficult, considering that there are various platforms available. Fortunately, we did the hard work for you. So, if you scroll through our page, you will see the best video editing apps for your company.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Adobe Premier Pro Adobe Premier Pro 9.5 Shantanu Narayen $19.99 2003 $11 M
San Jose 1574+ Reviews
15M +
Corel Video Studio Corel Video Studio 9.4 Patrick Nichols $79.99 1985 $300 M
Ottawa 1589+ Reviews
50M +
Lumen 5 Lumen 5 9.3 Mike Cheng N/A 1998 $1.2 M
British Columbia
1587+ Reviews
2K +
Openshot Openshot 9.2 Jonathan Thomas $108 2008 $16 M
1874+ Reviews
180M +
Wevideo Wevideo 9.1 Krishna Menon $4.99 2011 $10.4 M
Mountain View 1658+ Reviews
3M +
Blender Blender 9 Ton Roosendaal N/A 2002 $3.5 M
1874+ Reviews
1M +
Adobe Spark Adobe Spark 8.9 Dr G syier brown jr. N/A 2016 $2.8 B
San Jose 1574+ Reviews
15M +
Camtasia Camtasia 8.8 Wendy Hamilton $198.64 1987 $53.4 M
1547+ Reviews
14M +
Filmora Filmora 8.7 Tobee Wu $44.99 2003 $10 M
1748+ Reviews
1.3M +
Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X 8.6 Tim Cook $299 2011 N/A 50+
Los Angeles 1574+ Reviews
2M +

Adobe Premier Pro

9.5 User Rating
$19.99 Price
VR Audio Editing, Shared Projects, VR Editing Feature

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced video editing software for companies of all sizes. It provides various tools for users to manipulate both video and audio recordings to make them more marketable. On top of that, Adobe Premiere Pro also supplies various multimedia effects that can make any ordinary video more spectacular. Finally, this app supports multiple robust integrations within the Adobe Cloud Suite.

However, taking into account that Adobe Premiere Pro is not the only video editing software available, it is important that you know about its downsides. These include its complicated UI and sluggish exporting capabilities. Additionally, it can also demand quite a lot from your hardware.

Corel Video Studio

9.4 User Rating
$79.99 Price
Multi-Camera Editor, Proxy Video Files, Overlay Feature

Corel Video Studio is a straightforward video editing platform that enables businesses to create fantastic outputs. On top of that, this app provides users with various video templates. This means less time creating a concept for the video and more time creating actual videos. Corel Video Studio also provides you with a multitude of effects to choose from, so that you can enhance your video.

Nonetheless, Corel Video Studio is far from a perfect software. That is why you should know about its imperfections prior to using it. These negative qualities include a counterintuitive editing interface, steep price plans, and updates can take longer than desired.

Lumen 5

9.3 User Rating
Media Library, Text to Video, Video formats Feature

Lumen5 is an extensive video editing software for businesses of all sizes. It provides companies a solution to create and edit videos designed for social media. That means Lumen5 focuses on improving a company’s social media presence. However, not only does it aid in social media presentation, but is also ideal for marketers to produce high-quality content for their customer base.

If in the process of selecting the right software, knowing its disadvantages can certainly help you choose better and faster. That is why we included the disadvantages of using Lumen5. These are its lacking customer support team and complicated setup process. On top of that, this app’s user interface can take a while for some users to learn and understand.


9.2 User Rating
$108 Price
Desktop integration, Clip resizing, Unlimited tracks Feature

Openshot is one of the more flexible video editing software in the market. That is because it does not only provide businesses with tools for editing videos, but it is also an open-source software application. That means, you are free to customize the app’s entirety in order to suit your workflow or design feel. On top of that, Openshot is also compatible with the Linux OS. However, it does support both MacOS and Windows as well.

Our team, though, would highly recommend that you know about Openshot’s downsides before using it. These drawbacks include a highly complicated user interface and its customer support team is non-existent.


9.1 User Rating
$4.99 Price
720p video resolution, Motion titles, Screencasting Feature

WeVideo is an extensive cloud-based video editing software that enables companies to work on-the-go. Yes, that means you can use the app on any device that you have – from your mobile phone to your desktop. With WeVideo, you also have access to its cloud storage where you can store essential clips and audio files. It also enables you to share your final outputs instantly within the platform.

As with other software, WeVideo also has a few drawbacks to using it. That is why it is better for you to find out now rather than later. So, with this video editing software, you might encounter a steep learning curve and a poor customer support team. Plus, there are limitations towards audio editing.


9 User Rating
Animation & Rigging, Pipeline, Sculpting Feature

Blender is a robust open-source 3D animation software. This app is more well-known to large media companies for its animation features. However, it also provides organizations with a free platform for video editing. Plus, since it is an open-source system, users can customize Blender to their liking. Not only that, it also provides tools for game creation, motion tracking, rendering, compositing, and much more.

Knowing about an app’s disadvantages, though, can definitely put you in a better position. That is because, you can easily weigh the pros and cons of a software to select the best one. With Blender, the downsides to using it are its counterintuitive user interface, long and complex installation process, and a slow customer support team.

Adobe Spark

8.9 User Rating
Beautiful typography, Iconic imagery, Professional themes Feature

Adobe Spark is another fantastic content creation platform from the Adobe Corporation. It provides businesses with a straightforward way to create, edit, design, and share stunning content for their customer base. On top of that, this app also lets you create and design a web page and create graphics for your social media page. Adobe Spark also provides you with excellent templates, so that you can get started instantly.

There is no question that Adobe Spark can provide you with a superb platform for content creation. However, it is still highly beneficial that you know a few drawbacks of using the app. These include a system that is quite dependent on internet connection and some animations might appear in low-quality after exporting.


8.8 User Rating
$198.64 Price
Automatic audio leveling, Mouse cursor smoothing, Editable keyboard shortcuts Feature

The Camtasia app is an advanced video editing software for small businesses to large enterprises. It offers a straightforward video editing interface to shorten time on the learning stage. Additionally, Camtasia also provides you with a screen recording tool where you can record your desktop and share it to specific people. This makes team collaboration much easier and simpler.

Before you go and pay for a subscription to Camtasia, though, you first need to know about its shortcomings as a video editing platform. These include a slow responding customer support team, limited cross-compatibility with other versions of Camtasia, and its audio editing tool is rather complex.


8.7 User Rating
$44.99 Price
Audio Equalizer, 4K Resolution Editing Support, GIF Support Feature

Filmora is one of the more known modern video editing platforms available. It provides businesses and organizations with a quite simple user interface. This makes using the app a breeze. On top of that, Filmora now supports 4k resolution for editing, which is excellent for users that need a high pixel count for editing. The app also provides excellent video effects and transitions from its multimedia library.

Well-known does not automatically mean that it is free from any limitations or errors in its system. These negative qualities include limited audio effects, inadequate customer support, and the app’s setup process takes longer than one desires.

Final Cut Pro X

8.6 User Rating
$299 Price
Multicam Editing, HDR Video Support, Moving & Trimming Clips Feature

Final Cut Pro X is the latest version of the video editing software, Final Cut, from Apple. This platform is used both in amateur and professional filmmaking. The reason behind this is mainly due to the fact that Apple made it optimized for the MacOS. That means, no matter how heavy your footage is, you will not experience any delays or lags while editing.

However, one major disadvantage is that Final Cut Pro X is only compatible with MacOS. So, if you have a Windows or Linux operating system, you won’t be able to use it. Another disadvantage is the software’s limited text tools. Finally, its UI, even though it is smooth and lag-free, is quite complicated to learn at first.