10+ Best Time Tracking Softwares 2021

Time-tracking software is a category of computer software that allows its employees to record time spent on tasks or projects. The software is used in many industries, including those who employee freelancers and hourly workers. It is also used by professionals who bill their customers by the hour. Features:
  • Employee time tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Employee GPS tracking
  • Employee paid time off (PTO) tracking
  • Automated employee reminders
  • Overtime tracking and alerts
  • Time-per-task analysis
  • Project tracking
  • Reporting
  • Invoice generation
  • Mobile application
  • Integrations (e.g. with payroll, accounting, and HR management software)
  • Labor law compliance


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
DeskTime DeskTime 9.6 Artis Rozentals N/A 2011 $14.4 M
California 7800+ Reviews
144K +
TMetric TMetric 9.6 Mario Ciabarra N/A 1997 $87.2 M
5600+ Reviews
70K +
Timecamp Timecamp 9.4 Amber Gray N/A 2009 $1 M
Los Angeles 5700+ Reviews
140K +
Tsheets Tsheets 9.3 Matt Rissell N/A 2006 $40 M
4800+ Reviews
20K +
Harvest Time Tracking Harvest Time Tracking 9.2 Steve White N/A 2006 $116.8 M
New York 1200+ Reviews
40K +
Hubstaff Time Tracking Hubstaff Time Tracking 9.1 Dave Nevogt N/A 2012 $3.8 M
Indiana 1878+ Reviews
8K +
My Hours My Hours 9.1 Jennifer S. N/A 1989 N/A N/A Slovenia
5600+ Reviews
50 +
Replicon PSA Replicon PSA 8.9 Raj Narayanaswamy $5 1996 $16.4 M
Redwood City 3400+ Reviews
1.5M +
Toggl Toggl 8.7 Alari Aho N/A 2006 $43.6 M
3450+ Reviews
WebWork Time Tracker WebWork Time Tracker 8.7 Vahagn Sargsyan $2.99 2015 N/A 100+
2300+ Reviews


9.6 User Rating
Productivity Analysis, Tasks Management, Email Reports Feature

DeskTime is a time tracking application that helps you monitor the timeline of your workflow. It helps measure your productivity and review your work activities. Through DeskTime’s time and history recording interface, managers can supervise how their employees are spending their office hours by inspecting the applications they are using. This application ensures that no second is wasted on impertinent matters.


9.6 User Rating
Task tracking, Daily reports, Time tracking Feature

TMetric is a time-tracking platform that helps teams and businesses boost their productivity by keeping a close monitor of how they utilize their work schedule. It provides solutions in team management, billing and invoicing, project supervision, and task set-ups. It contributes to transparency and accountability to help businesses produce better results with their time. The application integrates with Google applications, Microsoft platforms, and other popular project management apps so you can generate work reports and monitor your team efficiently.


9.4 User Rating
Task planning, Data import/export, Mobile time tracking Feature

TimeCamp is an advanced and straightforward time tracking software that caters to businesses of all sizes. This cloud-based app enables managers to monitor and track employee productivity, which helps improve productivity and efficiency. TimeCamp is also easily set up. However, it also needs a few improvements, which include TimeCamp’s limited mobile app and graphic template library.


9.3 User Rating
Alerts/Notifications, Mobile Access, Billing & Invoicing Feature

TSheets is one of the leading time tracking software that combines employee scheduling functionality and is designed to help businesses in key industries. This solution enables teams to monitor and analyze employee performance, as well as schedule shifts more effectively. However, managing timecards with TSheets for a large group of employees is complex. Also, its reporting tool could be better.

Harvest Time Tracking

9.2 User Rating
Task tracking, Billing & invoicing, Cost tracking Feature

Harvest Time Tracking, as its name suggests, is a time tracking software that enables businesses to monitor their employees’ schedules. This cloud-based software, which you can also download on your MacOS device, offers an advanced employee scheduling functionality. However, Harvest Time Tracking does not have a desktop app for Windows and Linux. Plus, it is quite expensive compared to other software platforms.

Hubstaff Time Tracking

9.1 User Rating
Time Tracking, Mobile Apps, Advanced Reporting Feature

Hubstaff Time Tracking is an advanced software that offers exactly what its name suggests. Essentially, this cloud-based software provides advanced employee time tracking functionality for all businesses – from startups to large enterprises. However, there are a few disadvantages to using Hubstaff Time Tracking, and this includes the app’s counterintuitive interface and complex installation process.

My Hours

9.1 User Rating
Billing & Invoicing, Mobile Time Tracking Feature

My Hours is a free time tracking software designed to coordinate projects and tasks across business operations. This software is branded as an all-in-one time tracking software that has the capabilities of tracking work hours and create awesome-looking reports. My Hours delivers extensive capabilities that track projects and tasks, including real-time time tracking tools, dashboards, reports, and budget management.

Replicon PSA

8.9 User Rating
$5 Price
Project Planning, Time Tracking, Invoice Management Feature

Replicon PSA is a professional services automation software that provides powerful time management solutions. This software offers robust time management tools that capture time management processes across business operations in real-time. Replicon PSA highlights its powerful time management features, including intuitive time capture, billable hours, pre-populated timesheets, GPS monitoring, team calendar, and real-time expense tracking.


8.7 User Rating
Share reports, Charts, Full reports Feature

Toggl or Toggl Track is a time tracking and project planning software that offers online time tracking and reporting for businesses. This software provides an intuitive time tracking functionality, allowing its users to organize their operation’s time tracking processes. With Toggl, users can now effortlessly handle multiple projects without stressing about time tracking, thanks to its superb features like background tracking, one-click timers, calendar integration, and auto tracker.

WebWork Time Tracker

8.7 User Rating
$2.99 Price
Billing & Invoicing, Mobile Time Tracking, Offline Time Tracking Feature

WebWork Time Tracker is an employee monitoring software that provides high-powered time tracking solutions. This software provides the easiest solution to manage work productivity that helps in tracking billable and non-billable time. WebWork Time Tracker boosts every organization’s productivity, thanks to its superb features like real-time time tracking, screenshot monitoring, integrations, and reporting capabilities.