10+ Forecast Alternatives and Competitors


8.9 User Rating
44+ No of Employees
2016 Founded
SaaS Industry
Task Management Software Category
Dennis Kayser CEO

Forecast is another comprehensive task management solution designed for fast-paced and productivity-driven organizations. This platform supervises projects and teams in one platform, powered by superb AI-driven functionality. With its prowess to handle simple and complex task management processes, Forecast is considered as today’s best task management software to use, together with other task management providers like Todoist, TaskQue, and Wrike Task Management.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Monday Task Management Monday Task Management 9.5 Roy Mann $8 2002 $112.5 M
Tel Aviv 4500+ Reviews
838 +
Asana Task Management Asana Task Management 9.4 Dustin Moskovitz $10.99 2002 $100 M
San Francisco 5000+ Reviews
20K +
TaskQue TaskQue 9.3 Michael Turner N/A 2015 N/A 7+
Toronto 3670+ Reviews
50 +
ClickUp Task Management ClickUp Task Management 9.3 Zeb Evans $4.97 2017 $15.8 M
San Francisco 3500+ Reviews
Todoist Todoist 9.1 Amir Salihefendić $3 2007 $200 M
London 2500+ Reviews
5M +
Wrike Task Management Wrike Task Management 9 Andrew Filev $24.80 2006 $136 M
San Jose 1000+ Reviews
2.3M +
Trello Task Management Trello Task Management 9 Michael Pryor $12.50 2002 $15 M
New York 3500+ Reviews
35M +
Forecast Forecast 8.9 Dennis Kayser $30 2016 N/A 44+
Copenhagen 5600+ Reviews
Hitask Hitask 8.6 Roman Roan N/A 2007 N/A 6+
Houston 3000+ Reviews
Quire Quire 8.4 Erin Glenn N/A 2010 $14.9 M
Palais Augarten
2300+ Reviews


AI Work automation
Resource management
Project management
Team collaboration
Time management
AI Work automation
Resource management
Project management
Team collaboration
Time management
AI Work automation
Resource management
Project management
Team collaboration
Time management

Key Employees

Niels Vejrup CarlsenNiels Vejrup CarlsenGeneral Partnerhttps://dk.linkedin.com/in/nielsvejrupcarlsen
Rasmus Aaen MadsenRasmus Aaen MadsenEntrepreneur


“ Really good software ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Gordon H.
  • Great software with potential for improvement.
  • Timesheets are beautifully layed out, easy to add to (even from within tasks) and easy to add notes to specific tasks. Predictive tasks when adding to timesheets is great.
  • Cannot define Project Stage by user. Same set of Labels are commonly used in different fields, causing users hard to choose, and the labels become meaningless.
  • Forecast allows me to solve the problem of reporting my time to upper management.

“ Great tool for complex business model ”

9/10 (overall) - Dan O.
  • I like the fact that you don’t have to save the hours and it automatically updates when the value is entered into the slot.
  • Innovative software that looks like it was designed by project/product managers.
  • The website is virtually unusable for anyone who is visually impaired and uses screen reading software. There is little to no keyboard access and the site does not follow accessibility standards.
  • The budget pages are a bit confusing and it’s a bit tedious to update task and time entries. It’s quite expensive for a large team.

“ Great Software, Outstanding Customer Support ”

8/10 (overall) - Jonatan M.
  • Constant and quick feature releases Listen to feedback and make updates based on customers needs Great performance very easy to use Jira integration is fantastic Lots of work done to improve the cost tracking and financial/budget elements Great communications and availability of Forecast team
  • As a business owner, Forecast gives me real time project information and gives great insight on project include on time and on budget!
  • Forecast initially catered for a very specific agency type business model that didn’t fit with relayrs business model however through constant improvements and feedback the tool is getting closer to what is expected
  • It’s a lot to get your head around in one hit, but over the course of a few months everything starts to make sense.


  • Access Control
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Sales Enablement
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Drip Marketing
  • Agile Software Development
  • Assignment Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Email Distribution
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborative Workspace

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Q & A

Q. How much does Forecast cost?

Forecast primarily offers three different subscription bundles that you can have. Forecast offers you its Lite plan for $29 and Pro plan for $49 per month. The platform also offers custom pricing for its Enterprise plan, perfect for organizations that have a large scope of task management.

Q. What are the features can I enjoy with Forecast's Lite plan?

Forecast’s Lite plan offers some of the basic features that manage your projects and resources. The application’s Lite plan gives you AI work automation, resource management, project management, team collaboration, time management, business intelligence, basic integrations, and lite onboarding.

Q. Can I integrate Forecast with other platforms?

Yes! With Forecast, you can have the option to simplify your task management by integrating your processes with other third-party systems. You can integrate with applications like Asana, Azure Active Directory, Forecast for Android, Github, Google Calendar, GitLab, Jira, MS Excel, QuickBooks, and OneLogin.