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Manhattan Associates

8.5 User Rating
$617.5 M Revenue
3400+ No of Employees
1990 Founded
SaaS Industry
Supply Chain Management Category
Eddie Capel CEO

Manhattan Associates is a supply chain management software for mid-sized businesses to large enterprises. Manhattan Associates is designed to help companies in a wide range of industries with efficient supply chain processes. With Manhattan Associates, users can enjoy its high-end features for supply chain management, such as distribution overview, transportation management, carrier management, and more. Founded in 1990, Manhattan Associates is engineered to deliver omnichannel supply chain management. Manhattan Associates’ capabilities to drive supply chain management and navigate inventory-driven processes makes the application suitable for operations like fashion, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and wholesale industries. Today, with thousands of users that trust Manhattan Associates with their supply chain management processes, the platform becomes one of the best supply chain management software list, competing against other SCM providers like Descartes System Grom, Oracle SCM, SAP SCM, Infor SCM, JDA, Logility, Megaventory, Anaplan SCM, Epicor SCM, and E2open. In terms of its status as a company, Manhattan Associates is currently under Eddie Capel as CEO, with a company revenue of $617.5 million.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Anaplan SCM Anaplan SCM 9.6 Frank A. Calderoni $7 2006 $240.6 M
San Francisco 3500+ Reviews
1.3K +
Oracle SCM Oracle SCM 9.4 Safra Catz $149 1977 $39.5 B
‎Redwood City 4000+ Reviews
10K +
SAP SCM SAP SCM 9.3 Noel Fagan N/A 1990 $23 M
California 1787+ Reviews
50K +
Logility Logility 9.2 Mike Edenfield $625 1996 $87.6 M
Georgia 4560+ Reviews
1.3K +
Infor SCM Infor SCM 9.1 Kevin Samuelson $150 2002 $2.8 B
New York 1951+ Reviews
58K +
JDA JDA 8.9 Girish Rishi N/A 1985 $222 M
Scottsdale 3000+ Reviews
174 +
Epicor SCM Epicor SCM 8.8 Steve Murphy $175 1972 $876.8 M
Texas 3000+ Reviews
20K +
Descartes Systems Group Descartes Systems Group 8.8 Edward J. Ryan $190 1981 $289.2 M
3500+ Reviews
13K +
Megaventory Megaventory 8.7 Kostis Mamassis $135 2010 $3.5 M
Austin 1380+ Reviews
100 +
E2open E2open 8.6 Michael Farlekas $5 2000 $260 M
Texas 2590+ Reviews
200K +

Key Employees

Chris ButlinChris ButlinSr Director Professional Serviceshttps://uk.linkedin.com/in/chrisbutlin
Connie TaylorConnie TaylorVPhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/constanceltaylor
Krishna VenkatasamyKrishna Venkatasamyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/krishna-venkatasamy-41b185


“ Very deep experience including tons of features ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Chris S.
  • User interface built for end users who do not go into Lawson everyday. This interface shows only what a requester would require to place an order similar to Amazon.
  • At the same time it helps vendors get paid quicker since everything can be tracked quicker.
  • Out of the box reporting doesn’t have a great look to it. Many folks from finance do not like the appearance of the reports.
  • Again Lawson has finally listened and now allows users to customize the look of those reports.

“ Organizing information!! ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Patrick H
  • Very easy to use on daily operation, nice user interface, and always gets the job done
  • The website looks nice and gets the job done.
  • Nothing, everything is working great at the moment
  • Lots of unnecessary data entry required to submit a routing request. There should be an option to save repetitive information.

“ Advanced customer/supplier collaboration ”

9/10 (overall) - Verified reviewer
  • We worked together from onset to define requirements, solution and methods to implement/train
  • It was more cost effective, but you absolutely get what you pay for. And for our 3rd party partners, the ability for us to not see their lead activity is huge!
  • The project has had many starts and stops due to having multiple resources on/off project
  • This software is beyond archaic. Everything is manual and seems it came out of the early days of coding from the email templates to syndication to even faulty reporting!


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Agile Software Development
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Assessment Management
  • Application Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Security
  • Drip Marketing
  • Email Marketing Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does Manhattan Associates cost?

Currently, there is no published pricing structure for Manhattan Associates costs per subscription. However, Manhattan Associates do offer a flexible and scalable subscription that you can access by contacting its sales team. So, make sure to contact Manhattan Associates today and find out the right solution that would fit your business.


Q. What are the solutions offered by Manhattan Associates?

Manhattan Associates primarily offers its users two main solutions to choose from, which are the Manhattan Active Overview and Solutions by Suite. Under Manhattan Active Overview, the product provides its Manhattan Active Integration Platform and Manhattan Active Solutions. On the other hand, for Solutions by Suite, it offers its users with Manhattan Active Inventory, Manhattan Active Omni, and Manhattan Active Supply Chain.

Q. What are the awards garnered by Manhattan Associates?

Manhattan Associates proudly acclaims its capabilities on delivering high-quality supply chain management for its users. And everything is entirely proven through the application’s awards and recognitions throughout its serving years. Manhattan Associates is a recipient of these several awards: Gartner Magic Quadrant Report’s Warehouse Management Leader from 2009-2020, Australian Business Awards’ Best Software Product – SCALE in 2015, Warehouse Management System Partner of the Year in Supply Chain Asia Awards 2016, and Mercury Award for Supply Chain Innovation in 2013.


Q. What industries best to use Manhattan Associates?

Given the fact that businesses have their own unique challenges, Manhattan Associates ensures that they can provide the best supply chain management for every industry. Whether it is for fashion, medical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, or wholesale, Manhattan Associates guarantees its users with the best solutions that would streamline their supply chain management processes.