10+ Best Staffing Softwares 2021

Typically, staffing software is a combination of an Applicant Tracking System or Customer Relationship Management system and Job Posting, Human Resource Management, payroll and/or accounting functions. Staffing software also differs from other HR software because of the temporary nature of job orders handled.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Bullhorn Bullhorn 9.5 Art Papas $99 1999 $219.9 M
Boston 1654+ Reviews
11K +
TempWorks TempWorks 9.4 David Dourgarian N/A 1997 $21 M
1777+ Reviews
500 +
Avionte Avionte 9.3 Karl Florida N/A 2005 $32 M
1698+ Reviews
900 +
Zoho Recruit Staffing Software Zoho Recruit Staffing Software 9.2 Sridhar Vembu $17.05 1996 $100 M
Chennai 1654+ Reviews
6K +
StaffingSoft StaffingSoft 9.1 Michael Sojdie $1.04 2000 $19 M
1698+ Reviews
3.6K +
Recruiterflow Staffing Software Recruiterflow Staffing Software 9 Manan Shah $69 2013 $6 M
San Francisco 1686+ Reviews
120 +
CEIPAL TalentHire Staffing CEIPAL TalentHire Staffing 8.9 Sameer Penakalapati N/A 2015 $30 M
154+ Reviews
645 +
Vincere Vincere 8.8 Bernie Schiemer $75 2012 $21.9 M
London 1587+ Reviews
5K +
Qandle Qandle 8.7 Chayan Mukhopadhyay $33.43 2016 $1 M
1654+ Reviews
200K +
TalentRecruit TalentRecruit 8.6 Alok Nidhi Gupta N/A 2012 $1000 K
Bangalore 1654+ Reviews
85K +


9.5 User Rating
$99 Price
API access, Applicant tracking, Career portal Feature

Bullhorn is a staffing software that unifies the teams, systems, and data that generates staffing and recruiting businesses. It drives the staffing industry from start to finish. Plus, it helps companies manage contacts, track candidates, post job openings, and fill open positions by providing email integrations, social media integrations, reporting tools, mobile recruiting, and passive activity tracking.


9.4 User Rating
Onboarding functionality, Candidate management, Client management Feature

TempWorks is a staffing software that provides front- and back-office features for meeting client needs while also managing internal employees. It also includes features like candidate management, client management, order management, customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, payroll, billing, time and attendance, and more. Plus, it can handle all applicant sourcing and tracking needs.


9.3 User Rating
Onboarding, Payroll, Business intelligence Feature

Avionte is a staffing software and the most trusted technology partner for front and back-office software for staffing and recruiting firms. It provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge end-to-end staffing solutions. Plus, it offers features like CRM, recruiting, onboarding, payroll, billing, and business intelligence, as well as an ecosystem of strategic technology partners that enable customized solutions for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms.

Zoho Recruit Staffing Software

9.2 User Rating
$17.05 Price
Case Management, File Cabinet, Seamless Integrations Feature

Zoho Recruit is an online staffing software that offers businesses or recruitment agencies a single platform to manage all hiring processes. Zoho Recruit can simplify recruitment processes and has powerful sourcing channels, easy resume extraction tools, and automated workflows and analytics. Plus, it can also help companies to produce an excellent yet simple hiring process.


9.1 User Rating
$1.04 Price
SaaS recruitment management, Applicant tracking system for HR professionals, Recruitment agencies Feature

StaffingSoft is a cloud-based staffing software that can easily streamline the process of tracking and recruiting job candidates. It shoulders the manual steps in recruitment, such as job posting, resume parsing, and candidate screening. With StaffingSoft, employment agencies, staffing companies, and search firms will become more efficient in providing the best workers for their clients.

Recruiterflow Staffing Software

9 User Rating
$69 Price
Background Screening, Candidate Tracking, Candidate Management Feature

Recruiterflow is a powerful software designed to help staffing agencies obtain competent candidates in just a few clicks. Recruiterflow can perform job posting, automate recruitment, and eliminate other recurring problems in the hiring process. It has the modern tools to help staffing agencies keep up with their clients’ demands. It’s the perfect platform to adapt to today’s fast-paced and competitive job market.

CEIPAL TalentHire Staffing

8.9 User Rating
Applicant Tracking, Recruiting, Talent Management Feature

CEIPAL is a unique software that provides effective solutions for staffing agencies. It has some AI capabilities that can help you build a candidate database. CEIPAL can search for qualified candidates across multiple job boards and keeps their information. There’ll be no need to manually search for candidates. CEIPAL does the heavy lifting and your staffing agency can send the best hires to your clients a lot faster.


8.8 User Rating
$75 Price
Onboarding module, Analytics, Custom dashboards Feature

Vincere is a high-quality staffing software that can drastically improve a staffing agency’s operations. It can help staffing agencies conduct speedy job postings and applicant tracking. It also has an advanced search capability that locates the best candidates and adds them to the candidate database. With Vincere, staffing agencies will have an easier time recruiting competent workers for their clients.


8.7 User Rating
$33.43 Price
Attendance Management, Payroll Management, Asset Management Feature

Qandle is a smart staffing software that helps employers overcome modern employee recruitment challenges. It can help establish hiring criteria, source job candidates, manage the job requisition process, produce internal job postings, manage referrals, and more. Qandle streamlines the onboarding procedure, enabling employers to strengthen their workforce with just a few clicks.


8.6 User Rating
Collaboration Tools, Feedback Collection, Candidate Database Feature

TalentRecruit is a dynamic staffing software with an AI system and advanced tools that streamline the staffing process. TalentRecruit can help employers find qualified candidates, create a smooth screening process, and a seamless onboarding procedure. This software is trusted by expert recruiters and can help your company build a strong workforce.