10+ Best Social Media Monitoring Softwares 2021

Social media monitoring software provides functionality for listening, tracking, and gathering relevant content across wide ranges of social media. Social media monitoring products are used by social media, marketing, and communications teams to identify trends, track competitors, and understand customer sentiment.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Hootsuite Social Media Hootsuite Social Media 9.5 Ryan Holmes $16.83 2008 $393.8 M
Canada 1987+ Reviews
17M +
SproutSocial Media SproutSocial Media 9.4 Justyn Howard $99 2010 $87.8 M
Chicago 1698+ Reviews
25K +
Zoho Social Media Zoho Social Media 9.3 Sridhar Vembu $8.01 1996 $500 M
Chennai 1777+ Reviews
40M +
Brandwatch Consumer Research Brandwatch Consumer Research 9.2 Giles Palmer $1000 2007 $82.2
London 1748+ Reviews
20K +
Mention Social Media Mention Social Media 9.1 Jean-Philippe Baert N/A 2012 $6.5 M
Paris 1784+ Reviews
50K +
Brand24 Brand24 9 Michal Sadowski $49 2011 $2.4 M
Poland 1698+ Reviews
2K +
Talkwalker Talkwalker 8.9 Robert $130.75 2009 $32 M
1877+ Reviews
170K +
Synthesio Synthesio 8.8 Loic Moisand $1200 2006 $39 M
New York City
1698+ Reviews
2.9K +
Falcon.io Falcon.io 8.7 Ulrik Bo Larsen $129 2010 $50.2 M
Copenhagen 1698+ Reviews
22.7K +
AgoraPulse Social Media AgoraPulse Social Media 8.6 Emeric Ernoult $79 2011 $10 M
Paris 1698+ Reviews
16M +

Hootsuite Social Media

9.5 User Rating
$16.83 Price
Analytics, Team management, Security Integrations Feature

Hootsuite Social Media is a comprehensive social media management software that tracks performance posts through its high-end monitoring. This software delivers extensive social media monitoring capabilities that provide real-time audience insights and engagement. With Hootsuite, users can easily publish social media content, monitor engagement, advertise, and analyze social media performance.


SproutSocial Media

9.4 User Rating
$99 Price
Message Spike Alerts, Bot Builder, Message Tagging Feature

Sprout Social is one of the leading social media management software that also provides key features, such as social media monitoring. Essentially, this cloud-based solution enables users to stay on top of their social media pages carefully with robust analytics and collaboration tools. However, Sprout Social does have a few downsides. This includes its buggy and not intuitive iOS app, as well as a complex scheduling tool.

Zoho Social Media

9.3 User Rating
$8.01 Price
Direct Messages, Listening Dashboard, Live Stream Feature

Zoho Social Media is one of the leading social media management and monitoring software in today’s market. It features a highly intuitive platform to help users get started right away. Plus, Zoho Social Media offers robust analytics that aim to provide superb insights. However, Zoho Social Media needs to improve its customer support and Calendar feature.

Brandwatch Consumer Research

9.2 User Rating
$1000 Price
Social Reporting, Follower Analysis, Internationalization Feature

Brandwatch Consumer Research is one of the many solutions offered by Brandwatch’s Audience Intelligence platform. Essentially, this specific module enables users to keep track of their organization’s performance on social media. With that said, it features advanced analytics that provides superb insights. However, Brandwatch does have a few disadvantages. This includes its steep learning curve and complex installation process.

Mention Social Media

9.1 User Rating
Publish, Slack integration, Push notifications Feature

Mention Social Media is a robust cloud-based software that offers social media monitoring functionality to businesses of all sizes. In essence, this application enables businesses to monitor their social media platforms to help them understand their audience better. However, Mention Social Media does have a few downsides. It needs to improve its customer support team, and it is quite expensive compared to other solutions.


9 User Rating
$49 Price
Advanced analytics, Identify influencers, Report and export tool Feature

Brand24 is a comprehensive social media monitoring software developed for all businesses – from startups to large enterprises. This cloud-based application provides social media managers a wide range of tools that aim to help them understand their audience by allowing them to track all mentions of their brand on social media. However, Brand24 needs to simplify on a few things. It needs to make data easier to download and its installation process could be more intuitive.


8.9 User Rating
$130.75 Price
Brand Management, Campaign Analytics, Engagement Tracking Feature

Talkwalker is a robust cloud-based software designed to help businesses with their social media platforms. Essentially, this app provides advanced social media monitoring tools that provide users with advanced analytics that aid in improving their brand and engagement. However, Talkwalker does have a few downsides. This includes its outdated interface and complex setup process.


8.8 User Rating
$1200 Price
Social Reporting, Report Customizability, Scalability Feature

Synthesio is a social media monitoring software that helps users keep a close and constant eye on social channels. It allows them to understand their customers, monitor their competitors, and ensure that their brands stay visible. It also enables users to craft engaging content and successful campaigns. Plus, it can automatically collect and monitor the users’ brand from across the social web.


8.7 User Rating
$129 Price
Profile segmentation, URL shortener for tracking, Custom filters Feature

Falcon.io is a social media monitoring software that enables users to become content wizards, team whisperer, analytics geek, customer hero, and strategy guru. With Falcon.io, users can create magical content, manage all channels, and do wonders with data. Plus, users can count on Falcon.io, from on-boarding to quick tips and strategies, because it offers real-time chat and host advisory services.

AgoraPulse Social Media

8.6 User Rating
$79 Price
Calendar View, Reports, Facebook Analytics Feature

AgoraPulse is a social media monitoring tool that allows users to stay in touch with their followers while also listening to what others have to say about their company. It also enables users to track mentions, hashtags, keywords, geotagged posts, and set specific alerts. Plus, users can also manage all of their social media accounts, schedule social media posts, and respond to comments.