10+ Best SEO Softwares 2021

In order for your website to gain traffic, you need to figure out a plan to put your site as one of the top most pages found on a results page from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can do that by having your site’s content optimized for SEO. According to experts on SEO, Zero Limit Web, the first five organic results already makeup around 67.60% of clicks. Doing that takes a huge amount of effort. Fortunately, we have access to SEO software to make it easier. An SEO software is an online based system that enables you to track, organize, and analyze the data regarding your website’s performance on search engines. Among those data gathered included are website speed, trends, keyword ranking, and more. Benefits:
  • It enables users to plan for an SEO optimized content.
  • These software helps you to increase website traffic.
  • You can assess your website’s content and make changes where necessary.
Plan ahead and become one of top most organic results found on every designated results page with the right software. Below is a list of the best SEO software available in the world today.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Moz Pro Moz Pro 9.5 Sarah Bird N/A 2004 $44.9 M
Washington 5000+ Reviews
30K +
SEO PowerSuite SEO PowerSuite 9.3 Yuri Bitno N/A 2004 $12.4 M
4500+ Reviews
500K +
Ahrefs Ahrefs 9.2 Dmitry Gerasimenko $99 2011 $50 M
Singapore 4000+ Reviews
3.2K +
SEMrush SEMrush 9.1 Oleg Shchgolev $99.95 2008 $7.6 M
Massachusetts 3900+ Reviews
6M +
SE Ranking SE Ranking 9 Valery Kurilov $18.60 2013 N/A 26+
London 3000+ Reviews
Serpstat Serpstat 9 Ekaterina Kabakova N/A 2013 $2 M
4000+ Reviews
200K +
BrightEdge BrightEdge 8.9 Jim Yu N/A 2007 $100 M
Foster City
3900+ Reviews
1.5K +
Screaming Frog Screaming Frog 8.8 Dan Sharp N/A 2010 $41.5 M
2780+ Reviews
Spyfu Spyfu 8.6 Michael Roberts $39 2005 $3.8 M
4500+ Reviews
SEOprofiler SEOprofiler 8.6 Johannes Selbach N/A 1997 $10 M
2000+ Reviews

Moz Pro

9.5 User Rating
Site Audits, Change Tracking, Custom Reports Feature

Moz Pro is an online based SEO software for businesses of all sizes. It provides users with fantastic weekly reports regarding their website’s performance. This app covers everything from the website’s status to the website’s health. On top of that, Moz Pro also offers superb tools for keyword search, helping you with ranking and for advertising opportunities as well.

There is no denying that Moz Pro provides excellent features. However, it does come with a few limitations here and there that you should definitely know. These include a counterintuitive interface, an average customer support team, and its prices might be too high for small companies and startups.

SEO PowerSuite

9.3 User Rating
A/B Testing, Auditing, Competitor Analysis Feature

SEO Powersuite is a straightforward SEO software. It provides businesses with a solution that enables them to track their website’s performance on results pages. Additionally, this app also offers the necessary tools that you need to research keywords, monitor competitor performance, and also track your rankings. SEO powersuite also enables you to find and analyze backlinks.

However, before subscribing to an app, it is quite beneficial to learn about its shortcomings. This is the same for the SEO Powersuite platform. So, these shortcomings include an outdated UI design and its prices are a bit steep for small businesses. Additionally, the app’s data visualizations are quite lacking.


9.2 User Rating
$99 Price
Rank Tracker, Keywords Explorer, Report Feature

The Ahrefs app is a web-based SEO software. It enables organizations to focus on optimizing their content for SEO and also for content marketing. Ahrefs provides you with fantastic features where you can track your ranking status, research on competitors, audit your website, and monitor all mentions that your media receives online. Additionally, this platform also allows you to research content and keywords.

Although Ahrefs is a fantastic app, and there is no question about that, it does fall short on a few areas in its system. These should be addressed, so that you can be aware. These shortcomings include slightly inaccurate traffic stats, high prices for its plans, and it has a slight learning curve when using the software for the first time.


9.1 User Rating
$99.95 Price
Organic Research, Advertising Research, Traffic Analysis Feature

SEMrush is a cloud-based software that focuses on enhancing your content marketing through SEO. It enables businesses to have a presence in the online world. Basically, SEMrush provides tools that you can use to stay on top of your website’s health and status. On top of that, this platform also offers fantastic features to help you analyze keywords, competitor research, and also backlink checking.

SEMrush has been an active tool for SEO since 2008. That only speaks of how experienced it is with regards to SEO optimization. However, even then, it does have a few limitations and errors in its system. These are its price-dependent features, lackluster customer support team, and a complicated setup process.

SE Ranking

9 User Rating
$18.60 Price
API, Lead Generator, SEO Reporting Tools, Marketing plan Feature

SE Ranking is a cloud-based SEO platform that enables mid-sized businesses and software companies to track the specifics for their website’s SEO optimization. It offers a list of superb features, such as website audits, backlink tracking, keyword position monitoring, and competitor analysis. On top of that SE Ranking also takes advantage of the power of social media by providing you a social media management tool.

Now that you know about the advantages that this app offers, it is now time for you to learn about its disadvantages. This is highly essential when it comes to choosing the right app. So, the disadvantages of using SE Ranking include a lacking mobile application, limited filtration tools, and its user interface might need a few updates when it comes to design.


9 User Rating
Market Intelligence, API, Advertising Analysis Feature

Serpstat is a well-known SEO tool that companies can take advantage of today. It offers an all-inclusive platform for your company to optimize content required for ranking up on a result page. It provides an effective keyword research tool that makes use of finding and scoring specific keywords. Additionally, Serpstat also features other advanced tools, such as site audit, rank tracker, competitor analysis, backlink checker, and much more.

When it comes to flexibility, Serpstat is one of the most flexible platforms. Nonetheless, it still shows a few stiffness issues in its system. These include a limited reporting tool and steep prices for small businesses. Additionally, it also has a slight learning curve for beginners.


8.9 User Rating
Customization, Dashboards, Reporting, Competitive Analysis Feature

BrightEdge is one of the leading SEO software in the industry. This platform provides businesses with a solution to enhance their content that effectively raises their ranking on search results. On top of that, users can use BrightEdge to drive traffic towards their website by use of researched keywords. The platform also provides you a tool where you can stay on top of your content even on social media pages.

However, it should be known that BrightEdge still has a few issues that belong in its system. These issues are what you need to know about to help you before deciding on using it. So, with BrightEdge, you should consider its outdated and complicated user interface, and the fact that its installation process is also quite complex.

Screaming Frog

8.8 User Rating
Auditing, Report Integrations, Developer API Feature

The Screaming Frog app is an online software that provides businesses with a solution to optimize their SEO. It uses a unique blend of data from various selected sources. This is then provided to you, so that you can apply it to your company’s website. On top of that, it also features a robust set of features that enables you to stay on top of ranking, competitors, backlinks, keywords, and so much more.

Nonetheless, Screaming Frog has a few downsides that you should definitely consider before subscribing to it. These drawbacks include limited historical data pulling and its website can slowly run at times. Plus, Screaming Frog is not quite ideal for beginners in SEO software.


8.6 User Rating
$39 Price
Keyword Searches, Data Exports, Paid Keywords Feature

SpyFu is an advanced SEO software that also includes pay-per-click or PPC functionality. From its name, the app provides you tools and features to spy on your competitors. This can greatly help you to improve your content, so that you can have a more SEO optimized content, which can help you rank up. Additionally, SpyFu also enables you to research keywords in-depth. This means the app pulls all historical data for specific keywords.

However, like any other software, SpyFu also has its own list of drawbacks that we want you to be aware of. These downsides include steep price plans that might be out of reach for small businesses and its user interface is also quite complicated for new users.


8.6 User Rating
Analytics, Reporting, Website Optimization, Audits Feature

As the name of the app suggests, SEOProfiler is a web-based SEO optimization tool. This software solution enables businesses of all sizes to manage their content for better digital marketing. On top of that, SEOProfiler offers tools and features, such as website auditing, keyword tracking, backlink checking, company monitoring, and much more.

With SEOProfiler, you can definitely optimize your content for better on-site traffic. However, you should learn about its drawbacks before using the app. These downsides include a highly complicated user interface and the platform’s installation process is not the fastest among any software. Additionally, SEOProfiler’s documentation and customer support team could be better.