10+ Best Sales Performance Management Softwares 2021

Sales performance management (SPM) is the practice of monitoring and guiding personnel to improve their ability to sell products or services. Software programs are available to enhance the sales performance management process.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
IBM SPM IBM SPM 9.5 Arvind Krishna N/A 1983 $5.7 B
New York 1578+ Reviews
2.2K +
Anaplan SPM Anaplan SPM 9.4 Frank Calderoni N/A 2006 $120 M
San Francisco 1578+ Reviews
1.3K +
Optymyze Optymyze 9.3 Mark Stiffler N/A 2013 $48 M
Singapore 1754+ Reviews
3K +
Oracle SPM Oracle SPM 9.2 Vinay Kruttiventi N/A 1977 $39.5 M
California 1784+ Reviews
1M +
Xactly Xactly 9.1 Christopher W. Cabrera $45 2005 $160 M
San Jose 1758+ Reviews
1.6K +
SAP Callidus Cloud SAP Callidus Cloud 9 Leslie J. Stretch N/A 1990 $253.1 M
California 1784+ Reviews
37.8K +
MindTickle MindTickle 8.9 Krishna Depura N/A 2011 $26.5 M
San Francisco 1878+ Reviews
18K +
Iconixx Iconixx 8.8 Derrik Deyhimi $23.2 1995 $20 M
Austin 1874+ Reviews
10K +
Varicent Varicent 8.7 Marc Altshuller N/A 2003 N/A 500+
Toronto 1784+ Reviews
6.2K +
Beqom Beqom 8.6 Fabio Ronga N/A 2008 $38.4 M
1784+ Reviews
3M +


9.5 User Rating
Enterprise integration, Real-time Collaboration, Process Center Feature

True to its name, IBM SPM is a robust sales performance management or SPM solution, built for industries in large markets. It enables users to automate their sales management processes, as well as make more data-driven decisions. On top of that, with IBM SPM, it provides you with advanced forecasting tools and features that can help your sales team adjust to the ever changing landscape of sales.

If you are still in the process of looking for an SPM software, one way to help you choose is by knowing an application’s advantages and disadvantages. Now that you know of a few advantages of IBM SPM, its disadvantages are its not so friendly user interface and poor customer service team. Additionally, this platform’s installation process takes so much time.

Anaplan SPM

9.4 User Rating
Dashboards & Reports, Model Building, App Hub Feature

Anaplan SPM is an extension of the Anaplan platform that focuses on providing sales performance management functionality for businesses in large markets. Since this app directly integrates with the Anaplan software, users have more flexibility on the tools and features that they can utilize, since Anaplan already has a robust business performance platform. On top of that, Anaplan SPM also offers a robust collaboration feature, so that users can finish tasks and improve sales performance efficiently.

Truth be told, Anaplan SPM is a superb app if you are looking for an SPM solution. However, even then, it still has a few downsides that you should know about first. These downsides include its lackluster customer support team and the same goes for its installation process. In addition to that, there is also a slight learning curve when using the app as a beginner.


9.3 User Rating
Collaboration, Performance Management, Email Marketing Feature

The Optymyze app is a no-code software that provides a straightforward business process automation platform. This platform provides users the ability to streamline their sales performance management or SPM operations. This can enable any user to increase not only productivity, but also profitability as well. On top of that, true to its name, Optymyze helps you optimize various processes, including data, analytics, planning, and much more.

If you are looking for an app that offers SPM functionality, Optymyze is a superb choice. However, prior to that, you must first know a few disadvantages of using this app. These include its less than intuitive user interface and its long and complicated setup process. To top it all off, Optymyze’s reporting feature needs to provide more concrete data.

Oracle SPM

9.2 User Rating
Content Management, Information Integration, Workspace Manager Feature

Another fantastic sales performance management or SPM platform is Oracle SPM, and it is brought to you by none other than the Oracle Corporation. This app’s robust direct integration with the cloud suite of Oracle provides extra capabilities and functionality, so that users can increase their sales performance, as well as efficiency. Oracle SPM also offers robust forecasting tools that can help you adjust your sales strategy according to what is trending in your area.

There is no doubt that Oracle SPM is a superb platform, since the developers came from the widely successful and one of the industry leading companies. However, like all other software, Oracle SPM is not free from any downsides. These downsides include a not so friendly user interface and long and overly complex setup process. On top of that, this app’s customer support team is almost non-existent.


9.1 User Rating
$45 Price
Analytics Dashboards. Data Integration. Customization Feature

Xactly is a cloud-based sales performance management system, designed to serve businesses of all sizes. It offers a robust solution for users to track and manage sales, as well as create reports, which can all drive profitability and improve the sales performance of your sales team. On top of that, with Xactly, users can also design and implement their custom compensation processes. With the flexibility of this app, you can increase ROI through its optimized planning solution.

If you are still unsure about using Xactly for your daily sales performance management operations, a way to help you is by learning not just its upsides, but also its downsides as well. With that said, the downsides to using Xactly are its counterintuitive user interface, slow-responding customer support team, and its installation is much more complex than one might think.

SAP Callidus Cloud

9 User Rating
Data Discovery, Predictive Analysis, Planning Social Collaboration Feature

SAP CallidusCloud is an advanced software that provides large enterprises the ability to stay on top of their incentive compensation process. It provides users a robust set of tools, not only for incentive management, but also for sales automation. On top of that, SAP CallidusCloud also offers you a platform where you can process large amounts of data and handle any sales compensation process available.

Despite being a robust software, SAP CallidusCloud does have a few downsides that you should know before you choose it. With that said, these downsides are the app’s steep learning curve and its customer support team is almost non-existent. In addition, the processing time for commissions and reports can take a long time to finish; the same goes for SAP CallidusCloud’s installation process.


8.9 User Rating
Sales analytics, Skills practice, Sales Onboarding Feature

MindTickle is a popular and unique Sales Readiness software, designed for businesses of large sizes. This app enables sales managers to gain valuable insights into their sales performance. Because of that, they can motivate their team better, so that they can improve and develop their sales performance. On top of that, the MindTickle platform’s ease of use, customer support team, and installation process, are all top notch, which makes onboarding a breeze.

The details above all speak about the advantages of using MindTickle, but what about the app’s disadvantages? We can tell you right now that those disadvantages are its high prices and a few of its tools are quite limiting. Additionally, there is also the fact of its slightly disorganized interface. Knowing an app’s disadvantages is equally important as knowing its advantages, since it can help you find the best software platform for your company.


8.8 User Rating
$23.2 Price
Cloud Based Reporting, Analytics Workflow, Custom groups Feature

Iconixx is an industry leading sales performance management or SPM software that offers top level cloud computing. It enables users to streamline their sales management processes into its platform, which can help increase sales productivity, as well as efficiency. On top of that, with iconixx, you can also improve your profitability and optimize commission and incentive processes, thanks to Iconixx’s flexible solution. Its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support team makes it easier for you to do all the above.

If you are looking for an SPM solution, Iconixx is a fantastic choice. However, we highly suggest that you know of a few of the drawbacks to using it, so that you know what to expect. These include the limited custom reports that you can create with the software, and the platform’s upgrading process can take quite a long time. In addition, Iconixx has a complicated setup process.


8.7 User Rating
Budgeting, Integration, Reports and Dashboards Feature

Varicent is an all-in-one software that provides advanced sales performance management and incentive compensation functionality in one platform. This app offers users the ability to track and manage sales performance. On top of that, Varicent also enables you to create reports on sales related data, as well as all sales processes. The app also includes various robust features, such as Territory Management, Channel Management, Quota Planning, and much more.

Despite Varicent being an all-inclusive software for sales performance management, it also has its downsides. These are for you to know, so that you can determine if it is the right software app for your company. With that said, those drawbacks are its complex interface, subpar customer support team, and an installation process that can take a long time to finish.


8.6 User Rating
Workflow Automation, Analytics Integration, Customization Feature

beqom is a cloud-based sales compensation management software that provides businesses in large markets tools for all aspects of compensation and sales performance. It is excellent for your sales team and also for the HR department. It enables management to lead their team, as well as align their goals with that of the company’s. On top of that, beqom features fantastic customer support for all their customers.

Nevertheless, the beqom app is only one of the many sales compensation and performance management systems available. One way to determine if this platform is the best, is by also looking at the drawbacks to using it. That said, these drawbacks include its counterintuitive user interface and its time consuming installation process. Plus, it is much more expensive compared to other software apps.