10+ Best Sales Management Softwares 2021

It is hard to imagine our world without software. With regards to the business sector, try to really think about just how much unnecessary manual labor is used to manage, track, and increase sales. That is why, thanks to the development of Sales Management software, sales teams can do a lot more with superb efficiency. A Sales Management software is an advanced piece of tech wherein businesses can streamline their sales processes. With a Sales Management platform, users can monitor sales transactions, manage contacts, nurture leads, and much more.


  1. It provides better analysis of all lead sources.
  2. Sales Management software helps sales teams organize their database for a boost in efficiency.
  3. Promotes team collaboration so that work can be done faster.
However, because the sales process is easier with the help of software today, the competition is much fiercer. That is why it’s vital you have the right platform for you. In our list below, we provide you with the best Sales Management software available in the market, including their upsides and downsides.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Salesforce Sales Cloud Salesforce Sales Cloud 9.5 Scott McCorkle N/A 1999 $4 B
San Francisco 1989+ Reviews
150K +
HubSpot Sales HubSpot Sales 9.5 Brian Halligan $40 2006 $675 M
Cambridge 1787+ Reviews
78.7K +
Freshsales Freshsales 9.5 Girish Mathrubootham $18.35 2010 $100 M
California 1879+ Reviews
40K +
Monday.com Monday.com 9.4 Roy Mann $8 2012 $112.5 M
Tel Aviv 1878+ Reviews
100K +
Pipedrive Pipedrive 9.4 Raj Sabhlok $12.50 2010 $86.6 M
New York 1897+ Reviews
50K +
Pipeliner Pipeliner 9.1 Nikolaus Kimla $25 2012 $4.5 M
Los Angeles 1798+ Reviews
16.9K +
Bitrix24 Bitrix24 9 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1878+ Reviews
5M +
EngageBay Sales Management EngageBay Sales Management 9 Sreedhar Ambati N/A 2006 $1 M
California 1787+ Reviews
64.5K +
SalesExec SalesExec 8.9 Gabriel Buck $46 2007 $1 M
Scottsdale 1989+ Reviews
78.7K +
Ambition Ambition 8.8 Travis Truett N/A 2013 $5.1 M
1978+ Reviews
2.1K +

Salesforce Sales Cloud

9.5 User Rating
Lead Management Reports, Dashboards Sales, Forecasting Feature

As one of the more popular apps around, Salesforce Sales Cloud is an advanced sales management software that focuses on helping businesses to better engage with their customers. Aside from the sales management functionality, the platform also provides customer relationship management or CRM capabilities, such as marketing automation, lead management, and more.

As one of the top apps in the business world, Salesforce Sales Cloud delivers exceptional results. However, you should be aware of its poor data mapping, limited email marketing tool, and the fact that the system should always be connected to a fast and reliable internet source to run in a stable condition.

HubSpot Sales

9.5 User Rating
$40 Price
Sales Automation, Lead Management, Email Marketing Integrations Feature

HubSpot Sales is a straightforward sales automation platform that increases the quality of a company’s sales process. The software enables sales teams to manage their sales pipedrives properly so that they can work with more efficiency. With HubSpot Sales, you can track and engage with new leads and convert them into valuable paying customers. Plus, this app alerts you whenever a customer checks a campaign link or email in real-time.

There is no doubt that HubSpot Sales is a fantastic platform. However, it is not as perfect as one would expect. It has its share of issues, such as its basic reporting, complex UI, and its pricing solutions might be unreachable for small businesses and startups.


9.5 User Rating
$18.35 Price
Automation Email tracking, Forward emails, Revenue analytics Feature

Freshsales is your all-inclusive sales management software. The platform assures sales teams that they won’t need to cycle through multiple apps to finish work. With its highly intuitive UI, all users, even beginners, can navigate around the system with ease. Freshsales offers users robust features, such as a visual sales pipeline, automation process, lead scoring, reports, built-in email and SMS tools, and so much more.

Needless to say, aside from all the excellent features the Freshsales platform offers, it is not, in any way, a problem-free application. The technical support team does not provide helpful answers, its contract management could be better, email templates are quite limited, and only has a few third-party integrations, are a few issues you might face when using Freshsales.


9.4 User Rating
$8 Price
Integration, Collaboration, Marketing Feature

Monday.com is a simple yet award-winning software. Although it is known as a project management app, it also provides teams with highly flexible sales management capabilities. The platform provides you with fantastic tools that enable you to visualize sales data and gather actionable insights. On top of that, with its advanced team collaboration tools, you seamlessly work with other members of your team to boost productivity and accelerate the sales process.

Being an award-winning software, does not mean that it is free from any underlying bugs or terrible features. One might encounter the following issues when using Monday.com: an inadequate integration with Excel and it requires you to pay more to get more functionality out of the app.


9.4 User Rating
$12.50 Price
Email Integration, Email Tracking, Reporting, Customization Feature

Pipedrive is a web-based sales management software that also has CRM capabilities. It aims to help businesses in monitoring each transaction and in creating effective sales plans. Using advanced software methods, the app records all deals that resulted in a successful sale. On top of that, as a web-based software, you can access Pipedrive’s system at any time and through available devices that are connected to the internet.

In terms of effectiveness, Pipedrive is one of the best apps available. However, you should understand that Pipedrive also has a few downsides. The app’s email and workflow automation is complicated, ideal for smaller businesses, a below average customer support team, and a complicated integration system, are a few issues that Pipedrive would need to fix.


9.1 User Rating
$25 Price
Sales-Friendly Interface, Mobile app, Integration Feature

Pipeliner is a sales management and CRM solution mixed into one sophisticated platform. This software focuses on providing dynamic tools for visualizing sales processes and activities along with the pipeline. On top of that, the app enables users to monitor both customer and prospect behavior. Key features of Pipeliner include advanced reporting, interaction tracking, contract management, sales forecasting, lead management, and much more.

Although it is truly a fantastic app to work with for managing the entire sales process, one should know of Pipeliner’s downsides. You may notice that its syncing option is highly limited, adding notes for leads is quite difficult, and a less than intuitive installation process.


9 User Rating
Instant messages, Sales reporting, Ticket management Feature

Bitrix24 is a sales management software that provides businesses with a solution that can help them track engagement with leads, prospects, or existing customers. The platform enables users to input all client engagements. This would allow you to store essential lead data, which can help in generating in-depth reports. Additionally, Bitrix24 provides you with segmentation tools for relevant customers.

As one of the leader’s in sales management software, Bitrix24 is a robust tool that you can definitely benefit from, but before that, you need to know its negative qualities. Bitrix24 has a complicated and disorganized interface, a limited mobile app, a slow support team, and poor syncing performance.

EngageBay Sales Management

9 User Rating
Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, ROI tracking Feature

EngageBay is a fully integrated sales platform that provides vital functionalities for support, CRM, and marketing for all small to mid-sized businesses. The system enables companies to engage their site visitors and convert them into paying customers. As a cloud-based software, EngageBay can be accessed through any device available to the user with an internet connection.

Taking into account all the positives that EngageBay offers its users, it may just be the app that can help your business succeed, but first, you need to know of the app’s negatives. The email marketing automation needs improvements, its UI is a little confusing, and limited CRM capabilities.


8.9 User Rating
$46 Price
Lead Management, Collaboration, Call Tracking Feature

SalesExec is an online sales management software that provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for lead management and call center. The platform enables sales teams to reach and engage with leads and prospects better. On top of that, SalesExec is highly configurable to suit all sales verticals for a more efficient workflow. The app records all phone calls and site visitors that updates your sales team for faster processing.

Now that you know a few details of what SalesExec brings to the table, you ought to know a few issues that the app has. A few problems that you may encounter are the app’s limited reporting tools, less than a handful of integrations, and restricted customization.


8.8 User Rating
Performance Management, Dashboard, Goal Setting / Tracking Feature

Ambition is an extensive business intelligence software that also provides companies with tools and features for managing their sales operations. Additionally, when using the platform, it helps businesses to improve their team’s performance so that the organization grows in the process. With Ambition, users can make full use of its features, such as its built-in analytics, private cloud-hosting, data transformation, and so much more.

With a robust set of tools, Ambition can definitely help your company grow. However, you need to be aware of its downsides before using the software. Its restricted customization tools, lacking notification system, and its higher prices are a few of the Ambition’s issues.