10+ Salesforce Einstein Analytics Alternatives and Competitors

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

9.2 User Rating
$57.2 M Revenue
49000+ No of Employees
1999 Founded
SaaS Industry
Sales Forecasting Software Category
Bob Stutz CEO

Based in San Francisco, California, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the sales forecasting software solution from Salesforce for all-sized businesses. Salesforce Einstein Analytics provides its robust sales forecasting features, such as data visualization, CRM integrations, predictive analytics, augmented analytics, and so much more. The platform also offers advanced AI capabilities that enable users to access and scan through databases quickly. Formerly known as Wave, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is primarily a newly rebranded analytics tools for viewing data by Salesforce.com, Inc. Salesforce Einstein Analytics works by directly connecting with CRM data to generate comprehensive reports. The platform’s insight tools provide users potential business opportunities and results to help businesses thrive. With these high-end solutions for sales forecasting, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is branded as one of the leading providers for sales forecasting solutions across various users. Salesforce Einstein Analytics also competes against other leading sales forecasting software, including Anaplan, Clari, Vanguard, Pipedrive Forecasting, and InsightSquared Analytics.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Liveplan Liveplan 9.8 Sabrina Parsons $20 1983 $15 M
6700+ Reviews
200K +
Copper Sales Forecasting Copper Sales Forecasting 9.6 Dennis Fois $19 2014 $41.6 M
San Francisco 100+ Reviews
2K +
Salesmate Salesmate 9.4 Samir Motwani $15 2016 $2 M
North Carolina
5460+ Reviews
Anaplan Anaplan 9.4 Frank A. Calderoni $7 2006 $398 M
San Francisco 3500+ Reviews
1.3K +
Salesforce Einstein Analytics Salesforce Einstein Analytics 9.2 Bob Stutz $25 1999 $57.2 M
San Francisco 3790+ Reviews
FreshSales Sales Forecasting FreshSales Sales Forecasting 9.1 Girish Mathrubootham $18.35 2010 $100 M
California 1879+ Reviews
40K +
Clari Clari 9 Andy Byrne $80 2012 $39.4 M
California 3699+ Reviews
300 +
Nutshell Nutshell 8.9 Joe Malcoun $22 2009 $4.7 M
3000+ Reviews
3K +
Pipedrive Sales Forecasting Pipedrive Sales Forecasting 8.8 Raj Sabhlok $12.50 2010 $86.6 M
New York 1897+ Reviews
50K +
InsightSquared Sales Analytics InsightSquared Sales Analytics 8.6 Fred Shilmover N/A 2010 $9 M
Boston 2900+ Reviews


Einstein Prediction Builder
Einstein Discovery
Einstein Data Insights
Analytics Studio
Data Platform
Einstein Data Insights
Einstein Prediction Builder
Analytics Studio
Data Platform
Einstein Discovery
Einstein Data Insights

Key Employees

Todd CozartTodd CozartVice Presidenthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/toddcozart
Wenjun LiWenjun LiSoftware Engineerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/wenjun-li-70020a137


“ Flexible, extensible, and powerful. Salesforce is incredible. ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Anonymous Reviewer
  • We can notice that Salesforce is improving Einstein Analytics continuously in their releases. AI in Einstein analytics is simply superb and easy to adopt.
  • Great analytics tool used to make data driven decisions.
  • t’s a bit tough to pick up the logic at the beginning when you first use it.
  • It does need an analytical type experience. Which make it a bit hard to use.

“ Salesforce doesn't lack the power, but suffers in process flow and visuals ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Scott Wilson
  • One benefit of using SalesForce is that I save a lot of time when I pull up account and I have the benefit to customize views to help me have everything organized.
  • It has lots of customization functions which are great but time consuming. Reporting functions are nice but you need to dedicate the time to get it right.
  • I had trouble finding where the information went after I categorized it.
  • It is a heavy lift to implement and at first it can take a little bit of time to understand what you are looking at. But once it clicks it is off to the races.

“ Easy to Use ”

8/10 (overall) - Marcus Gamboa
  • I have recently worked with this product, Dashboards are very interactive, mobile friendly and easy to share your data with your colleagues. You can filter your data with your dynamic time query. Response is also very quick and fast in terms of performance.
  • Produces great-looking dashboards that work within salesforce enviroment
  • We have started recently and in learning phase, So can’t provide much information for least like, but graphics are above than my expectation. i personally appreciate it.
  • difficult to create dashboard with out a good understanding of sql and sqal


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Agile Software Development
  • Application Integration
  • Automated Billing
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Team Collaboration
  • Security

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Q & A

Q. How much does Salesforce Einstein Analytics cost?

When you want to subscribe for Salesforce Einstein Analytics, you can choose three different paid subscription. You can choose to have the Einstein Predictions, which costs $75 per month, the Einstein Analytics Growth at $125 per month, or Einstein Analytics Plus starting at $150.


Q. What features does Salesforce Einstein Analytics deliver?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics provides extensive tools for analytics that delivers highly impactful features. This software showcases a powerful machine learning and AI, robust SDK, extensive partner ecosystem that provides additional ETL, data science, and user-friendly intuitive interface. All of these features allow you to enjoy comprehensive AI for CRM in just one platform.

Q. Is the setup process for Salesforce Einstein Analytics easy?

The setup process for Salesforce Einstein Analytics would only take you in just a matter of a snap. All you need to do is just get your data straight into Salesforce Einstein Analytics, then, after it’s already in your system, anyone with permissions can begin process data and build dashboards. Moreover, Salesforce Einstein seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products, so there’s no need for you to do any data preparation or manage models.


Q. Does Salesforce Einstein Analytics work on mobile devices?

Yes. If a feature powered by Salesforce Einstein Analytics works on a mobile device, the application works your available mobile platform. However, keep in mind that not all features powered by Salesforce Einstein Analytics are optimized for mobile devices; hence, there are still limitations as to its functionality.