10+ Best Risk Management Softwares 2021

Unfortunate events are never avoidable. In fact, according to the quantivate.com website, there was a total of 62% of organizations that experienced a critical risk event in 2019 alone. That said, it is vital that you have the proper tools, so that you can prevent huge company losses, hence it becomes easier to bounce back. Fortunately, we have Risk Management Software available today. A Risk Management Software is a type of software that enables businesses to stay ahead of risks. On top of that, it also provides various statistical and analytical features, which organizations can use to prevent or avoid crises. Benefits
  • It enables management to see which projects are in trouble.
  • Offers better data driven decision making.
  • It lets the team remain focused on tasks.
We know how vital a Risk Management Software is, which is why we gathered all the best platforms below. The list is complete with a brief overview of all the apps’ capabilities as well as their limitations, so that you can select the best one for your business.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Integrum Integrum 9.6 Beven Schwaiger N/A 2005 $4.8 M
5800+ Reviews
1.5M +
nTask nTask 9.5 N/A N/A 2008 N/A 50+
California 6000+ Reviews
Qualys Qualys 9.2 Philippe Courtot $500 1999 $342.2 M
California 3600+ Reviews
10.3K +
Cura Cura 9.1 Rama Pochinapeddi N/A 2015 $49 M
Portland 3910+ Reviews
250 +
Resolver Resolver 9.1 James Walker $10000 2014 $15.9 M
Toronto 2300+ Reviews
1M +
AuditBoard AuditBoard 9.1 Jim Howard N/A 2014 $31.2 M
Los Angeles 2900+ Reviews
500 +
SAP Risk Management SAP Risk Management 9 Steve Hewison N/A 1990 $27 B
California 2000+ Reviews
SAS Risk Management SAS Risk Management 8.9 Jim Goodnight N/A 1976 $3.3 B
Cary 2900+ Reviews
Essential ERM Essential ERM 8.5 Keryn James $165 2009 $838 M
Canada 3000+ Reviews
Software AG Risk Management Software AG Risk Management 8.4 Sanjay Brahmawar N/A 1969
$995.2 M
Germany 3800+ Reviews


9.6 User Rating
Risk Management, Business Intelligence, HR Functions Feature

Inetgrum is another cloud-based software that offers mid-sized businesses and large enterprises a risk and compliance solution. Aside from that, this app also offers business intelligence reporting, action management, investigation management, controlled document management, and so much more. Additionally, Integrum features a superb integrated platform that enables users to integrate using existing apps.

Integrum is no doubt a fine choice for a risk management software, but before selecting it, you should know about its downsides. These downsides include limited mobile capabilities, poor customer support team, and its user interface has a slight learning curve. You can also add Integrum’s outdated design.


9.5 User Rating
Collaboration tools, Task comments, Calendar management Feature

nTask is a cloud-based task and project management software that offers a solution for small businesses and individuals. It features various tools for team collaboration, meeting scheduling, and task management. nTask enables you to stay on top of projects, avoiding unnecessary interruptions. On top of that, it also provides a reliable suite of data analytics for accurate decision making.

There is no doubt that nTask can provide essential tools for your company. However, you must know that this app has its share of negative qualities. A few of those include a weak customer support team and limited formatting options. On top of that, the process of attaching documents is also counterintuitive.


9.2 User Rating
$500 Price
Web App, Firewall Threat Protection, Vulnerability Management Feature

Qualys is an online IT security and compliance management software for IT companies and other businesses of all sizes. It features a highly intuitive interface, so that users can access and navigate the app’s tools and features faster. On top of that, Qualys provides a layer of security as well as a tight policy compliance initiative. This enables all vital teams within the organization to meet requirements and deadlines.

When choosing a software for your company, though, it is important to take note of the drawbacks in using a certain app. This helps you understand what to expect. For Qualys, you might encounter its long and complicated setup process and slow going customer support team. Plus, software updates for Qualys are rare.


9.1 User Rating
Dashboards & Reports, Internal Audit, Business Continuity Feature

CURA is an advanced risk management software for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It also features a wide range of tools for governance and compliance administration. On top of that, you can access on-demand reporting to help you know if your business is on par with the regulatory standards. CURA also enables you to create data-empowered strategies, so that you can manage risks better.

Having the right app is vital to your success and CURA might be that app. However, even though its platform is excellent on paper, you should know about this app’s negative qualities first. Those would include its poor customer service team and its limited mobile app functionality.


9.1 User Rating
$10000 Price
Activity tracking, Customization, Alerts & workflow Feature

Resolver is an advanced customer satisfaction software for businesses in finance, retail, telecommunications, transportation, and travel industries. It enables consumers to raise issues, complaints, or problems with a service provider. This helps you find effective resolutions to each problem. On top of that, Resolver also features advanced integrated data to help you improve your business. This app is also free to use.

Being a free app, Resolver can help minimize your business’ expenses. However, like most free software, there are limitations with what you can do with it. In terms of functionality, Resolver does not offer a wide set of features unlike some of its competitors.


9.1 User Rating
Asset Tracking, Audit Management, Risk Management Feature

AuditBoard is a cloud-based audit management software for businesses of all sizes. It also features an excellent risk management functionality that transforms how organizations manage risks. AuditBoard provides a highly user-friendly interface that quickens the onboarding process. On top of that, this app offers superb tools for collaborating, analyzing, managing, and reporting real-time data. AuditBoard’s data visualization tools are second to none.

Although it is true that AuditBoard is one of the more finer platforms for risk management, it is not free from any issues or limitations. Such issues include a counterintuitive reporting tool and a rather limited issue tracking feature. Plus, AuditBoard’s built-in templates could be improved.

SAP Risk Management

9 User Rating
Data Discovery, Predictive Analysis, Planning Social, Collaboration Feature

SAP Risk Management is an advanced risk management software for large enterprises. It features extensive tools that enable users to observe a strict compliance with regulatory standards. On top of that, SAP Risk Management also provides robust data analytics and visualization that can help you improve your decision making. This app also offers robust reporting tools.

SAP Risk Management is a superb risk management platform. However, it would be best that you know a few of its negative qualities before choosing it. First, it does not have an intuitive interface. Second, its built-in integrations with other SAP  platforms could be more robust. Lastly, its price plans are quite high for small businesses and startups.

SAS Risk Management

8.9 User Rating
Risk Management, Data Management, Marketing Analytics Feature

SAS Risk Management is an extensive enterprise-grade risk management solution. It provides advanced analytics from gathered data that can help you create better strategies that can prevent major crises from happening. On top of that, SAS Risk Management features robust integrations with other platforms for SAS, providing a more flexible app. This app also provides a way for you to standardize operational risk.

When selecting an app for your business, knowing its advantages and disadvantages is key. Now that you know of SAS Risk Management’s advantages, you should also learn of its disadvantages. These include a not so user-friendly user interface, subpar customer service, and it is a far more expensive software than its competitors.

Essential ERM

8.5 User Rating
$165 Price
ERM automation, Risk tracking, Email reminders Feature

Essential ERM is a robust web-based enterprise risk management software that offers a highly intuitive interface. It enables users to conduct risk assessments to help them prepare and strategize effectively. Essential ERM also provides you risk analysis through risk bow-tie diagrams. To top it all off, this application enables you to design risk scenarios through linking root causes, consequences, risk events, and more.

Learning of the benefits of using an app is only half of a whole. The other half is for you to know about the drawbacks to using it. With Essential ERM these drawbacks include a restricted reporting feature, limited customization options, and its integrations with other platforms require fine tuning.

Software AG Risk Management

8.4 User Rating
Integration, It portfolio management, Risk management Feature

Software AG Risk Management is a powerful risk management solution for small to large enterprises. This app offers advanced on-demand reporting features, so that admins and management can receive detailed reports quickly. On top of that, Software AG Risk Management also features advanced identification of control issues along with remediation and automated alerts, all in real-time.

After learning the positive side of an application, it is essential that you know of its negative side. This app does not exempt itself from that. With Software AG Risk Management, one might encounter a complicated user interface, mediocre customer support team, and an overly complex installation process.