10+ Best Requirements Management Softwares 2021

Requirements management is the process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders. It is a continuous process throughout a project.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
JamaSoftware JamaSoftware 9.6 Marc Osofsky $59 2006 $83.4 M
Netherlands 6700+ Reviews
Reqtest Reqtest 9.6 Henrik Andreasson $6 2009 $1 M
Washington 6789+ Reviews
11K +
ReqView ReqView 9.5 Robert G. $360 2004 $26 M
Portland 3400+ Reviews
10K +
Modern Requirements Modern Requirements 9.4 Asif Sharif N/A 1999 $2.9 M
Canada 4560+ Reviews
IBM Rational IBM Rational 9.2 Mike Devlin N/A 1981 $850 M
California 1565+ Reviews
2.2K +
JIRA Requirements Management JIRA Requirements Management 9 Mike Cannon-Brookes $10 2002 $1.2 B
Sydney 1200+ Reviews
135K +
SpiraTeam SpiraTeam 9 Kevin Ludbrook $42 2006 $10 M
Washington 4500+ Reviews
Dimensions RM Dimensions RM 8.8 Chris Hsu N/A 1976 N/A 500+
Newbury 3400+ Reviews
1.7K +
Innoslate RM Innoslate RM 8.6 Cynthia Mahugh-Dam $40 1993 $5 M
Virginia 1879+ Reviews
1K +
MicroFocus Atlas MicroFocus Atlas 8.6 Chris Hsu N/A 1976 N/A 500+
Newbury 3400+ Reviews
1.7K +


9.6 User Rating
$59 Price
Collaboration Tools, Reporting/Analytics, Software Development Feature

Jama Software is a highly advanced requirements management software that aims to guide users through creating complex products, such as software and systems. In essence, this cloud-based software provides essential tools and features that can help users stay aligned with compliance requirements. However, Jama Software has a complicated interface and installation process, as well as an unresponsive customer support team.


9.6 User Rating
$6 Price
Bug tracking, Bug reports, Integration Feature

ReQtest is an extensive requirements management software for all businesses – from small businesses to large enterprises. This cloud-based solution provides various tools for testers and developers to stay on top of their test cases. On top of that, users also get real-time updates on the multiple routes in their testing process. However, ReQtest offers limited customization and a small number of third-party software integrations.


9.5 User Rating
$360 Price
Change Management, Collaboration, Reporting Feature

ReqView is a user-friendly and powerful requirements management application. It can store every bit of data about a project’s essentials and overall progress. With ReqView, you can easily manage files, track updates, and share useful information with your colleagues and teammates. ReqView could be the very tool you need to improve your operations.

Modern Requirements

9.4 User Rating
Collaboration, Prioritization, Import/Export Data Feature

Modern Requirements is a top-notch requirements management software. This useful application helps you track the progress and necessities of certain projects and business operations. Its tools can speed up the process by lessening requirements and reworks. And it also automates manual processes in any method. With all those said, Modern Requirements can improve productivity by a mile.

IBM Rational

9.2 User Rating
Reporting, Collaboration, Change Management Feature

IBM Rational or IBM Rational Requirements Composer is a provider of powerful requirements management solutions. This software programs extensive requirements management tools and functionality that are helpful for task management, planning, and reporting processes. What also makes this platform comprehensive requirements management is that it is supported by a data warehouse.

JIRA Requirements Management

9 User Rating
$10 Price
Roadmaps Agile, Reporting, Customizable, Workflows Feature

JIRA Requirements Management is a powerful requirements management solution designed for businesses’ requirements management processes. This platform provides extensive tools to oversee requirements management processes, allowing users to capture, analyze, trace, and manage requirements changes. What also makes this platform an all-inclusive solution is it provides seamless integrations with other third-party systems.


9 User Rating
$42 Price
Dashboards, Document management Feature

SpiraTeam is another requirements management platform that provides robust solutions for requirements traceability. This solution offers comprehensive requirements management solutions, allowing users to successfully deliver high-quality products to their target customers. With SpiraTeam, users not only get the best requirements management solutions, for they can also simplify its complex processes.

Dimensions RM

8.8 User Rating
Manage Complexity, Embrace Change, End-to-end Traceability Feature

Dimensions RM is a comprehensive provider of web-based requirements management programmed for businesses and individual users. Dimensions RM offers full-featured requirements management capabilities that allow users to effectively streamline requirements complexity while accelerating product delivery. With Dimensions RM, users can experience seamless data traceability and requirements facilitation that impacts analysis.

Innoslate RM

8.6 User Rating
$40 Price
Project Management Risk Assessment, Data export capabilities, Architecture Governance Feature

Innoslate RM is a requirements management software that provides straightforward and convenient requirements management and analysis solutions. This software programs powerful and automated requirements management features, allowing users to establish stable traceability and collaboration. With Innoslate RM, users can also develop and manage requirements documents in as fast as few clicks.

MicroFocus Atlas

8.6 User Rating
Manage Complexity, Embrace Change, End-to-end Traceability Feature

MicroFocus Atlas is a comprehensive software that simplifies requirements management. This platform has the capacity to help teams gain maximum value by creating a collaborative and responsive software delivery life-cycle with the real-time delivery status. On top of that, MicroFocus Atlas enables users to stay in sync with agile teams, enabling better response to the market demands.