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Datapine Reporting

9 User Rating
$54 M Revenue
50+ No of Employees
2012 Founded
SaaS Industry
Reporting Software Category
Martin Blumenau CEO

Datapine Reporting is a business reporting solution designed as part of Datapine’s comprehensive data visualization and business intelligence services. Datapine Reporting’s highly intuitive interface helps businesses of any size get things done much faster than before. The platform also provides a high-end dashboard that enables users to generate and submit reports as seamless as possible. On top of that, Datapine Reporting provides predictive analytics, performance metrics, visual analytics, financial and marketing reports, automated reports, and drag and drop functionality. Since its establishment in 2012, Datapine Reporting has been providing high-end data analytics and reporting capabilities for complex data processes. For 8 years in the business, Datapine Reporting extensively developed its capabilities, making them the most trusted reporting platform for thousands of users across 25 countries. Today, Datapine continuously grows as a company, as they currently earn $54 million in revenue and employing more than 50+ employees, thanks to their current CEO, Martin Blumenau.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Zoho Analytics Zoho Analytics 9.5 Sridhar Vembu N/A 1996 $600 M
Chennai 1879+ Reviews
45M +
Tableau Reporting Tableau Reporting 9.4 Adam Selipsky $12 2003 $1.3 B
California 1888+ Reviews
4.4K +
Microsoft Power BI Reporting Microsoft Power BI Reporting 9.3 Satya Nadella $9.99 2015 N/A 200+
Redmond 1789+ Reviews
5M +
SAP Crystal Reports SAP Crystal Reports 9.2 Christian Klein N/A 1990 $4.9 B
California 1888+ Reviews
320K +
Sisense Reporting Sisense Reporting 9.1 Amir Orad N/A 2004 $100 M
New York 1878+ Reviews
2K +
Datapine Reporting Datapine Reporting 9 Martin Blumenau $249 2012 $54 M
Germany 1777+ Reviews
1.7K +
Jet Reports Jet Reports 8.9 Michael S. Lipps N/A 2002 $8.4 M
1988+ Reviews
500K +
Grow Grow 8.8 Rob Nelson N/A 2014 $7 M
Lehi 1777+ Reviews
41.5K +
Board Board 8.7 Giovanni Grossi N/A 1994 $100 M
1888+ Reviews
3.5K +
Kepion Kepion 8.6 Jeffrey Wang N/A 2009 $1 M
Seattle 1777+ Reviews
5K +

Dragos ZavadschiDragos ZavadschiFront-End Developerhttps://de.linkedin.com/in/dragos-zavadschi-a627a236/en-us
Jakob RehermannJakob RehermannManaging Partnerhttps://de.linkedin.com/in/jakob-rehermann-991b332b


“ The software for data visualization ”

8/10 (overall) - Kaylin E
  • The BI tool, great for collecting data and visualization.
  • I like that it’s an easy software to use and reporting and UI are amazing.
  • The software is quite slow.
  • I have to reload the page a few times until it works.

“ datapine helped us to get data-driven in every business aspect ”

8/10 (overall) - Ankur G
  • Analysts use their coding knowledge to build their own queries, and the marketing.
  •  I also gained a wealth of knowledge about creating a more data driven culture, and our meetings are filled with dashboards which we can easily adjust to answer any question at hand.
  • We didn’t use BI software before and of course, using datapine instead of Excel / PowerPoint is way
  • more expensive, but for us, totally worth it.

“ Great Dashboard Reporting Options ”

8/10 (overall) - Fabian L.
  • I can easily choose from one of their templates or create my own, and then schedule the delivery through a password protected URL each week.
  • The data is updated automatically so I don’t need to think about creating a report manually ever again.
  • I don’t have enough educational materials from them to write my own SQL queries so I would like to see more interactive tutorials.
  • But to be honest, until now I was able to build all needed queries with the drag & drop interface.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Agile Software Development
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Security
  • Team Collaboration
  • Predictive Sales
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. Which industries use the Datapine Reporting app?

With a truly flexible software app, various industries can benefit from using Datapine Reporting. Almost anyone in the business sector can use Datapine Reporting’s robust tools and features. These industries include Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Market Research, Media, Retail, Business Intelligence Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service & Support.

Q. How much does Datapine Reporting cost?

If highly interested in subscribing to Datapine Reporting, one should know that the platform offers four (4) subscription based plans. These are the Basic plan ($249/month with a maximum of 1 user), the Professional plan ($449/month with a maximum of 2 users), the Premium plan ($799/month with a maximum of 3 users), and the Branding & Embedded plan ($1099/month with a maximum of 3 users).

Q. Does Datapine Reporting have a mobile application?

Unfortunately, the Datapine Reporting platform does not have a mobile application. Having said that, Datapine is always available for all devices because it is a cloud-based software. That means, you can open the system through your mobile phone’s web browser.

Q. Can Datapine Reporting be deployed on-premise?

Yes, it can. Aside from the fact that Datapine Reporting is a cloud-based app, it also offers users on-premise deployment, so that they have more control over the system. Plus, this allows them to fully manage their data and customize the app so that it works for them.