10+ Best Recruiting Automation Softwares 2021

Recruiting automation software enables companies to automate the process of manually sourcing qualified candidates. These tools assist HR personnel, hiring managers, and recruiters in creating qualified applicant pools for current and future openings.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Loxo Loxo 9.3 Matt Chambers N/A 2012 $1 M
Denver 4800+ Reviews
Zoho Recruit Recruiting Automation Zoho Recruit Recruiting Automation 9.2 Sridhar Vembu $19.72 1996 $500 M
Chennai 2000+ Reviews
13M +
GoHire GoHire 9.2 Chris Smith $63.06 2016 $2 M
San Carlos
3200+ Reviews
Hiretual Hiretual 9.1 Steven Jiang N/A 2015 $5.3 M
California 3890+ Reviews
Entelo Entelo 8.8 Robert Tsao N/A 2010 $18.8 M
San Francisco 1780+ Reviews
CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Automation CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Automation 8.7 Sameer Penakalapati $120 2015 $7.5 M
New York 4600+ Reviews
1.4K +
Recruiterflow Recruiting Automation Recruiterflow Recruiting Automation 8.7 Manan Shah $69 2017 $396 K
San Francisco 3400+ Reviews
120 +
SmartRecruiters Recruiting Automation SmartRecruiters Recruiting Automation 8.7 Jerome Ternynck $10000 2010 $44.2 M
San Francisco 3450+ Reviews
Yello Recruiting Automation Yello Recruiting Automation 8.6 Jason Weingarten N/A 2008 $21.5 M
Chicago 1874+ Reviews
AllyO AllyO 8.5 Sahil Sahni N/A 2015 $3.5 M
Palo Alto 1900+ Reviews


9.3 User Rating
Applicant workflow, Contact database, Email sync Feature

Loxo is an AI-driven recruiting automation software built for businesses of various sizes. Loxo provides a best-in-class applicant tracking system that streamlines recruiting business processes. On top of that, Loxo also delivers state-of-the-art recruiting technology that provides smart candidate search capabilities, gets verified email, phone, and social profiles, as well as automates recruiting outreach.


Zoho Recruit Recruiting Automation

9.2 User Rating
$19.72 Price
Automatic Scheduling, Statistic and reports, Collaboration Feature

Zoho Recruiting Automation or Zoho Recruit is high-end recruiting automation software that provides diverse and end-to-end hiring solutions. This platform delivers cloud-based hiring automation capabilities that make employee hiring effortless. Zoho Recruiting Automation highlights its extensive and scalable hiring features, including multiple job postings, social recruiting, resume management, AI assistance, and so much more.



9.2 User Rating
$63.06 Price
Background Screening, Applicant Tracking, Internal HR Feature

GoHire is a comprehensive applicant tracking and recruiting software that manages hiring processes, in less time, with less effort. Programmed to streamline employee recruitment processes, GoHire provides high-end recruiting automation capabilities that orchestrate employee hiring in one platform. GoHire makes everything possible, thanks to its superb features, such as interview management, resume parsing, internal HR, job requisitions, background screening, and much more.



9.1 User Rating
Candidate Sourcing, Web Integration, Talent Engagement Tools Feature

Hiretual is a complete AI-powered candidate recruiting automation software built to find the best talent. This software delivers a complete top-of-the-funnel solution that allows users to access multiple sources across 750M+ profiles while engaging in personalized campaigns and rediscover lost profiles in Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Hiretual also delivers extensive integrations to simplify recruiting automation processes.



8.8 User Rating
Assessments, Internal HR, Recruiting Firms Feature

Entelo is a high-powered recruitment automation software that delivers an end-to-end recruiting automation solution. Entelo delivers the smartest, fastest, and better recruiting automation solutions, allowing users to simplify their hiring processes. With Entelo, users can make all the mentioned benefits possible through the platform’s interview scheduling, applicant tracking, sourcing and candidate identification, reporting, and dashboards.


CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Automation

8.7 User Rating
$120 Price
Applicant Tracking, Recruiting, Talent Management Feature

CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Automation is another complete recruiting automation software that eases up the process of hiring potential talents. CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Automation provides all the necessary automation tools that double the number of prospective candidates. What also makes CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Automation a superb platform is it integrates with 50+ job boards and VMS portals.


Recruiterflow Recruiting Automation

8.7 User Rating
$69 Price
Applicant Tracking, Assessments, Recruiting Agency Feature

Recruiterflow Recruiting Automation is another comprehensive recruiting management software that simplifies talent-hiring processes for businesses. This platform is primarily designed to deliver modern applicant tracking solutions for recruiting and staffing teams. Recruiterflow Recruiting Automation has the capacity to ease up recruiting management processes, thanks to its high-end features like analytics and reporting, custom job funnels, interview management, and more.


SmartRecruiters Recruiting Automation

8.7 User Rating
$10000 Price
Applicant tracking, Email notifications, Integration Feature

SmartRecruiters is a recruiting automation platform with full recruiting and hiring functionality. It can eliminate time-consuming manual data entry, automate the recruitment process and reduce the need to track down interviewers for feedback. Plus, it can also help recruiters focus more strategically on finding, engaging, and hiring the best talent by increasing their day-to-day efficiency.

Yello Recruiting Automation

8.6 User Rating
Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, Video Interviewing Feature

Yello is a recruiting automation platform that enables the world’s most prestigious brands to give personalized candidate experiences to every job seeker. It also allows recruiters to attract, engage, and hire top talent in less time. Plus, it can help users increase productivity, make better hiring decisions, and develop recruiting ROI.


8.5 User Rating
Integration, Dashboards, Reporting Feature

AllyO is cloud-based recruiting automation software that helps companies and businesses manage and automate recruitment and employee engagement processes. Its AI platform enables users to expand career campaigns through talent acquisition channels and easily attract potential candidates. Plus, it also provides numerous features like interview scheduling, employee referral, onboarding, and more.