10+ Best Quote Management Softwares 2021

The Quotation Specialist will be responsible for working with the marketing team and managers. This position will be directly responsible for pricing implementation, generating competitive analyses and strengthening overall service margin and lead day-to-day operations of the Quotations section.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
QuoteWerks Quote Management QuoteWerks Quote Management 9.5 Frank Holland $15 1993 $5.2 M
Florida 3000+ Reviews
86K +
Zoho Quote Management Zoho Quote Management 9.4 Sridhar Vembu $5.28 1996 $500 M
Chennai 2000+ Reviews
13M +
SugarCRM Quote Management SugarCRM Quote Management 9.1 Craig Charlton $80 2004 $106.9 M
400+ Reviews
20K +
DealHub Quote Management DealHub Quote Management 9.1 Eyal Elbahary N/A 2014 $15.7 M
California 4500+ Reviews
Oneserve Oneserve 9 Chris Proctor N/A 2010 $3 M
Clyst Honiton
4800+ Reviews
Qwilr Quote Management Qwilr Quote Management 9 Dylan Baskind $75 2014 $9.5 M
Australia 3400+ Reviews
QuickQuote QuickQuote 8.9 Tim Bain $12 1995 $3 M
2000+ Reviews
Quoter Quoter 8.8 Mike Walsh $129 2011 N/A 25+
Vancouver 3700+ Reviews
GetJobber GetJobber 8.8 Sam Pillar $29 2011 $5 M
5800+ Reviews
iQuoteXpress iQuoteXpress 8.6 Arthur Fuss $39 2009 $3.5 M
California 3490+ Reviews

QuoteWerks Quote Management

9.5 User Rating
$15 Price
Document editing, Email Integration, Workflow Management Feature

QuoteWerks is a top-of-the-line quote management software. It’s an app where you can easily create branded quotes and send them to your valued customers or clients. QuoteWerks provides you with the tools to calculate quotes based on your product prices, service rates, and other essential variables. And because quotes are important documents, QuoteWerks can archive them for you for reporting and record-keeping purposes.

Zoho Quote Management

9.4 User Rating
$5.28 Price
Email Hosting, CustomerSupport, Security Tools, Data management Feature

Zoho is a user-friendly software that can streamline your quote management activities. It can handle all quote requests, create detailed quotes based on client’s needs, and keep quote records for data-driven reporting. Zoho is designed for every company with service-oriented and subscription business models. With Zoho, quotes will be super easy to produce, facilitate, and curate.

SugarCRM Quote Management

9.1 User Rating
$80 Price
Marketing automation, Sales automation, Analytics Feature

SugarCRM is a quote management system that enables users to quickly and easily create quotes, streamlining the sales cycle and increasing velocity. It has an industry-leading customer experience, a user-friendly interface, and an easy-to-customize platform. Plus, it combines a simple user interface with a platform that can expand to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

DealHub Quote Management

9.1 User Rating
Product configurator, Dashboard, Collaboration Feature

DealHub is a quote management tool that enables users and businesses to create professional proposals and pricing quotes quickly and easily. It has a one-of-a-kind collaborative sales engagement process that streamlines the quoting process. It also gives users real-time information about their prospects’ engagements and levels of interest. Plus, it is easy to set up and easy to use.


9 User Rating
Contact Database, Equipment Maintenance, Inventory Control Feature

Oneserve is a quote management system that helps the users with invoicing and finance by ensuring that their created quotes are accurate. It enables users to create a quotation from the same system that will manage the job. Plus, Oneserve eliminates inefficiencies by connecting processes through its integration with other bespoke and legacy systems.

Qwilr Quote Management

9 User Rating
$75 Price
Document analytics, Integration, Security Feature

Qwilr is a quote management tool that makes it simple for users to create engaging quotes that impress potential clients and help them close deals. It has 50+ templates and thousands of stock images that enable users to customize and create quotes based on their style. Plus, Qwilr integrates with all leading CRM, sales, and accounting software.


8.9 User Rating
$12 Price
Billing & Invoicing, CRM, Quotes/Estimates Feature

QuickQuote is an online quote management system that enables Contracting Authorities to obtain competitive quotes for low-value requirements. It’s created using the notice creation wizard online and sent to a select group of suppliers. Plus, users can filter and select the suppliers they want to invite to quote in many ways.


8.8 User Rating
$129 Price
Accounting Integration, Activity Dashboard, CRM Integration Feature

Quoter is a cloud-based sale quote management software that helps businesses and users to generate more quotes, reduce bottlenecks, and get paid faster. It contains tools for electronic signature capture, tracking, CRM, accounting, and automation, allowing users to generate quotes quicker than ever before. Plus, Quoter also lets users integrate with several third-party applications.


8.8 User Rating
$29 Price
Access control, Activity tracking, Automatic backup Feature

GetJobber is a top notch quote management software that provides a comprehensive toolset for users to manage their customers’ quotations and invoices on-the-go. Essentially, this cloud-based application features a highly intuitive interface and fast-responding support team. However, GetJobber also has a few downsides. It needs needs to improve its installation process, and it lacks customization options.


8.6 User Rating
$39 Price
API library, Account management, Analytics Feature

iQuoteXpress is among the best quote management software in today’s market. This web-based application provides a highly intuitive system, allowing users to utilize it instantly. Plus, it features a helpful support team and straightforward installation process. However, iQuoteXpress does have a few downsides. This includes its less than dynamic integration with Zoho CRM and its lack of a mobile application.