10+ Best Project Portfolio Management Softwares 2021

Project portfolio management (PPM) refers to a process used by project managers and project management organizations (PMOs) to analyze the potential return on undertaking a project. ... Project portfolio management gives organizations and managers the ability to see the big picture.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Planview Planview 9.5 Gregory S. Gilmore N/A 1989 $230 M
Austin 1654+ Reviews
4K +
Microsoft Project Portfolio Microsoft Project Portfolio 9.4 Satya Nadella N/A 1985 $2.6 B
Redmond 1547+ Reviews
100K +
Smartsheet Project Portfolio Smartsheet Project Portfolio 9.3 Joe Pusz N/A 2006 $78.5 M
Washington 1687+ Reviews
92K +
Wrike Project Portfolio Wrike Project Portfolio 9.2 Andrew Filev N/A 2006 $136.9 M
San Jose 1874+ Reviews
2.3M +
Workfront Workfront 9.1 Alex Shootman N/A 2001 $200 M
Lehi 1578+ Reviews
4K +
Clarizen Clarizen 9 Matt Zilli N/A 2006 $74 M
California 1784+ Reviews
2K +
Monday Project Portfolio Monday Project Portfolio 8.9 Roy Mann $8 2012 $50 M
Tel Aviv 1574+ Reviews
35K +
Samepage Project Portfolio Samepage Project Portfolio 8.8 Scott Schreiman N/A 2017 $3.2 M
1654+ Reviews
30 +
MicroFocus MicroFocus 8.7 Stephen Murdoch N/A 1976 $3.3 B
Newbury 1547+ Reviews
3.5K +
Oracle Primavera Oracle Primavera 8.6 Joel Koppelman N/A 1999 $1 B
1874+ Reviews
17K +


9.5 User Rating
Collaboration Analytics, Reporting, Security Strategy Feature

Planview is a work and project management platform programmed to provide enterprise-grade project management solutions. This software offers cloud-based project management solutions that accelerate on-strategy delivery. With Planview, users can streamline complex project management processes, thanks to its high-end features like program management, strategic planning, capacity planning, dashboard analytics, and so much more.

Microsoft Project Portfolio

9.4 User Rating
Project Management, Task Management, Collaboration Feature

Microsoft Project Portfolio is an enterprise-wide project portfolio management software. This software has the capacity to harness project and portfolio management processes, allowing its users to plan, prioritize, execute, and manage projects seamlessly. Thanks to its high-end features like dashboards, monitoring, evaluation, and real-time collaboration, users can now simplify project portfolio management in just a few clicks.

Smartsheet Project Portfolio

9.3 User Rating
Collaboration, Mobile integrations Reports, Security Feature

Smartsheet Project Portfolio is another robust project portfolio platform designed for businesses’ multiple project strategies, budgets, and objectives efforts. This software offers extensive functionality that streamlines complex project portfolio management processes, allowing users to focus more on their other critical operations. With Smartsheet Project Portfolio, users can get access to the app’s project execution, process management, process automation, and more.

Wrike Project Portfolio

9.2 User Rating
Simplify Planning, Enable Collaboration, Streamline Workflow Feature

Wrike Project Portfolio is a powerful project portfolio software designed for consistent project management. This software offers flexible project portfolio capabilities that establish seamless project portfolio management. Wrike Project Portfolio highlights its superb project portfolio management features, including planning management, real-time performance data, high-end collaboration, project rollout capabilities, and much more.


9.1 User Rating
Project Management, Collaboration, Workflow Management Feature

Workfront is an online work management software that also provides comprehensive project portfolio management solutions. This software streamlines project portfolio management processes for businesses of different types. With its high-powered project portfolio management capabilities like collaboration, work management, task management, IT project management, and more, users can now simplify their PPM processes in an instant.


9 User Rating
Time tracking, Collaboration, Project planning Feature

Clarizen is a scaleable project management platform programmed to automate project management processes. This platform has the capacity to manage and collaborate simple and complex project management efforts, allowing its users to focus more on the other complex business processes. Clarizen features its extensive project management features, including time tracking, dashboard, budget tracking, and social collaboration

Monday Project Portfolio

8.9 User Rating
$8 Price
Integration Collaboration, Marketing Developer, API Feature

Monday Project Portfolio is an integrated platform that manages all kinds of projects. Monday Project Portfolio encompasses all the basic and advanced tools for project management, allowing its users to streamline easy and complex project portfolio management processes. Also, users can now automate their processes for Monday Project Portfolio offers highly automated tools, including forms integrations, external integrations, advanced search, and unlimited activity logs.

Samepage Project Portfolio

8.8 User Rating
Collaboration, Document management, Task Management Feature

Samepage Project Portfolio, as its name implies, is an advanced project portfolio management software that is part of Samepage’s collaboration platform. In essence, this cloud-based solution enables teams to stay on top of their projects better in order to eliminate project bottlenecks, as well as improve communication. With this said, Samepage Project Portfolio does not have the best mobile application and customizing project templates is complex.


8.7 User Rating
Manage Complexity, Embrace Change, End-to-end Traceability Feature

For the most part, the MicroFocus platform is an advanced cloud management software solution designed to help businesses stay on top of their cloud services. However, this software also provides project portfolio management functionality, which enables teams to manage the potential return on undertaking a certain project. However, MicroFocus does have a clunky and disorganized interface.

Oracle Primavera

8.6 User Rating
Lead database, Display advertising, Content creation Feature

Oracle Primavera is a highly advanced solution that focuses on helping businesses manage their projects more efficiently and effectively. It provides a variety of tools that enable teams with planning, developing, and operating projects or assets. Plus, this cloud-based app offers a robust activity filter solution. However, Oracle Primavera has a steep learning curve, poor  support team, and a complex implementation process.