10+ Best Procurement Softwares 2021

Procurement software is business software that helps to automate the purchasing function of organizations. ... The use of such software also allows procurement managers to control the vendors used by the wider organisation so all employees take advantage of negotiated rates and other terms of service. Features:
  • Catalog and Order Managemen
  • Asset Management and Inventory
  • Billing Management
  • Vendor Management


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Smart by GEP Smart by GEP 9.5 Subhash Makhija N/A 2013 $200 M
1658+ Reviews
2K +
ProcurementExpress.com ProcurementExpress.com 9.4 James Kennedy $30 2014 $4 M
Dublin 1777+ Reviews
1.2K +
SAP Ariba Procurement SAP Ariba Procurement 9.3 Sean Thompson $599 1996 $335 M
Palo Alto 1698+ Reviews
4.6M +
Coupa Coupa 9.2 Rob Bernshteyn N/A 2006 $390 M
San Mateo 1777+ Reviews
25K +
Procurify Procurify 9.1 Aman Mann $499 2011 $20 M
Vancouver 1888+ Reviews
400 +
Precoro Precoro 9 Tooey Courtemanche $29 2003 $2 M
California 1658+ Reviews
8.5K +
Tradogram Tradogram 8.9 Hani Abdou N/A 2009 $3 M
Ottawa 1888+ Reviews
650 +
JAGGAER JAGGAER 8.8 Jim Bureau $45000 1995 $247.7 M
1878+ Reviews
1.9K +
Tradeshift Tradeshift 8.7 Christian Lanng N/A 2010 $100 M
San Francisco 1555+ Reviews
500 +
AvidXchange AvidXchange 8.6 Michael Praeger $5000 2000 $125 M
1777+ Reviews
6K +

Smart by GEP

9.5 User Rating
Catalog Management, Contract Management, Compliance Tracking Feature

Smart by GEP is a procurement software that unifies spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, and supplier management processes. This software delivers superb functionalities that provide a complete procurement management program, packed into one state-of-the-art cloud platform. On top of that, Smart by GEP standardizes procurement process management, aligned with the best practices in the industry.



9.4 User Rating
$30 Price
Fast set up, PushCart, Faster approval Feature

ProcurementExpress.com is a highly intuitive procurement software designed to help businesses of all sizes. This cloud-based solution aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s budget. Plus, it also allows you to sign off on any purchase request. However, ProcurementExpress.com’s reporting feature is limited and you cannot search both supplier and budget simultaneously.

SAP Ariba Procurement

9.3 User Rating
$599 Price
Profile management, Supplier discovery, Business matchmaking Feature

SAP Ariba Procurement is one of the leading procurement software in the market today. It is a cloud-based solution that aims to help users automate their procurement processes digitally. On top of that, SAP Ariba Procurement provides users with top notch collaboration tools that aim to help you communicate with suppliers and partners efficiently. However, SAP Ariba Procurement has a counterintuitive interface, poor support team, and complex installation process.


9.2 User Rating
Purchase Requisitions, Detect Fraud Intelligently, Accelerate Approvals Feature

Coupa or Coupa Procurement is a robust procurement software that aims to help midsize businesses to large enterprises. This cloud-based solution provides companies with top notch tools that enables users to cut down on costs and ensure that all processes remain compliant. However, Coupa has a lackluster customer support team and a highly complex implementation process.


9.1 User Rating
$499 Price
Customizable Approvals, Real-Time Budget Tracking, Vendor Management Feature

Procurify is an award-winning cloud-based procurement software that offers its functionality to businesses of every size. Aside from that, it features a highly intuitive all-in-one platform that enables users to manage company expenditures. With this said, however, Procurify needs to improve their servers as you can experience slowness. Other than that, it also has a complex setup process.


9 User Rating
$29 Price
Bidding, Document management, Email tracking Feature

Precoro is an innovative cloud-based software that offers its services to businesses of all sizes. This application provides companies with advanced procurement and spend management functionality. Aside from that, this platform aims to help you decrease your company’s costs. However, Precoro does not feature phone call support and its search feature is quite counterintuitive.


8.9 User Rating
Catalog Management, Auction Management, Budgeting & Forecasting Feature

Tradogram is one of the leading web-based procurement software that is available to use for businesses of all sizes. Aside from this, it also enables management to see all purchase orders, as well as access all procurement details. However, Tradogram has a limited reporting feature and its search functionality needs major adjustments.


8.8 User Rating
$45000 Price
Analytics, Sourcing, Inventory control Feature

JAGGAER is a comprehensive procurement software that provides its functionality to large enterprises. This cloud-based solution enables companies to streamline their procurement and purchase processes, which promotes productivity and eliminates the need for manual work. However, JAGGAER is quite expensive when compared to other solutions and its integration process is quite complex.


8.7 User Rating
Supplier Management, Procure to Pay, AP Automation Feature

Tradeshift is a procurement software that provides companies with solutions to buy and sell goods and services. It is also an extensible platform that enables users to tailor solutions to meet their company’s needs and standards. Plus, it allows users to facilitate purchase and vendor management easily. Procurement processes are made simple and smarter with Tradeshift.


8.6 User Rating
$5000 Price
Audit trail, Cash management, Central data repository Feature

AvidXchange is a procurement software that provides mid-market companies and enterprises power over their accounts payable process with AP automation solutions that improve the entire process. Its solutions eliminate paper-based processing issues, decrease security risks, and cut processing costs without causing trouble. Whether it is managing invoices, automating approvals, or scheduling payments, AvidXchange can help.