10+ Powtoon Alternatives and Competitors


8.9 User Rating
$5.5 M Revenue
112+ No of Employees
2011 Founded
SaaS Industry
Presentation Software Category
Ilya Spitalnik CEO

Powtoon is another superb presentation software and is also one of the leading solutions in today’s market. This application offers a wide range of tools and features that can help individuals and businesses alike to change the way they create their slide presentations, as well as make their presentations much more interactive. Powtoon started offering its services in 2007. And since Powtoon now has more than 27,000 actively paying customers, the app can generate an estimated annual revenue of $5.5 million. This is thanks to the software’s terrific leader and CEO, Ilya Spitalnik.

However, he should not be the only one to be thanked. Powtoon also gains from having wonderful employees, including Simon Weil (DevOps Director), Jason Adam R. (Senior SEO Manager), and Nick Leibman (Head of Content Marketing). And with over one hundred employees, Powtoon is sure to remain competitive for years to come. However, we understand that it is difficult to grasp how an app performs with its competitors. That is why we also provided a list of Powtoon’s alternatives below to help you start comparing and see which one is best for your business. These apps systems include Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and much more.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
PowerPoint PowerPoint 9.4 Satya Nadella $99.99 1987 $9 M
Silicon Valley
1888+ Reviews
500K +
Prezi Prezi 9.2 Peter Arvai $5 2009 $30 M
San Francisco 1777+ Reviews
1M +
Vyond Vyond 9.2 Gary Lipkowitz $299 2007 $28.9 M
San Mateo 1878+ Reviews
12K +
Visme Visme 9.1 Payman Taei $25 2013 $2.1 M
1587+ Reviews
1.3M +
Google Slides Google Slides 9 Sundar Pichai $6 2006 N/A 98,771+
Mountain View 1784+ Reviews
10K +
Zoho Show Zoho Show 9 Sridhar Vembu $5.83 1996 $500 M
Chennai 1874+ Reviews
13M +
Powtoon Powtoon 8.9 Ilya Spitalnik $19 2011 $5.5 M
London 1656+ Reviews
27K +
Keynote Keynote 8.8 Dr. Moe Levin N/A 2003 $71.6 M
Florida 1666+ Reviews
2.7K +
Haiku Deck Haiku Deck 8.6 Adam Tratt $9.99 2010 $6 M
Seattle 1744+ Reviews
10M +
CustomShow CustomShow 8.5 Paul Shapiro N/A 2013 $6.2 M
New York 1784+ Reviews
150K +


5 premium exports per month
Access to Pro & free content
2 GB Storage
Unlimited premium exports
Unlimited access to all content
10 GB storage
Unlimited premium exports
Unlimited access to all content
3rd-party reseller rights
100 GB storage
Upload custom fonts

Key Employees

Simon WeilSimon WeilDevOps Directorhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/simonweil
Jason Adam R.Jason Adam R.Sr. SEO Managerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonraphaeltech
Nick LiebmanNick Liebmanhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-liebman


“ Lots of Pow in Powtoon ”

9/10 (overall) - Dr. Arnie D.
  • There are a lot of different character styles and assets style like 2D, whiteboard, infographic, live to choose from.
  • They provide the too and it’s open to your imagination. New features added constantly that make this software very versatile.
  • Some features need to be added.
  • Better timeline, ability to encase videos, camera motion for example.

“ Powtoons is Amazing ”

9/10 (overall) - Mich M.
  • This is a super simple app to create fun and vibrant communications pieces either with cartoons or video.
  • It has made my life so easy and with great reward and outcome.
  • I think customer service could be much better. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a hold of a live person.
  • They say they have marketing videos but they are only 10 seconds long and random. We no longer use this software.

“ Interactive Animated Presentations ”

8/10 (overall) - Ummar H.
  • Powtoon is simple, interactive.
  • Provides all basic functions for motion graphics to be used as a presentation.
  • It’s web-based to due which browser got very heavy when working on larger projects.
  • Powtoon is a great tool but they have to improve the features like Characters, Background Music.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Email Notifications
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Security
  • Predictive Sales
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. What is Powtoon used for?

Primarily, Powtoon is used by businesses of all sizes to transform how they present as well as create their slideshow presentations. Aside from that, Powtoon is also well-known for enabling users to generate unique video presentations that will instantly keep your audience focused during the presentation. With Powtoon, you can alter how you connect with your audience, provide key insights to help them grow, as well as inspire them.

Q. How much does Powtoon cost?

If interested in using Powtoon, you need to know the needs of your company in order to choose the best of six subscription offers that Powtoon offers. These price plans are also separated into two categories. The first one is called the Individual plans, which includes the Pro plan ($89/month), the Pro + plan ($197/month), and the Agency plan ($99/month). The second group of individual plans, called Business Price plan, offers three different plans, including the Team plan, the Corporate plan, and the Enterprise plan. All three are currently available for quote based pricing only. On top of that, all individual plans offer an annual billing period for less.

Q. Does Powtoon provide a free trial?

Unfortunately, Powtoon does not provide a free trial period for those interested people. However, this app provides a free forever plan. This free forever plan already features a 100 MB online storage. Aside from that, Powtoon also allows you to create a video of up to 3 minutes only.

Q. Is Powtoon a safe app to use?

Yes! Powtoon is one of the most secure software applications in the market. It was only made available in 2011, but since then, Powtoon never received complaints regarding their management system, which is a testament to Powtoon’s functionality. However, the highly secure feature system is available for the Business plans.