10+ Best PR Softwares 2021

What is Public Relations Software? Public Relations software allows PR professionals to collaborate effectively with contacts, as well as plan, manage, distribute, and track campaigns.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Prezly Prezly 9.5 Jesse Wynants $270 2010 $3.2 M
1787+ Reviews
300 +
Prowly Prowly 9.4 Joanna Drabent $210 2013 $5.8 M
Poland 1574+ Reviews
1M +
Newswire Newswire 9.3 Simon Allen $199 1954
$8 M
New York 1767+ Reviews
1M +
Cision Communications Cloud Cision Communications Cloud 9.2 Kevin Akeroyd N/A 1867
$748.3 M
Chicago 1687+ Reviews
16K +
Agility PR Solutions Agility PR Solutions 9.1 Martin Lyster $350 2014 $10 M
Ottawa 1668+ Reviews
800K +
NinjaOutreach NinjaOutreach 9 David Schneider $119 2014 $3 M
East Coast
1658+ Reviews
1K +
MuckRack MuckRack 8.9 Greg Galant $99 2009 $100 M
New York 1587+ Reviews
3M +
Critical Mention Critical Mention 8.8 Don Yount N/A 2002 $15 M
New York 1656+ Reviews
1M +
Meltwater Meltwater 8.7 Jorn Lyseggen $4000 2001 $300 M
San Francisco 1777+ Reviews
25K +
Wizikey Wizikey 8.6 Anshul Sushil N/A 2018 $2 M
1565+ Reviews
20K +


9.5 User Rating
$270 Price
Distribution, Engagement tracking, Influencer CRM Feature

The Prezly app is one of the most used public relations (PR) software in today’s market. With this app, users can manage all stakeholder relations, publish and pitch their stories, as well as do all these things more efficiently. However, Prezly does have a slight learning curve when using it at first. Aside from that, formatting images on the app is complex.


9.4 User Rating
$210 Price
SEO Optimization, PR CRM, Pitch Distribution Feature

Prowly is an advanced personal relations or PR software that provides PR teams and media personnel to build their brand or organization through their platforms. With this app, though, you are able to accomplish tasks quicker, thanks to its user-friendly interface. However, Prowly’s customer support team and installation process is not the best among PR apps.


9.3 User Rating
$199 Price
SEO, Multimedia, Campaign Management Feature

Newswire is a robust PR software that is designed to empower media agencies, journalists, businesses, and organizations to publish their stories that can increase brand awareness. On top of that, Newswire features a low learning curve, enabling you to implement it to your processes instantly. Nevertheless, Newswire has a few downsides, including a counterintuitive process to release writing and their price plans are quite high compared to others.

Cision Communications Cloud

9.2 User Rating
Media Analysis, Press Release, Distribution Influencer Identification Feature

Cision Communications Cloud is an all-inclusive PR software that enables agencies, PR teams, and businesses to increase their visibility, as well as their engagement with their support or customer base. On top of that, Cision Communications Cloud features a robust integration with PRNewsire. However, this app does have a counterintuitive interface and a slow responding customer support team.

Agility PR Solutions

9.1 User Rating
$350 Price
Email Distribution, Press Monitoring, Campaign Management Feature

Agility PR Solutions is an advanced PR software that empowers businesses and agencies to amplify their reach, as well as brand awareness. On top of that, this cloud-based solution offers multiple features, such as Media Database, PR Measurement, Media Monitoring, and more. Nonetheless, Agility PR Solutions does not have the most user-friendly interface and its installation process is quite complex.


9 User Rating
$119 Price
Direct Email Campaigns, Find Bloggers, Create Custom Sales Templates Feature

NinjaOutreach is a simple and straightforward software, designed to help bloggers, digital marketers, and small businesses to establish a presence online. In essence this app aims to help users to increase their brand engagement within their own platforms. However, NinjaOutreach has a clunky interface, making it difficult to use, and it also has a poor customer support team.


8.9 User Rating
$99 Price
Finding journalists, Pitching journalists, Monitoring news Feature

Muck Rack is an advanced Public Relations or PR software that enables PR teams to connect to journalists, so that they can publish their stories. On top of that, it also helps teams to send their pitches, as well as allow them to monitor the news. However, Muck Rack does have a counterintuitive search engine, and it does not allow you to share lists.

Critical Mention

8.8 User Rating
Public Relations, Reputation Management, Social Media Monitoring Feature

Critical Mention is an all-inclusive PR software that enables businesses, PR teams, and organizations to build their audience, as well as quantify their impact. In addition, Critical Mention also features a robust media contact database, global media monitoring, reporting, analytics, and more. However, it also has a few downsides, including a clunky interface and a slow responding customer support team.


8.7 User Rating
$4000 Price
Social Listening, Advanced Analytics, Competitive Intelligence Feature

Meltwater is a straightforward PR solution, as well as a media platform, that enables teams to stay relevant in the world of media. On top of that, this app offers robust features, including reporting and analytics. However, Meltwater does lack in a few areas, as well. These include a steep learning curve and an unresponsive customer support team.


8.6 User Rating
Cloud-based, Content Marketing, PR platform Feature

Wizikey is a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) communications suite that enables businesses, as well as organizations, to connect with their customers and audiences. On top of that, Wizikey enables you to find the right journalist to publish your story. However, with this said, this app is still a new app, which means not so many people use it.