10+ Best Photo Editing Softwares 2021

Since its emergence, photography has been a significant platform that is essential to humankind. Photography creates an exceptional platform that allows us to bring and share experiences, for it enables us to preserve and record important events, whether it's a historical or personal matter. Thus, making it hard to imagine a world without photography. In today's era of digitalization, photography creates a new impact on every individual. Photography becomes a part of everyone's life, as photography becomes highly accessible, not just through a camera, but also through mobile smartphone devices. Apparently, with the surge of modern-day photography setting, also comes with a platform that takes photography to the next level—the photo editing software. Benefits:
  • It removes unwanted image elements.
  • It enhances the beauty of images.
  • It establishes an excellent image impact.
They say that photography without photo editing is like an ocean without water. Well, this fact is without question considering that an average of 48.19% of Americans alone used photo editing app, as per Statista. For sure, on your end as well, recognize photo editing as an essential part of the photography process, given that you've landed on our page. Lucky for you, we want to help find the most suitable photo editing app for you to use! Check them out below.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 9.5 Shantanu Narayen $18.95 1987 $11.2 B
Park Avenue
1587+ Reviews
10M +
Pixlr Pixlr 9.4 Ola Sevandersson N/A 2005 $3 M
1698+ Reviews
500M +
Gimp Gimp 9.3 Spencer Kimball N/A 1996 $1.1 M
1784+ Reviews
500 +
Affinity Photo Affinity Photo 9.2 Ashley Hewson $49.99 2015 $13 M
1987+ Reviews
2M +
Picmonkey Picmonkey 9.1 Frits Habermann $7.99 2012 $17 M
Seattle 1874+ Reviews
450K +
Canva Canva 9 Melanie Perkins N/A 2012 $50.4 M
Surry Hills
1698+ Reviews
15M +
Photopea Photopea 8.9 Ivan Kutskir $5 2017 N/A 10+
1658+ Reviews
1.5M +
Pixelmator Pro Pixelmator Pro 8.8 Saulius Dailide $39.99 2007 $5 M
1874+ Reviews
560M +
Capture One Pro Capture One Pro 8.7 Dave Gallagher $15 2007 $38.8 M
1789+ Reviews
500 +
Corel Draw Corel Draw 8.6 Patrick Nichols $499 1985 $268.2 M
1687+ Reviews
55M +

Adobe Photoshop

9.5 User Rating
$18.95 Price
Mobile integration, Video editing, 3D extrusion Feature

Considered as the most popular photo and design software in today’s market, Adobe Photoshop needs no grand intro. Adobe Photoshop is a digital image manipulation software powered by Adobe Inc. This platform encompasses the best tools for photo and graphics editing tools, which allows users to deal with creative projects seamlessly. With its popularity in the market, Adobe Photoshop is the main go-to graphic design and photo editing platform for creative professionals.

However, Adobe Photoshop still has negative attributes that you need to consider. Adobe Photoshop might be the best software in today’s market; however, the application’s pricing cost is so expensive; plus, the application is an overwhelming platform to use.


9.4 User Rating
Color Replace, Brushes, Adjustments Feature

Pixlr is another popular web-based image editing application, designed for on-the-go image editing processes. Pixlr provides sophisticated editing capabilities, from its layers, object transform, image retouching, text, and fonts, that are accessible on various web browsers anytime, anywhere. With the application’s excellent ease of use, Pixlr is perfect for various users, regardless of their editing skill levels.

Pixlr might be your top pick for this list; however, there are still several qualities concerning the application that needs for you to know. Since Pixlr is a web-based platform, it heavily relies on your internet connection’s performance. It also lacks effects options, and its multiple ads tend to be annoying.


9.3 User Rating
Customizable interface, Photo enhancement, Digital retouching Feature

GIMP is an on-premise editing platform that offers a wide array of tools and features for graphic manipulation process. GIMP offers its essential tools for image and artwork editing process, including noise reduction, image enhancement, color adjustment, gradient, brushes, and so much more. Also, this software provides layer masks and animation packages, ideal for creative professionals and photographers.

However, GIMP is just like any other software, for it still has its negative qualities as an app. GIMP’s user interface needs to improve; it has a complex retouch and double exposure function, and it has several issues with bugs and crashes.

Affinity Photo

9.2 User Rating
$49.99 Price
Develop RAW Files, Professional Skin Retouching, Tone Mapping Feature

Affinity Photo is a powerful image editing program that provides low-cost access for users. This application provides all the essential tools and features for photo editing, such as raw editing, HDR merge, PSD editing, digital painting, and so much more. With Affinity Photo’s powerful editing capacity, the application has been the top pick for photography and creative professionals!

Although Affinity Photo provides superb editing capabilities, you also need to consider that this application has its share of negative qualities. Affinity Photo tends to slow your system speed; it has several issues with bugs, and it has a complex file conversion process.


9.1 User Rating
$7.99 Price
Filters & Effects, Touch-Up Tools, Collaboration Feature

PicMonkey is a photo editor software programmed to empower business brands. This software provides high-quality photo editing capabilities that are packed with easy-to-use functions, allowing users to create visual materials without having an art degree. What also makes PowerMonkey a superb platform is that it optimizes the best photo editing experience on the desktop and mobile.

Like any other editing software, PicMonkey has its negative qualities that you need to also take a closer look at. The application’s cost is relatively expensive compared to its alternatives; its cloning tool is a bit clunky to use; there are several issues with slowness, and it requires more extensive color palettes.


9 User Rating
Drag & drop editor, Social media graphics, Stock images and illustrations

Canva is a web-based graphic design software designed to enable users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. Canva is a widely popular platform for graphic design that provides a simple drag-and-drop user interface, customizable templates, and design ingredients such as fonts and illustrations. Moreover, Canva is highly accessible on various web browsers, as well as in iOS and Android devices.

Nevertheless, Canva still has its negative qualities that you need to take a closer look before choosing the app. Since Canva mostly works along with the internet, the application’s performance might base on your connection’s quality. Also, its mobile app version should top the functions and features that are on the desktop version.


8.9 User Rating
$5 Price
Zoom tool, History of actions, Rotate View tool Feature

Photopea is an online photo editor that allows users to edit creative photos in the browser for free. This software allows you to edit photos, apply effects, filters, add text, crop, or resize pictures wherever you are, for it’s packed with essential tools that enable you to manipulate images on the web. Also, Photopea doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee, since the application gives you editing power for free.

However, despite its superb editing capabilities, Photopea still has negative qualities that you should consider. Utilizing Photopea means that you might expect crashes and slow system issues, also it might require you a few working hours to adapt to how it functions.

Pixelmator Pro

8.8 User Rating
$39.99 Price
Machine Learning-Enhanced Editing, Color Adjustments, Retouching Feature

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful photo editor software, designed for Mac devices. Pixelmator highlights full-featured image editing tools, from alluring effects, illustrative designs, down to retouch capabilities. The application also provides enhanced tools like brushes, effects, and color presets, as well as machine learning-powered functions that allow seamless photo editing process.

Although Pixelmator Pro might be your pick as photo editing software, it’s also beneficial for you to consider some of the application’s cons. Pixelmator still has lacking features compared to its alternatives, it’s support base isn’t as large as its competitors, and its user interface needs some adjustments.

Capture One Pro

8.7 User Rating
$15 Price
Advanced Color Editor, True-to-life colors, Skin Tone Editing Feature

Capture One Pro is a top-notch photo editing software that provides commercial-grade photo editing tools for various users. Capture One Pro offers all-in-one features for photo editing needs, including image adjustment, local and layer editing, raw camera file conversion, digital photo import tools, and so much more. On top of that, this application enables its user access full control with photo manipulation and editing process, for it provides the newest available tools, such as heal brush, clone brush, and Adobe Lightroom importer.

Although Capture One Pro could be your top-pick, you might as well consider that this application also shares its disadvantages. Capture One Pro lacks online sharing features, as well as face recognition. It also has a complex interface, with no panorama and HDR merging capabilities.

Corel Draw

8.6 User Rating
$499 Price
Custom node shapes, LiveSketch tool, Font filtering and search Feature

CorelDRAW is an award-winning design platform built to provide graphic design studio tools. This software offers highly intuitive features for drawing and photo editing processes, including professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and typography tools. On top of that, CorelDRAW works well on various devices, whether it is Windows or Mac operating system devices.

However, there are still negative qualities concerning CorelDRAW that you need to consider before choosing it as your main software. The application’s bitmap editing is extremely slow to open and save; it demands a large number of resources on the computer system, and it has lacking photo editing features compared to its alternatives.