10+ Best Payment Processing Softwares 2021

Payment processing software provides businesses with the means to process customer credit card payments either in person or online.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Stripe Stripe 9.2 Patrick Collison N/A 2009 $1.8 B
San Francisco 2000+ Reviews
100K +
Square Payments Square Payments 9.2 Jack Patrick Dorsey N/A 2009 $4.7 B
San Francisco 1500+ Reviews
15M +
Amazon Pay Amazon Pay 9.2 Mahendra Nerurkar $0.30 2005 N/A 10,001+
Washington 1200+ Reviews
Google Pay Google Pay 9 Sundar Pichai N/A 2018 $4.5 B
N/A Mountain View 1350+ Reviews
55M +
Paypal Paypal 8.9 Daniel Schulman N/A 1998 $17.7 B
San Jose 1200+ Reviews
325M +
PaySimple PaySimple 8.9 Eric Remer $49.95 2005 $32.2 M
Colorado 1000+ Reviews
17K +
Venmo Venmo 8.8 Dan Schulman N/A 2009 $300 M
New York 1570+ Reviews
40M +
Authorize.net Authorize.net 8.8 Mike Walsh $25 1996 $16 M
Utah 2500+ Reviews
CyberSource Payment CyberSource Payment 8.8 Michael Walsh $0.35 1994 $760 M
Foster City
2000+ Reviews
400K +
2CheckOut 2CheckOut 8.8 Alex P. Hart $0.45 2006 $84 M
San Francisco 1500+ Reviews
17K +


9.2 User Rating
Authorization, APIs, Invoice paying, Mobile payments Feature

Stripe is an online payment processing software programmed for businesses. This platform provides flexible tools that automate business payment transactions, from startup down to large-sized companies. Stripe showcases these sets of features that every business can use, such as authorization, financial reporting, invoicing, payment options, open-source plugin, mobile customer interface, and so much more.

Nevertheless, despite having powerful features for payment processing, you cannot disregard Stripe’s several disadvantages. One of the major downsides of Stripe is that it could be a little bit expensive for you, there’s no option to download statements via PDF format, and it might be a bit complicated to use, especially for someone who might not be techy.

Square Payments

9.2 User Rating
Email marketing, Product customization, Offline mode Feature

Square Payments is one of the automated payment processing software that is available in today’s market. This platform provides ease of use and transparent pricing, in terms of its featured payment processing tools. With Square Payments, you can get to enjoy free magstripe reader to swipe credit cards anywhere, credit card processing that accepts all major cards, chargeback protection, fraud detection, and more, all in just one platform.

However, apart from how robust Square Payments is, we cannot deny that this platform has negative qualities too. Negative features like account stability issues, lacking customer support, and disagreeable processing fees might hamper your overall use. With this, you should also dig deep into these issues before you opt to pick Square Payments as your main platform.

Amazon Pay

9.2 User Rating
$0.30 Price
Identity, Inline Checkout, Automatic Payments, Fraud Protection Feature

When it comes to payment processing platform, it’s impossible that one cannot recognize Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is one of the platforms that Amazon.com, Inc. programmed to deliver payment service provider (PSP) solutions. This platform provides all of its customers access to complete purchases, make donations, and set up recurring payments through their Amazon account. On top of that, Amazon Pay integrates with several eCommerce providers, such as Shopify and Magento.

Overall, Amazon Pay is a great platform for your personal or business payment processing. However, we still cannot ignore that this app has its negative qualities as well. To name a few downsides, Amazon Pay has several issues about poor customer service, issues of withheld funds and account closures, and expensive cost rates.

Google Pay

9 User Rating
Multiple cashback, Rewards benefits, Mobile app Feature

Google Pay is an online payment system programmed by Google to provide an automated digital wallet. This platform replaces the credit or debit card chip or magnetic stripe transaction allowing each user to transact payments via Google Pay wallet. Since it’s all digital, users can transact purchases on mobile devices, whether on Android phones or tablets.

Despite how popular Google Pay is, you still need to consider that this platform has its disadvantages, the same as any other app. Glitches and error issues are still the primary concern of the app, issues with security, it needs more seamless paying through personal websites, and it lacks fingerprint identification.


8.9 User Rating
Inventory Tracking, Online Invoicing, Mobile Card Reader Feature

Recognized as one of the popular payment processing today, PayPal needs no grand introduction. This digital payment platform provides payment transaction services that facilitate payments between parties through online transfers. PayPal also allows its users to establish a credit card account on the platform, allowing them to check and scan their accounts from time to time. On top of that, this platform is also accessible on mobile platforms.

Despite how renowned PayPal is, we still cannot set aside the application’s negative attributes. One of the problems of using PayPal is that it may not be available in some countries, lacking customer support, and its business reporting has several issues with bugs.


8.9 User Rating
$49.95 Price
Electronic invoicing, Mobile payments, Custom reporting Feature

PaySimple is a unique software programmed to deliver a better way of accepting payments, streamline billing, and manage customers online. This cloud-based service not just provides a point of sale, payment processing, billing, and invoicing, for it also provides customer relationship management (CRM) tools. With PaySimple’s robust features, this makes the application suitable for small to midsize businesses, particularly for construction, hospitality, nonprofit, retail, and property management.

Although PaySimple might be the perfect platform for you, you should also consider that this app is not a flawless platform as it should be. You have to take note that PaySimple also has negative qualities, such as its slow checkout processes, tricky navigation, and expensive transaction charges.


8.8 User Rating
Make payments, Money transfers, Share payments, Request money Feature

Venmo is a digital payment service that offers money transmission service across all types of purchase transactions. This platform is a subsidiary platform by PayPal that allows its users to easily send money to friends and contacts with just a tap. Primarily, Venmo is programmed to deliver a payment transaction that is highly easy to use, which also works on iOS, Android, and the web.

Moreover, Venmo is just like any other software, for it has its share of disadvantages. Upon using Venmo, you may encounter issues like lack of confirmation upon sending money, default privacy settings share your payment history and lacking communications regarding issues of Venmo purchase.  With this, make sure to time studying how Venmo works for you.


8.8 User Rating
$25 Price
Payment processing, Mobile commerce, Transaction, Reporting Feature

Authorize.Net is a payment processing software programmed to help businesses with payment management services. Authorize.net simplifies payment processes, for the platform accepts credit cards, contactless payments, and e-checks. This cloud-based platform not just manage payments, for it also provides transactions via invoicing, fraud prevention solution, checkouts, and more.

Despite how Authorize.net is powerful for you, we cannot deny that this application also has concerning issues. Opting to utilize Authorize.net would mean that you can encounter difficulty in ARB subscriptions edits, complicated integration, particularly with WooCommerce, outdated user interface, and lacking printable format for eCheck

CyberSource Payment

8.8 User Rating
$0.35 Price
Payment Cards, Fraud Alert, Decision Manager, Export Compliance Feature

CyberSource is a payment management platform that provides digital payments, payment integration, security management, and fraud prevention. This cloud-based solution efficiently processes credit cards, procurement cards, electronic checks, and ACH payments to simplify and automate payment operations. All thanks to the software’s global tax calculation, secure acceptance, cross-channel payments, payer authentication, and more high-end payment features, you can easily manage payment processes in just a snap.

Before you opt to pick CyberSource, it is also important that you should know some of its disadvantages. CyberSource has issues of difficulty in getting data transactions older than six months, lacking customer support, and an outdated user interface.


8.8 User Rating
$0.45 Price
Payment API, Recurring, Billing options, Checkout Mobile Feature

2Checkout is a payment processing platform programmed to accept mobile and online payments. This software is primarily designed to help users drive sales by simplifying global payments, subscription billing, merchandising, taxes, compliance, and risk, allowing users to focus on increasing customer and revenue retention. What also makes this superb application platform is that it provides smarter payment options and subscription billing models.

However, along with 2CheckOut’s robust features, we cannot deny that this platform also has downsides. 2CheckOut’s user interface needs a lot of improvement, approval to become a partner of 2CheckOut takes months, and there’s no log file to see the status of every transaction.