10+ Best Operational Risk Management Softwares 2021

Operational risk management software identifies, assesses, and addresses operational risks across all departments of a company. This type of software is used to prevent losses that may be caused by different factors such as human behavior, inconsistent processes, or issues related to technology.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Enablon Enablon 9.5 Chris Joseph N/A 2000 $45 M
Chicago 1854+ Reviews
1M +
BWise BWise 9.4 Robert Pijselman N/A 1994 $20.1 M
Netherlands 1784+ Reviews
1.6M +
Logicgate Logicgate 9.3 Matt Kunkel N/A 2015 $18 M
Chicago 1847+ Reviews
4.9M +
Metricstream Metricstream 9.2 Bruce Dahlgren N/A 1999 $240 M
Palo Alto 1478+ Reviews
1M +
Xactium Xactium 9.1 Andy Evans N/A 2003 $6.4 M
1784+ Reviews
4M +
SAI360 SAI360 9 Peter Granat $250.22 2003 $600 M
Chicago 1578+ Reviews
500 +
Resolver Operational Risk Management Resolver Operational Risk Management 8.9 James Walker $10000 2000 $24 M
Toronto 1687+ Reviews
1M +
Cura Operational Risk Management Cura Operational Risk Management 8.8 Cameron Forni N/A 2016 $15 M
Portland 1547+ Reviews
600K +
Cority Cority 8.7 Mark Wallace $10000 1985 $59 M
Toronto 1874+ Reviews
1.2K +
Hyperion Hyperion 8.6 Godfrey R. Sullivan $1.03 1994 $4.6 M
Grand Cayman
1748+ Reviews
18.2K +


9.5 User Rating
EHS Management, Audit and Compliance, Greenhouse Gas Management Feature

Enablon is an operational risk management software programmed to sustain businesses’ efficiency. Enablon programs extensive operational risk management solutions that allow users to manage safety, minimize risk, ensure compliance, and improve profitability. This platform highlights the best risk management features, including EHS management, audit and compliance, air quality management, regulatory compliance, and so much more.


9.4 User Rating
Internal Audit, Information Security, Compliance Management Feature

BWise is a comprehensive GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform that provides extensive solutions for operational risk management processes. This software showcases extensive features and tools to leverage critical risk management, such as compliance management, audit management, incident management, GDPR compliance, access control, data mapping, compliance tracking, and business process control.


9.3 User Rating
Alerts/Notifications, Archiving & Retention, PCI Compliance Feature

LogicGate is a cloud-based GRC platform that offers comprehensive operational risk management solutions for businesses. This software has multiple features that support critical risk management processes. With LogicGate, users can simplify and effectively manage their operational risk management, thanks to its high-end tools like audit management, compliance management, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, and much more.


9.2 User Rating
Big Data Analytics, Mobility Multi-Lingual, Support Features Feature

MetricStream is a governance, risk, and compliance platform that provides powerful capabilities for GRC processes. MetricStream has the capacity to accelerate sustainable growth by providing risk-aware decisions. This integrated risk management platform offers extensive features, such as a federated data model, highly integrated API, artificial intelligence capabilities, continuous control monitoring, and real-time reports and analytics.


9.1 User Rating
2-Factor Authentication, Budgeting, CRM Integration Feature

Xactium or Xactium Risk Management is an industry-leading integrated risk management technology. Xactium is another powerful risk management solution that provides innovative features to support complex risk management processes. With Xactium, users can effectively and efficiently handle operational risk management processes, thanks to its high-end 2-factor authentication, API, balance sheet, billing, budgeting, and calendar management.


9 User Rating
$250.22 Price
Data Privacy Management, Audit Management, Data Breach Notification Feature

SAI360 is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations effectively navigate risk. This platform provides the most powerful, agile approach to risk management, enabling users to establish an integrated risk management process. SAI360 highlights its extensive risk management capabilities, including compliance management, enterprise operational risk management, internal control, SOX compliance, and business continuity management.

Resolver Operational Risk Management

8.9 User Rating
$10000 Price
Disaster Recovery, Physical Security, Checkpoint Tracking Feature

Resolver is the solution to removing risk and threats in business operations. This high-powered operational risk management software captures data and interprets them to identify organizational silos, enabling users to be aware of possible issues. Resolver can adapt to any organizational structure. Resolver’s developers can tailor-make it depending on how your business is built as well as its workflow. With this software, users can make the best decisions for their organizations’ welfare.

Cura Operational Risk Management

8.8 User Rating
Communicate, Risks Embed, Integrate Feature

CURA Operational Risk Management, as its name suggests, is an advanced operational risk management software designed for large businesses in key industries. In essence, this application enables teams to create a straightforward and sustainable way to manage risks. In addition, users can also automate these processes. However, CURA Operational Risk Management does lack project management tools. And it does not have a user-friendly interface.


8.7 User Rating
$10000 Price
Quality Management, Audit Management, Safety Management Feature

Cority is an advanced cloud-based operational risk management software designed for large enterprises. This application enables companies to regulate their workflows and processes. On top of that, it also allows users to integrate and centralize data, as well as track performance. However, Cority is not the easiest software to use and its cost is much higher than other solutions.


8.6 User Rating
$1.03 Price
Risk management, Product Development, Director Services Feature

Hyperion, one of the solutions offered by tech giant, Oracle, is one of the best operational risk management solutions available for financial institutions. In essence, this web-based software provides tools for financial consolidations, as well as reporting and analysis, all in a single platform. Nonetheless, there are a few disadvantages to using Hyperion, which includes its steep learning curve, poor support team, and complex implementation process.