10+ Best Meeting Management Softwares 2021

Meeting management software helps individuals and teams plan, organize, run, and record results during meetings. Common meeting productivity features include scheduling and invitations, agenda building and distribution, note-taking during meetings, timers, action item and decision tracking, and minutes generation.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Meeting Sense Meeting Sense 9.5 Shane Dalton $9 2006 $51 M
California 1658+ Reviews
80 +
Meetingbooster Meetingbooster 9.4 Paul Schafer $24.95 1992 $1 M
Canada 1654+ Reviews
2K +
Meeting King Meeting King 9.3 Edwin Siebesma $9.95 2010 $1 M
1547+ Reviews
20K +
Lucid Meetings Lucid Meetings 9.2 Elise Keith N/A 2010 $3.2 M
Portland 1547+ Reviews
300 +
Ntask Meeting Management Ntask Meeting Management 9.1 Fawad Ansari N/A 2008 $3 M
California 1654+ Reviews
17K +
Microsoft Meeting Management Software Microsoft Meeting Management Software 9 Satya Nadella N/A 1975 $125 B
Washington 1698+ Reviews
75M +
Hubspot Meeting Hubspot Meeting 8.9 Brian Halligan N/A 2006 $670 M
Cambridge 1654+ Reviews
78.7K +
Cisco WebEx Meeting Management Cisco WebEx Meeting Management 8.8 Chuck Robbins N/A 1995 $380 M
California 1654+ Reviews
1K +
Fuze Fuze 8.7 Brian Day $15 2006 $102.5 M
Boston 1658+ Reviews
220K +
Vyte Vyte 8.6 Martin Saint-Macary N/A 2014 $4 M
France 1587+ Reviews
6K +

Meeting Sense

9.5 User Rating
$9 Price
Revolutionary collaborative, Meeting information, File management Feature

MeetingSense is a meeting software service that delivers affordable meeting management capabilities. This platform has the capacity to empower teams to capture, distribute, and collaboratively manage meeting processes online in real-time. On top of that, MeetingSense eliminates meeting operational costs and decreases IT burden while providing a standardized meeting structure that drives overall business productivity.



9.4 User Rating
$24.95 Price
Unlimited Guests, Powerful Agenda Module, Customizable Agenda Feature

MeetingBooster or MeetingBooster.com is an enterprise meeting management software that delivers a cloud-based meeting management system. This software has the capacity to simplify the process of handling meetings, especially in remote work areas. MeetingBooster also delivers a secure and efficient tool for scheduling, executing, and archiving meetings while streamlining meeting procedures and align management goals.


Meeting King

9.3 User Rating
$9.95 Price
Meeting scheduling, Agenda management, Meeting minutes template Feature

Lucid Meetings

9.2 User Rating
Real time shared note taking, Action tracking, Instant meeting records Feature

Lucid Meetings is an industry-leading meeting management software programmed to manage meeting conferences across all business types. This software delivers a high-end suite of meeting management capabilities, allowing businesses to establish solid collaboration within their teams. With Lucid Meetings, users can enjoy superb meeting management features, including online agendas, integrated conferencing, shared records, and action item tracking.


Ntask Meeting Management

9.1 User Rating
Manual Timesheets, Prioritization, Notifications and Reminders Feature

Ntask is a meeting management software that helps teams and businesses do the right things. It has various intuitive features to get the work done. It also offers Kanban Boards, Timesheets, Gantt charts, project planning, and more. Plus, it makes it easier to plan, analyze, manage, and collaborate tasks faster than ever. With Ntask, users can keep all of their documents and conversation in one place.

Microsoft Meeting Management Software

9 User Rating
HD audio and video, Recording, Microsoft Teams Rooms Feature

Microsoft Meeting Management Software is a comprehensive meeting management platform designed for audio and video conference calls from any device. This platform delivers extensive meeting management capabilities, allowing users to connect across a wide variety of teams from anywhere. With Microsoft Meeting Management Software, users can simplify their organization meetings in just a few clicks!


Hubspot Meeting

8.9 User Rating
Meeting Scheduling, Website SEO Analytics, Email tracking Feature

Hubspot meeting is a meeting management software that can help companies schedule their appointments faster. It is a free appointment and meeting scheduler that can make meeting scheduling easier. It can eliminate back-and-forth meeting scheduling, give prospects more freedom in scheduling time with the team, and easily book or schedule more meetings by emailing or setting the calendar.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Management

8.8 User Rating
HD Video Conferencing, Data Protection, Virtual Meetings Feature

Cisco WebEx is a meeting management software that helps companies and businesses to meet, connect, and collaborate easily, securely, and reliably. It enables users to use on-screen emoticons, pin relevant messages, set up meeting programs and agendas, and more unified interface. Plus, it also provides filters that can reduce background noise, translate languages, change layouts, and switch audio calls to video meetings.


8.7 User Rating
$15 Price
Calendar Management, Agenda Management, Web Conferencing Feature

Fuze is a cloud-based meeting management software that modernizes communications and meetings between team members or staff. It empowers people to seamlessly transition between calling, chatting, conferences, content sharing, and collaborating with members on any device. Users can have audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, and web conferencing functionality on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Plus, Fuze help users select the right collaboration tools that work for their businesses.


8.6 User Rating
Location suggestions, Automatically syncing time zones, Double-booking rejection Feature

Vyte is a cloud-based meeting management software that helps companies schedule one-on-one or group meetings with other users. It enables users to make appointment suggestions directly from the calendar by providing features like automatically syncing time zones, meeting location suggestions, double-booking rejection, and more. Plus, it allows invitees to select their preferred time slots and let users confirm appointments, and send notifications.