10+ Best Master Data Management Softwares 2021

Master data management (MDM) involves creating a single master record for all critical business data from across internal and external data sources and applications. This information becomes a consistent, reliable source for an organziation.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Informatica MDM Informatica MDM 9.5 Amit Walia N/A 1993 $1.3 B
California 1787+ Reviews
9.5K +
Pimcore Pimcore 9.4 Dietmar Rietsch N/A 2013 $3.5 M
4700+ Reviews
Microsoft Master Data Management Microsoft Master Data Management 9.4 Satya Nadella N/A 1989 N/A 1,564+
Colorado 1879+ Reviews
50K +
SAS MDM SAS MDM 9.1 James Goodnight N/A 1976 $3.3 B
Cary 1787+ Reviews
83K +
Oracle MDM Oracle MDM 9.1 Safra Catz $149 1977 $39.5 B
‎Redwood City 4000+ Reviews
10K +
IBM Master Data Management IBM Master Data Management 9 Arvind Krishna $7800 1983 $79.1 B
New York 1778+ Reviews
4.1K +
StiboSystems StiboSystems 9 Jesper Ejlersen N/A 1794
$14.2 M
2900+ Reviews
TIBCO MDM TIBCO MDM 8.9 Dan Streetman N/A 1996 $1 B
Massachusetts 1877+ Reviews
13.7K +
Profisee Profisee 8.8 Len Finkle N/A 1997 $30 M
4900+ Reviews
Syndigo Content Experience Hub Syndigo Content Experience Hub 8.5 Paul Salay N/A 1979
$69.6 M
Chicago 2900+ Reviews

Informatica MDM

9.5 User Rating
Profile data, Standardize data, Collaboration data quality Feature

Informatica MDM is a master data management software that enables users to lead with data and establish best practices in data governance, data cataloging, data quality, and metadata management, which are the cornerstones of a data-driven digital transformation. Plus, it can connect to and fetch data from various heterogeneous sources and perform data processing.


9.4 User Rating
Web Content Management, Activity Tracking, Quality Control Feature

Pimcore is a powerful master data management software. It can support any master data domain and enable you to facilitate all the components of any master record. Pimcore can store your product information, customer data, company profile, and more. It can fully serve as a datahub about every aspect of your business’s identity.

Microsoft Master Data Management

9.4 User Rating
Make faster better decisions, Analytics Security, data reliability Feature

Microsoft Master Data Management is a cutting-edge MDM system. It has all the perfect tools to create data models based on hierarchy and level of importance. Most primarily, Microsoft MDM lets you craft models for your online product data and organize them holistically. It gives you multiple options on how to structure your data. It’s a highly flexible and adaptable MDM system.


9.1 User Rating
Risk Management, Data Management, Marketing Analytics Feature

SAS Data Remediation is a simple but powerful master data management software. It allows both role and user-based access to data. SAS Data Remediation can help you make corrections to your data and arrange them according to their subject area and application. It eliminates the recurring difficulties of data remediation, which then improves your data management.

Oracle MDM

9.1 User Rating
$149 Price
Content Management, Information, Integration, Workspace Manager Feature

Oracle MDM is a high-end master data management software. Equipped with advanced tools and an adaptable interface, Oracle MDM can streamline master data management and make it more efficient. Its users will have better visibility with their data and experience increased productivity. Oracle MDM is designed for organizations of any shape and size.

IBM Master Data Management

9 User Rating
$7800 Price
Enterprise integration, Real-time Collaboration, Process Center Feature

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management is a top-of-the-line MDM software. It was designed to help overcome modern data management challenges. IBM InfoSphere lets you view fresh data in real-time and reconcile data with its advanced matching capabilities. It also offers a 360-degree view so that multiple users can collaborate in innovating data.


9 User Rating
Version Control, Localized Data, Categorization Feature

Stibo Systems is a smart and flexible master data management (MDM) software. It provides better visibility, transparency, and accuracy in managing business or enterprise data. Stibo Systems has the tools to eliminate silos and bridge the gaps that hinder efficient MDM operations. By enhancing MDM, Stibo Systems can bring several benefits to various areas of a company.


8.9 User Rating
Business Intelligence, Collaboration Tool, Real Time Analytics, Trend Analysis Feature

TIBCO is an all-in-one master data management system. It’s fully capable of handling data for every domain. It could be data about your customers, products, financial accounts, legal entities, suppliers, materials, employees, assets, branch locations, and many more. TIBCO can secure all of them and ensure that they’re accurate to avoid future issues and disputes.


8.8 User Rating
Active Directory Integration, Data Migration, Database Integration Feature

Profisee or Profisee MDM is a comprehensive master data management platform that accelerates business enterprise data. This software provides fast, affordable, and scalable master data management solutions which improve data quality and unify data across multiple systems. On top of that, Profisee is primarily built as a multi-domain MDM platform.


Syndigo Content Experience Hub

8.5 User Rating
Website Management, Image Editor, Customizable Templates Feature

Syndigo Content Experience Hub is an end-to-end solution that creates, manages, enriches, and optimizes all digital assets. This platform has the capacity to provide excellent product experiences through content creation, validation, enrichment, syndication, and analysis. With Syndigo Content Experience Hub, users can expand their network, drive engagement, enrich content, and validate data.