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HCL Unica

HCL Unica

8.3 User Rating
$9 B Revenue
10001+ No of Employees
1992 Founded
SaaS Industry
Marketing Resource Management Category
Yuchun Lee CEO

HCL Unica is an enterprise marketing platform designed to deliver advanced campaign management solutions. HCL Unica is primarily a part of HCL Technologies, founded in 1992 by Yuchun Lee, Ruby Kennedy, and David Cheung. This platform offers four different sets of modules that provide end-to-end, goal-based marketing capabilities, such as Unica Deliver, Unica Journey, Unica Link, and Unica Discover. HCL Unica also delivers precision on customer targeting through its offered solutions, including campaign services, planning, link integration, behavioral insights function, optimization, and so much more. In October 2010, Unica was acquired by IBM, and the company made several changes in terms of its services and offerings. With their current CEO, Yuchun Lee, HCL Unica continuously delivers comprehensive marketing solutions for financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, automotive, and more industries, spanning across 64,500+ customers. On top of that, HCL Unica also becomes one of the highest-earning companies for marketing software, as the company earns $9 billion in revenue.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
IntelligenceBank IntelligenceBank 9.5 Tessa Court $9000 2009 $60 M
Australia 1999+ Reviews
64.5K +
LeanData LeanData 9.3 Evan Liang $10000 2012 $5.5 M
1750+ Reviews
6.5K +
Wedia Wedia 9.1 Nicolas Boutet $12000 2001 $12.8 M
France 1691+ Reviews
550K +
BrandMaker BrandMaker 9 Mirko Holzer $30 2008 $16 M
Germany 1958+ Reviews
300K +
Bizible Bizible 9 Aaron Bird $1500 2011 $3 M
Washington 1748+ Reviews
7.2K +
Siebel Siebel 8.9 Thomas Siebel $3750 1993 $1 B
California 1880+ Reviews
493.6K +
MarcomCentral MarcomCentral 8.9 Coleman Kane $15498 1999 $10 M
Chicago 1894+ Reviews
3.5K +
Infor Infor 8.8 Kevin Samuelson $150 2002 $2.8 B
New York 1951+ Reviews
58M +
Adobe Campaign Adobe Campaign 8.5 Shantanu Narayen $9.99 1982 $13 B
France 1789+ Reviews
1M +
HCL Unica HCL Unica 8.3 Yuchun Lee N/A 1992 $9 B
Massachusetts 1818+ Reviews
64.5K +

Key Employees

George AroushGeorge AroushGroup Technical Specialisthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/george-aroush-a8b34
Brian MartinBrian MartinHead of Global Saleshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/brianmartinboston
Todd LainhartTodd LainhartSoftware Engineerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/toddlainhart


“ Enterprise Marketing Management - best of breed ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Tim Biddiscombe
  • Highly advanced reusability.
  • Every aspect of the users experience can be templates, allowing workflows & objects of every kind to be used again and again.
  • Additional outbound channels to be integrated into eMessage, including Facebook , Twitter.
  • At the moment these are possible only through custom additional integration.

“ Use Unica for less work inorder to get best results ”

8/10 (overall) - Vasu Vetcha
  • Able to get output list without writing huge lines of SQL
  • Can design multi wave, multi touch, multi-channel automated campaigns in one place
  • Not suitable to small industries even if they really want to use.
  • It would be great to have a lighter version to let any company use in order to make more customers.

“ Campaign is Powerful ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Gabriel Racine
  • Extremely powerful. If you have the right access to the database, the sky is the limit.
  • Perfect for larger companies in telecommunications or banking.
  • Complex to learn at the beginning.
  • This is not ergonomic compared to other applications.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Employee Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Employee Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Security
  • Team Collaboration
  • Predictive Sales
  • Performance Management

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Q & A

Q. What modules does HCL Unica provide?

HCL Unica provides comprehensive marketing solutions, thanks to its seven main modules—Unica Deliver, Unica Journey, Unica Link, Unica Campaign, Unica Interact, Unica Optimize, and Unica Plan. These modules are programmed to provide end-to-end and goal-based marketing capabilities, that are necessary for your marketing resource management.

Q. What industries best to use HCL Unica?

HCL Unica proudly offers its features to simplify the implementation of your omnichannel marketing strategies. HCL Unica is perfect for business operations such as travel and hospitality, telecom, retail, media and entertainment, consumer product goods, and banking/ financial services. HCL Unica proudly offers its features to simplify the implementation of your omnichannel marketing strategies. HCL Unica is perfect for business operations such as travel and hospitality, telecom, retail, media and entertainment, consumer product goods, and banking/ financial services.

Q. What are some of the products under HCL?

HCL not just provides the Unica product for MRM processes, for it also provides vast integrated products. HCL also provides AppScan, BigFix, Commerce, Connections, Digital Experience, Domino, HCL Informix, HCL Accelerate, HCL Launch, HCL LEAP, Z and I Emulator (ZIE), and so much more that can be useful for your business operation.

Q. Is HCL Unica safe to use?

Since HCL Unica also functions through its user’s vital data, safety and security have been the primary concern of the software.  Just like any other HCL product, Unica has developed under the Information Security Management System (ISMS) allowing the software to drive consistency across all of HCL products and services, plus allowing the software to establish standards for security. Also, the software complies with the ISO 27001 and ISO 20243 standard.