10+ Best Marketing Resource Management Softwares 2021

Let's face it; there are times in our lives wherein we want to build a business of our own. Probably, some of us came across a small-time business that's up on our social media or just fall upon a free business seminar, which likely sparks our interest in establishing a business. However, with our urge to create our own business, sometimes, we tend to miss one crucial thing that's essential in every business operation, and that is the importance of Marketing Resource Management (MRM).  Establishing a business in this setting is probably the right time for every individual to achieve, considering how abundant we are in terms of resources. Although the luxury of business resources is within everybody's reach, we still need to think that we have to manage these resources efficiently. Luckily, with platforms designed to optimize marketing and internal and external communications resources like Marketing Resource Management (MRM), holding one business would be at ease!  Benefits:
  1. MRM allows companies to plan and budget marketing and communications campaigns and projects.
  2. It centralizes and manages businesses' content and resources.
  3. It develops content projects.
Are you in a hunt for Marketing Resource Management software that you can utilize for your desired business operation? Well, there's no need for you to stress on browsing multiple sites, for we got here a perfect solution for you. Below is our list for some of the Marketing Resource Management software that you can choose to pick, so feel free to refer to it.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
IntelligenceBank IntelligenceBank 9.5 Tessa Court $9000 2009 $60 M
Australia 1999+ Reviews
64.5K +
LeanData LeanData 9.3 Evan Liang $10000 2012 $5.5 M
1750+ Reviews
6.5K +
Wedia Wedia 9.1 Nicolas Boutet $12000 2001 $12.8 M
France 1691+ Reviews
550K +
BrandMaker BrandMaker 9 Mirko Holzer $30 2008 $16 M
Germany 1958+ Reviews
300K +
Bizible Bizible 9 Aaron Bird $1500 2011 $3 M
Washington 1748+ Reviews
7.2K +
Siebel Siebel 8.9 Thomas Siebel $3750 1993 $1 B
California 1880+ Reviews
493.6K +
MarcomCentral MarcomCentral 8.9 Coleman Kane $15498 1999 $10 M
Chicago 1894+ Reviews
3.5K +
Infor Infor 8.8 Kevin Samuelson $150 2002 $2.8 B
New York 1951+ Reviews
58M +
Adobe Campaign Adobe Campaign 8.5 Shantanu Narayen $9.99 1982 $13 B
France 1789+ Reviews
1M +
HCL Unica HCL Unica 8.3 Yuchun Lee N/A 1992 $9 B
Massachusetts 1818+ Reviews
64.5K +


9.5 User Rating
$9000 Price
Automatic Email Alerts, Watermarks, Usage Analytics Feature

IntelligenceBank is branded as a leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) & Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software that provides seamless access to create, manage, approve, and distribute digital content. IntellegenceBank works through its highlighted features for marketing workflow that can be efficiently utilized, achieving a seamless end-to-end marketing and creative project management in just one platform.

Although this app could be the perfect platform for you to use, you still need to consider that IntelligenceBank has its few negative attributes. However, you can freely weigh your decision on picking the app or not by studying how this software could work for your end.


9.3 User Rating
$10000 Price
Object Matching, Customizable Tiebreakers, Lead Routing Feature

LeadData is programmed as an account-based software that is also perfectly tailored to segment inbound leads for the marketing process. This software is a provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that includes high-end features like object matching with real-time matching results, customizable tiebreakers, automatic lead routing, real-time routing insights, audit logs, and so much more. On top of that, this software can be synced with any marketing automation platform like Salesforce.com, Marketo, and Hubspot.

Despite how robust LeanData’s feature is, you still have to take into consideration its existing disadvantages. LeanData’s matching data speed can be improved further, administering tools could be more user-friendly, and the analysis tool needs to improve.


9.1 User Rating
$12000 Price
Collaboration Brand control, Approval workflow, Watermarking Feature

Wedia is an overall DAM software that provides high-time solutions to manage digital brand, logo, and product images. This platform is particularly programmed to assist digital asset management, allowing users to build up, find, share, and manage their digital assets in a fast and easy way. These features work all thanks to the application’s multiple search index capabilities, automatic media enrichment, segmentation features, and much more.

Apart from these top-notch capabilities, we cannot deny that Wedia has disadvantages as well. The application has poor technical performance, the back office needs to be more intuitive, and overall UI has to improve.


9 User Rating
$30 Price
Product configuration, Brand control, Workflow management Feature

BrandMaker is a marketing resource management (MRM) platform programmed to assist enterprise marketing and sales teams in optimizing marketing operations. This software provides extensive solutions for MRM processes that are perfectly tailored to its users, such as digital asset management, asset categorization, brand management, artwork management, campaign management, budgeting and forecasting, content marketing, and so much more.  On top of that, BrandMaker provides a centralized suite to manage content in any format for any device!

Nevertheless, BrandMaker is just like any other software, for it also has its own share of disadvantages. Its navigation features need to improve; the application speed also has to enhance, along with its implementation phase.


9 User Rating
$1500 Price
Track marketing Single, Touch Attribution, Lead Analysis Integrations Feature

Bizible is a marketing attribution solution designed for businesses that require reliable marketing software. This platform is capable of providing automated tracking and reports on marketing performance, providing visibility into marketing engagement status across various channels, allowing users to optimize marketing. These benefits work through the application’s web analytics, campaign management, marketing automation, online marketing, SEO, and more.

Even with Bizible’s high-level capacity to deliver marketing solutions, we cannot question that this application has concerning issues as well. For this reason, it is also essential for you to study how the application works and discover its pros and cons so that you can be able to weigh your expectations.


8.9 User Rating
$3750 Price
Activity Planning, Approval Workflow Analytics, ROI Tracking Feature

Siebel MRM (Marketing Resource Management) is an all-in-one MRM solution for planning, budgeting, and executing business marketing efforts. Siebel MRM provides a set of MRM tools like marketing planning, budgeting and expense management, and powerful analytics that are vital for marketing execution. What makes this app a superb platform is that it automates crucial processes in marketing, for a fast, easy, efficient, and effective marketing process.

To sum up all, Siebel could be your perfect platform for MRM. However, taking into account that this app also has disadvantages, such as its system delay issues, confusing UI, and pricing cost, you might as well consider checking out the app before you use it.


8.9 User Rating
$15498 Price
Usage tracking Reporting, Analytics integrations, Email marketing Feature

MarcomCentral is a cloud-based marketing software programmed through a combination of digital asset management, dynamic content customization, and sales enablement. This platform is designed to facilitate every marketing campaign by giving off access to up-to-date brand asset tracking, advanced search functions, in-depth analytics, and user permissions.

However, despite how solid MarcomCentral is, you should take note that this software also has major disadvantages. The uploading process for this app is a little bit slow, the backend function for admin is also a little bit cumbersome, it’s not that easy to navigate, and overall, the application might be difficult to use for first-time users.


8.8 User Rating
$150 Price
Distribution management, Quality control, Contractor management Feature

Infor MRM is part of Infor’s multi-national enterprise software programmed to provide top-notch business applications for organizations delivered via cloud computing. Infor Marketing Resource Management manages all of the business’s marketing activities, by providing robust tools for digital asset management, resource management, budget and cost tracking, analytics, project management, and more. This app is capable of streamlining marketing resources and management processes that are required for every business program and campaign.

However, despite how robust this app could be, you, as a potential customer, should also consider that this application has its weak side. Infor MRM needs to improve its navigation accessibility, the overall app speed, and its customer support.

Adobe Campaign

8.5 User Rating
$9.99 Price
Collaboration Analytics, Online support, Display
 management Feature

Adobe Campaign is a marketing management platform that provides a set of solutions that assists campaign personalization and delivery across channels. This software is programmed as a conversational marketing platform that truly empowers business marketing through its inbound-outbound channel capabilities. Furthermore, Adobe Campaign aims to automate the execution of mobile, social, email, and offline campaigns.

Like any software, Adobe Campaign has its negative qualities too. To be exact, Adobe Campaign needs to improve its deployment, integration also has to improve, and its cost might be expensive for you. Make sure to take some time to consider these qualities before you opt to pick Adobe Campaign.

HCL Unica

8.3 User Rating
Segmentation, Program Management, Budgeting Basic Reporting Feature

HCL Unica is an enterprise marketing management app programmed to automate marketing campaign management for large-scale businesses. This software provides all the necessary features for marketing management, such as cross-channel marketing management, budgeting and forecasting, asset management, brand management, and project workflow management. What also makes this application part of the top-tier marketing management software is that it can connect to multiple data sources.

Nonetheless, HCL Unica is just like any other software platform—it has its own negative quality. That is why if you aim to utilize this software, you also need to take into account the downsides of having this app. Make sure to take a closer look at this matter.