10+ Marketo Alternatives and Competitors


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$400 M Revenue
1300+ No of Employees
2006 Founded
SaaS Industry
Marketing Automation Category
Steve Lucas CEO

Marketo is a world-leading marketing automation software available for commercial use. This is thanks to its huge team of more than 1,300 employees. However, there are three employees that standout from the rest of the batch. These personnel are Beth Kaiser as the Principal Strategic Value Advisor, Rick Porter as Head of Program Management, and Tim Chandler as the Principal Business Analyst. One highly important person who is worth mentioning is company CEO, Steve Lucas. Together, they formed a revolutionary platform in 2006. Since then, their organization now earns approximately $400 million per year.

Today, Marketo now has over 5,000 paying customers, as well as more than 2,000 reviews scattered across the internet. Overall, Marketo is a topnotch platform that can benefit businesses of all sizes. It does so, even with steep competition. Yes, they compete with the best companies that offer marketing automation. These other companies include HubSpot, Hatchbuck, ActiveCampaign, Omnisend, Autopilot, SharpSpring, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Oracle Eloqua, and SAS. Get to know more details about all these companies and see what they can offer when you continue to read below.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Hubspot Hubspot 9.6 Brian Halligan $35 2006 $674.9 M
Cambridge 3000+ Reviews
78.7K +
Hatchbuck Hatchbuck 9.5 Jonathan Herrick $99 2010 $11.4 M
Saint Louis
2500+ Reviews
814 +
Activecampaign Activecampaign 9.2 Jason VandeBoom $15 2003 $90 M
Chicago 4000+ Reviews
100K +
Omnisend Omnisend 9.1 Rytis Lauris $12 2014 $10.2 M
London 3000+ Reviews
7.2K +
Autopilot Autopilot 9 Michael Sharkey $49 2012 $7.4 M
Sydney 2500+ Reviews
2.5K +
Sharpspring Sharpspring 9 RICK CARLSON $550 1998 $26.2 M
Florida 2500+ Reviews
9K +
Klaviyo Klaviyo 9 Andrew Bialecki N/A 2012 $104.5 M
Massachusetts 2500+ Reviews
700K +
Mailchimp Mailchimp 8.9 Ben Chestnut N/A 2001 $842.5 M
Atlanta 13024+ Reviews
11M +
Oracle Eloqua Oracle Eloqua 8.3 Joe Payne $2000 1999 $11 M
2000+ Reviews
64.5K +
SAS SAS 8.2 James Goodnight $8700 1976 $3.3 B
2000+ Reviews
83K +

Key Employees

Beth KaiserBeth KaiserPrincipal Strategic Value Advisorhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/bakaiser
Rick PorterRick PorterHead of Program Managementhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rick-porter-3a171
Tim ChandlerTim ChandlerPrincipal Business Analysthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/trfchandler


“ Flexible and Adaptable, Best for Technical Users ”

10/10 (overall) - Verified Reviewer
  • I like almost everything about this amazing marketing automation tool. Some of the things that I like most about it is the following.
  • I am using it daily for marketing automation for different marketing campaigns for different team members and I found this platform very helpful and amazing.
  • With customization that is available, it is possible to get a bit lost in the hugeness that is Marketo. Lastly, there are no customizable reporting options which can make things hard.
  • Email template designs did not have a “drag and drop” feature.

“ Customizable to Your Business ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Ruth B.
  • What I love about this software is that once you become comfortable it really makes your marketing smarter.
  • Great tool for marketing automation. Emails and landing pages are great and analytics are easy to understand.
  • Some of our team struggled to understand some of the terms and systems.
  • Our marketing team had a horrible experience after using Marketo for a year and switched to HubSpot.

“ Indeed a Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Software ”

8/10 (overall) - MD Masoom R.
  • The ability to customize and scale has been the biggest benefit of Marketo, paired with the levels of complexity that can be used to refine audiences and reporting in ways that cannot be acheived in other platforms.
  • The things that I like most about Marketo is that it makes it easy to assign leads to sales reps and creates a good handoff process.
  • There is a significant rampup and onboarding period, the tool is designed for a more technical user, which can cause some frustrations and leads to a learning curve
  • The things I like least about Marketo are that it is hard to do things in a mass blast and sometimes it gets complicated with multiple nurture streams.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Email Distribution
  • Email Integration
  • Security
  • Mobile apps
  • API
  • Assessment Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Predictive Sales

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Q & A

Q. What is the Marketo app used for?

Marketo is a useful marketing tool that is used by most mid-sized businesses. The platform offers a solution for email marketing, lead management, marketing automation, mobile marketing, and consumer base marketing. Marketo serves a multitude of businesses in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, media, manufacturing, technology, and higher education.

Q. Is Marketo a customer relationship management or CRM software?

No, it is not. Marketo is a straightforward marketing automation platform that provides tools for marketers and managers to track, manage, and nurture their leads to increase overall profitability. A CRM platform is a type of software that provides tools to engage and interact with the end-user’s customer base.

Q. Is Marketo owned by Adobe?

Yes, it is. Marketo was acquisitioned by the Adobe Corporation in 2018. Since its acquisition, users can benefit from Marketo’s lead management and account based marketing features to pair it with Adobe’s advanced Cloud Analytics.

Q. Is Marketo a cloud-based platform?

Yes, it is. Since Marketo is a cloud-based software, users can benefit the platform anywhere they are, at any time, and with any device they have with them. Of course, they would need to be connected to the internet to access the platform.