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9.6 User Rating
$674.9 M Revenue
3387+ No of Employees
2006 Founded
SaaS Industry
Marketing Automation Category
Brian Halligan CEO

HubSpot Marketing Automation is a part of HubSpot’s product software that automates email and marketing-related tasks for businesses. This software primarily plays as one of the original product platform suites of HubSpot for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. HubSpot Marketing Automation highlights its key capabilities, which include email marketing automation, customizable workflow dashboards, as well as all-in-one inbound marketing features like landing pages, blogging, social media, SEO, lead management, and analytics. As one of the leading software for marketing automation, the company now caters to different users, which includes world-renowned companies like Accenture, Samba Tech, Trello, Soundcloud, OWA, and SendGrid. Currently, HubSpot Marketing Automation continuously improves its marketing automation capabilities, as the application ventured its service through mobile platforms. Moreover, HubSpot Marketing Automation now expands its reach across 86,000 customers in more than 120 countries with annual revenue of $674.9 million.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Hubspot Hubspot 9.6 Brian Halligan $35 2006 $674.9 M
Cambridge 3000+ Reviews
78.7K +
Hatchbuck Hatchbuck 9.5 Jonathan Herrick $99 2010 $11.4 M
Saint Louis
2500+ Reviews
814 +
Activecampaign Activecampaign 9.2 Jason VandeBoom $15 2003 $90 M
Chicago 4000+ Reviews
100K +
Omnisend Omnisend 9.1 Rytis Lauris $12 2014 $10.2 M
London 3000+ Reviews
7.2K +
Autopilot Autopilot 9 Michael Sharkey $49 2012 $7.4 M
Sydney 2500+ Reviews
2.5K +
Sharpspring Sharpspring 9 RICK CARLSON $550 1998 $26.2 M
Florida 2500+ Reviews
9K +
Klaviyo Klaviyo 9 Andrew Bialecki N/A 2012 $104.5 M
Massachusetts 2500+ Reviews
700K +
Mailchimp Mailchimp 8.9 Ben Chestnut N/A 2001 $842.5 M
Atlanta 13024+ Reviews
11M +
Oracle Eloqua Oracle Eloqua 8.3 Joe Payne $2000 1999 $11 M
2000+ Reviews
64.5K +
SAS SAS 8.2 James Goodnight $8700 1976 $3.3 B
Cary 2000+ Reviews
83K +


Includes 1,000 contacts
Essential tool
Email marketing
Includes 1,000 contacts
Comprehensive marketing software
Email marketing
100 custom reports
Includes 10,000 contacts
Our most powerful marketing software
Email marketing
500 custom reports

Key Employees

Dharmesh ShahDharmesh ShahCTO, Co-Founderhttps://twitter.com/dharmeshhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/dharmesh
Kipp BodnarKipp BodnarChief Marketing Officerhttps://twitter.com/kippbodnarhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kippbodnar
Kate BuekerKate BuekerChief Financial Officerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-bueker-25b0231/


“ Probably the best free cRM on the market ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Verified Reviewer
  • The ease of use was definitely my favorite aspect of HubSpot, from the pipeline to workflows and reporting it was overall just a really easy system to use. The ability to customise the interface was also awesome, I was able to make the software almost unique to us just from my computer.
  • We’ve had both the premium and basic plans of HubSpot and for what we need/use, the basic level is more than sufficient. It’s a fantastic value and gives lots of options with a very clean interface and usability.
  • A lot of addon’s, I guess its to be expected but to get the full experience of HubSpot (ie. product lists, the accounting side, marketing) you need to pay a little bit more each time until you ended up paying quite a large amount (more then a lot of other CRM’s) for a product that makes it self appealing by saying its free to start.
  • The single only premium feature we would utilize for our structure would be having multiple pipelines, however, for something this relatively small I couldn’t justify the huge cost difference of upgrading just for that essentially.

“ Intuitive and User-Friendly Without Being Overwhelming ”

9/10 (overall) - Brandon S.
  • The round robin style workflow for multiple sales reps is super helpful for lead assignment is great and the reports area also provides great insight into things that are going on with the department.
  • I love the ability to see reports on almost everything. Customized messaging with sequences has helped us be more productive while providing analytics into what type of messaging is effective.
  • I do not know who is doing the research on the companies but they are wrong 85% of the time. Contact listed is always wrong and make you look stupid when you ask for someone who does not work there.
  • No call recording for Canadian leads which is a bummer, sometimes the logging of interactions can be a little buggy and I find dealing with duplicate leads a bit of a pain.

“ Best marketing software that include awesome features which any use easily ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Vishnu S.
  • It has a lot of the key features in a CRM, but the best part is the ability to start free and have the chance to grow before you have to pay anything.
  • So far, my experience with Hubspot has been a good one. The software has enable my business to become slicker and more productive, not to mention more pro-active.
  • I am not sure if this can be changed, but an annoying thing that happens with the service is that it logs me out and if I don’t log back in I miss things in the system.
  • There have been multiple occasions where data has been lost and was unretrievable, and in a different scenario, we have to repeat steps because the bugs would prevent our resolutions from saving.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Collaboration Tools
  • CRM Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Team Collaboration
  • API
  • Security
  • Team Collaboration
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Employee Management
  • Drip Marketing
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Marketing Automation

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Q & A

Q. What is the HubSpot app’s purpose?

HubSpot is a cloud-based software that hosts a suite of apps and provides companies a solution for engaging their audience properly. The platform provides tools that users can use for campaign performance, social media tracking, search engine optimization or SEO, customer support and more.

Q. Is HubSpot a CRM?

HubSpot CRM is only part of HubSpot’s suite of applications, and it is free entirely. Therefore, HubSpot is not only exclusive as a customer relationship management or CRM platform.

Q. How much are the HubSpot software’s subscription plans?

HubSpot offers its users three (3) subscription plans on their Marketing Hub. These plans are: the Starter Plan ($50/month), the Professional plan ($800/month), and the Enterprise plan ($3,200/month). Each plan is billed annually, but the Starter plan is the only one with a 20% discount if chosen to be paid on a yearly basis. HubSpot also offers more plans, depending on what you need, including bundle plans.

Q. What kind of support does HubSpot provide for its users?

HubSpot users all have access to HubSpot’s community forum where they can interact and ask questions with seasoned users of HubSpot’s software. Additionally, those with the Started plan have access to email and in-app support while those with the Professional and Enterprise have access to email, in-app, and phone support.