10+ Best Marketing Automation Softwares 2021

Before entering into this new age where technology and software are taking over industries, establishing a marketing campaign was always a long and complicated process. However, since the arrival of software, they have provided ways for marketing teams to automate their marketing processes directly into the app. In this case, we have what’s called Marketing Automation.
  • A Marketing Automation software is a tool used by marketers to streamline their marketing processes, including campaigns with a few simple clicks.
  • promotes accountability and transparency between marketing and sales teams.
  • Marketing Automation helps eliminate repetitive tasks from occurring.It decreases the need for manual labor and effort.
In our list of Marketing Automation software below, you can see the best apps that are available in the market today. On top of that, our team has provided a short overview of each platform, complete with their pros and cons. Select the best software for you right now.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Hubspot Hubspot 9.6 Brian Halligan $35 2006 $674.9 M
Cambridge 3000+ Reviews
78.7K +
Hatchbuck Hatchbuck 9.5 Jonathan Herrick $99 2010 $11.4 M
Saint Louis
2500+ Reviews
814 +
Activecampaign Activecampaign 9.2 Jason VandeBoom $15 2003 $90 M
Chicago 4000+ Reviews
100K +
Omnisend Omnisend 9.1 Rytis Lauris $12 2014 $10.2 M
London 3000+ Reviews
7.2K +
Autopilot Autopilot 9 Michael Sharkey $49 2012 $7.4 M
Sydney 2500+ Reviews
2.5K +
Sharpspring Sharpspring 9 RICK CARLSON $550 1998 $26.2 M
Florida 2500+ Reviews
9K +
Klaviyo Klaviyo 9 Andrew Bialecki N/A 2012 $104.5 M
Massachusetts 2500+ Reviews
700K +
Mailchimp Mailchimp 8.9 Ben Chestnut N/A 2001 $842.5 M
Atlanta 13024+ Reviews
11M +
Oracle Eloqua Oracle Eloqua 8.3 Joe Payne $2000 1999 $11 M
2000+ Reviews
64.5K +
SAS SAS 8.2 James Goodnight $8700 1976 $3.3 B
Cary 2000+ Reviews
83K +


9.6 User Rating
$35 Price
Marketing Automation, Lead Management, Website SEO Analytics Feature

HubSpot is one of the world’s leaders in marketing automation and has garnered awards for its service. As a cloud-based app, HubSpot aims to transform the way users interact and serve their customers. With robust built-in integrations with other platforms on the HubSpot Suite, marketing and sales teams are provided with the proper tools to become better.

However, we understand that it is always best to know the negative qualities of an app, and HubSpot does have a few. Its automation process is not highly detailed, the system could cause data outages, although rare, and the app’s overall UI could use some tweaking.


9.5 User Rating
$99 Price
Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Unlimited Support Feature

Hatchbuck is an advanced marketing automation software that has helped various startups, small, and mid-sized businesses for about a decade. The app provides users with a highly intuitive interface so that users can easily navigate the system. On top of that, you can use the robust features that Hatchbuck delivers, such as Email Marketing, Sales Automation, Lead Nurturing, Customer Relationship Management or CRM integrations.

When it comes to choosing the right platform, not only should you know of its upsides, but also its downsides. That is why we provide you with both. Hatchbuck’s disadvantages are its minimal or lack of training videos and modules, a less than desirable customer support team, and its servers can slow down.


9.2 User Rating
$15 Price
Site Tracking, Automation Goals, Automation Map Feature

ActiveCampaign is a software that brings marketing tools and customer relationship management or CRM in a single platform. The app is designed to focus on boosting email marketing to engage with their clientele. With ActiveCampaign, marketing teams can construct and create emails, monitor customer behavior, scale campaign performance, and make a contact list.

We think that it would be in your best interest to know about the disadvantages of using ActiveCampaign. These so-called downsides are: its limited email editor, poor segmentation tools, confusing UI, and a less than ideal notification system. Although whether or not its disadvantages are tolerable is up to you.


9.1 User Rating
$12 Price
Customize, Segmentation, Automatic Replies, Analytics Feature

Omnisend is a straightforward marketing automation tool that focuses on helping online businesses grow. The app enables users to automate processes from multiple platforms for easier access and further promotes flexibility. One can import processes from channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, email, and more. Key features include link tracking, A/B testing, WYSIWYG email editor, and list management.

With Omnisend, though, there are a few common issues that the platform suffers from and that you should be aware of. Know that when using the app, it has limited customization options, only has a small number of templates, long and complicated setup, and mediocre segmentation.


9 User Rating
$49 Price
Contact database, Conversion tracking, Contact management Feature

Autopilot is an online marketing automation software. The app enables users to build, manage, and monitor campaigns and their performance. Additionally, the platform allows you to manage lead conversions simultaneously. With Autopilot, one can import all marketing processes via multiple platforms, such as Text Messaging, Email, and even the traditional Snail-Mail.

With plenty of apps to choose from, it makes it difficult to know the right one. That is why we provide their negative qualities to help you decide wisely. Autopilot’s disadvantages include the following: a highly limited API integration, a poor customer service team, an email builder that is disorganized, and navigation on the backend is not user-friendly.


9 User Rating
$550 Price
Marketing, Analytics, Automation Feature

SharpSpring is an advanced cloud-based marketing platform. It offers businesses of all sizes with tools for mobile marketing, marketing automation, customer relationship management or CRM, customer service, and so much more. SharpSpring can be your all-in-one solution to ensure a successful marketing campaign and properly engage with your customers for better profitability.

Nonetheless, like other software, SharpSpring also has its share of bugs and issues. Some of them have workable solutions, while others are for you to decide. The app’s known problems are: the email builder is disorganized, scheduling on Instagram is lacking, poor list management, and a limited number of training sessions for beginners.


9 User Rating
Bounce tracking, Email templates, Help desk integration Feature

Klaviyo is a cloud-based marketing platform that offers online businesses with marketing automation and email marketing tools. With Klaviyo, users can use its essential features, including Audience Segmentation, Performance Reporting, Lead Nurturing, and more. The platform enables users to create email campaigns directed at the right people for greater effectiveness. Plus, with more than a handful of robust integrations, Klaviyo can help you save time.

Nevertheless, our team believes that knowing the app’s downsides is vital when choosing a platform. That is why we’re here to show you the Klaviyo software’s problems: the Flow functionality is not so intuitive, quite expensive compared to other apps, customer support can be slow, and lead tagging feature is lacking.


8.9 User Rating
Email Designer, Customer analysis, Email tracking, Automated scheduling Feature

Mailchimp is one of the pioneers in marketing automation software, being founded in 2001. As a cloud-based platform with an advanced AI, marketing and sales teams are provided with fantastic features, such as mobile optimization, lead generation, and more. Plus, with Mailchimp, users can create targeted ads and campaigns to the right people to boost overall profits.

Now that you know of its pros, it’s time to know about Mailchimp’s cons. The app’s common issues include a below-average email builder, limited reporting feature, disorganized contact management system, lack of a mobile application, and a less than intuitive template builder.

Oracle Eloqua

8.3 User Rating
$2000 Price
lead database, Display advertising, Content creation Feature

Oracle Eloqua is a world-class marketing automation software. The app provides marketing teams with a solution for better customer engagement. With Oracle Eloqua, users can send the right campaigns to relevant people at the right time through multiple channels. Key features of the software include: WYSIWYG Email Editor, Email Deliverability Reporting, Lead Grading, Calendaring, and Social Sharing.

Meanwhile, Oracle Eloqua does have a handful of issues that some users have reported, and we understand the fact that you need to review these bugs and other problems. These are a poor documentation tool, expensive pricing models, not so friendly interface, weak integrations with other apps, and limited auditing capabilities.


8.2 User Rating
$8700 Price
Risk Management, Data Management, Marketing Analytics Feature

SAS is a software that combines marketing tools and risk management functionality in a single platform. The app enables users to optimize their marketing campaigns via situational analysis and highly detailed modeling. With SAS, you can fully track the performance of each campaign and use the software’s predictive analytics to increase conversions.

Now we move on to SAS’s downsides, which one should know about before selecting a proper platform. The app’s negative qualities include: a poor UI, mediocre integrations, pricey for the services, and a buggy system. These might be manageable for you and they might not be so much.