10+ Bizible Marketing Attribution Alternatives and Competitors

Bizible Marketing Attribution

9 User Rating
$18 M Revenue
250+ No of Employees
2011 Founded
SaaS Industry
Marketing Attribution Software Category
Aaron Bird CEO

Bizible Marketing Attribution is a platform that allows businesses to track and optimize sales and revenue. Bizible Marketing Attribution’s goal is to unify sales outcomes so that its users can create the right marketing decisions and drive revenue across their operations. These impactful benefits work through Bizible’s high-end features like account-based measurement, custom attribution modeling, ad network integration, funnel insights, event and conference tracks, and more. Founded by Aaron Bird, Peter Thompson, and Andy Turman in 2011, Bizible was designed to deliver high-end marketing attribution that enables hundreds of companies to measure and plan revenue. Bizible Marketing Attribution allows these benefits to happen, thanks to the platform’s sales outcomes and machine learning capabilities. Today, with over 7,000+ customers that trust the platform, Bizible Marketing Automation becomes one of the best marketing attribution platforms to use, competing against some of the leading marketing attribution providers like Google Attribution, Impact Marketing Attribution, Looker Marketing Attribution, Engagio, Hive9, and Neustar.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Impact Marketing Attribution Impact Marketing Attribution 9.4 Bob Ruffolo N/A 2010 $10 M
Santa Barbara
2300+ Reviews
Oktopost Oktopost 9.3 Daniel Kushner $49 2013 $7.3 M
Atlanta 2900+ Reviews
Neustar Neustar 9.2 Charles E. Gottdiener $49 1996 $1.2 B
Virginia 6000+ Reviews
8K +
Leadsrx Leadsrx 9.2 AJ Brown $800 2015 $5 M
Portland 3890+ Reviews
Engagio Engagio 9.1 Jon Miller $25000 2015 $22 M
San Mateo 2670+ Reviews
200 +
Looker Marketing Attribution Looker Marketing Attribution 9.1 Frank Bien N/A 2012 $100 M
California 1878+ Reviews
1.6K +
Bizible Marketing Attribution Bizible Marketing Attribution 9 Aaron Bird $1500 2011 $18 M
Washington 1748+ Reviews
7.2K +
Google Attribution Google Attribution 9 Gabriel Hughes N/A 2005 $12.5 K
California 1654+ Reviews
13K +
Hive9 Hive9 8.8 Darin Hicks $25000 2015 $3 M
Austin 4670+ Reviews
64.5K +
Adobe Analytics MA Adobe Analytics MA 8.5 Shantanu Narayen $9.99 2001 $13 B
France 1789+ Reviews
1M +

Key Employees

Peter ThompsonPeter ThompsonSenior Directorhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/peterathompson
Alex KilbyAlex KilbySales & Marketing Leaderhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/alexkilby
David SigleyDavid SigleyDirector of Commercial Saleshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/david-sigley-07131634


“ I love using Bizible. It is the only tool that allows us to see end to end marketing attribution ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Francesca K.
  • Bizible is an awesome integration with salesforce. It gives us the ability to do end to end attribution, so we understand how leads move through the funnel based on different marketing interventions.
  • It’s changed how our marketing team runs demand generation. Now that we can see each touchpoint (organic, email, organic again, PPC etc.) we can put our creative resources to good use because we know what channels provide the most net new leads. Bizible integrates easily with SalesForce.
  • The app is very slow and sometimes unresponsive. We have it plugged into Salesforce to do auto-reports so we don’t have too much trouble, but sometimes performance is wonky.
  • It’s not very intuitive. You have to have a very strong understanding of Salesforce and your contact fields in order to run any type of report.

“ Needed for any marketer running multi-touch campaigns ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Talmage E.
  • We needed this for our marketing programs and this has changed how we look at campaigns and leads.
  • Bizible is an attribution model tool that integrates with various platforms like Salesforce so you can see exactly where the revenue is coming from and at what stage.
  • Bizible analytics are not always the most accurate or the easiest to use.
  • Although the tool is very robust it takes a while to learn how to operate it and to integrate it so there’s a learning curve. In addition the UI could be a bit better

“ The Attribution Model for B2B Businesses ”

8/10 (overall) - Verified Reviewer
  • Easy to use, easy to set-up, does what it’s supposed to and great customer support! Gets you the data you need into your CRM for every touch point.
  • Bizible Attribution Touchpoints associate contacts and marketing campaigns to opportuties, allowing to quantify full path marketing ROI and measure effectineness of marketing channels
  • Not many Cons that I can think of, although in their earlier stages, they didn’t integrate as well into other tools like they do now.
  • It takes time to fine tune the system and find the most appropriate model that measure the company ROI


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Assignment Management
  • Campaign Analysis
  • List Management
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Security
  • Marketing Automation
  • Predictive Sales
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does it cost to subscribe with Bizible Marketing Attribution?

Bizible Marketing Attribution offers a custom pricing solution for its users. For you to enjoy Bizible’s measurement and reporting solution for marketing attribution, you need to request an actual quote through info.bizible.com/pricing. Upon subscribing to Bizible Marketing Attribution, you can enjoy the platform’s advanced multi-touch attribution, keyword optimization, powerful insight, and easy onboarding functionality.


Q. Can I integrate Bizible Marketing Attribution with other platforms?

Yes! Bizible Marketing Attribution ensures that you can seamlessly handle your critical marketing attribution processes through its high-end integrations with other third-party platforms. Bizible Marketing Attribution allows you to integrate with other third-party platforms like WordPress, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketo Engage, Olark, Pardot, Act-On, Joomla, Uberflip, CallTrackingMetrics, and Optimizely.

Q. Can I connect Adwords to Salesforce via Bizible Marketing Attribution?

Integration of Adwords to Salesforce is another capability that Bizible Marketing Attribution offers. Bizible Marketing Attribution allows you to connect Adwords API into Salesforce, enabling you to make your processes automatic and seamless. On top of that, because it uses Adwords’ API, you can track down the granularity of keyword data right into the platform. The platform also offers non-automatic capability, for you can manually track your AdWords campaigns through UTM parameters.


Q. What marketing attribution features can I enjoy with Bizible Marketing Attribution?

Bizibible Marketing Attribution encompasses all the basic and advanced features for your operation’s marketing attribution processes. The platform unifies behavioral and ad data capabilities, as well as sales outcomes and machine learning for better marketing decisions. With Bizible Marketing Attribution, you can enjoy account-based measurement, full-funnel insights, custom attribution modeling, ad-network integration, everytouch attribution, and events & conferences tracking.