10+ Best Marketing Attribution Softwares 2021

Marketing attribution software is used by companies to determine how actions, events, or touch points during the prospecting and sales processes contribute to the success of their marketing and sales teams.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Impact Marketing Attribution Impact Marketing Attribution 9.4 Bob Ruffolo N/A 2010 $10 M
Santa Barbara
2300+ Reviews
Oktopost Oktopost 9.3 Daniel Kushner $49 2013 $7.3 M
Atlanta 2900+ Reviews
Neustar Neustar 9.2 Charles E. Gottdiener $49 1996 $1.2 B
Virginia 6000+ Reviews
8K +
Leadsrx Leadsrx 9.2 AJ Brown $800 2015 $5 M
Portland 3890+ Reviews
Engagio Engagio 9.1 Jon Miller $25000 2015 $22 M
San Mateo 2670+ Reviews
200 +
Looker Marketing Attribution Looker Marketing Attribution 9.1 Frank Bien N/A 2012 $100 M
California 1878+ Reviews
1.6K +
Bizible Marketing Attribution Bizible Marketing Attribution 9 Aaron Bird $1500 2011 $18 M
Washington 1748+ Reviews
7.2K +
Google Attribution Google Attribution 9 Gabriel Hughes N/A 2005 $12.5 K
California 1654+ Reviews
13K +
Hive9 Hive9 8.8 Darin Hicks $25000 2015 $3 M
Austin 4670+ Reviews
64.5K +
Adobe Analytics MA Adobe Analytics MA 8.5 Shantanu Narayen $9.99 2001 $13 B
France 1789+ Reviews
1M +

Impact Marketing Attribution

9.4 User Rating
Channel Analytics, Coupon Management, ROI Tracking Feature

Impact Marketing Attribution is a programmed solution by Impact designed to allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage through high-end marketing attribution solutions. This software provides a comprehensive approach for marketing attribution, thanks to its all-in-one solutions that are programmed for various business sizes. Impact Marketing Attribution not only highlights its service for marketing attribution processes, for it also provides extensive solutions, including influencer marketing, fraud and protection, business development, mobile partnership, and influencer marketing. On top of that, Impact Marketing Attribution offers a variety of ad formats that suit every user’s marketing attribution needs.

With these features packed in one platform, there is no question that Impact Marketing Attribution is considered one of today’s best marketing attribution software. However, despite its superb features, there are still issues that might hamper potential users’ experience. The platform still has multiple issues with bugs and errors, complex reporting navigation, and improbable billing cycles.


9.3 User Rating
$49 Price
Social Media, Marketing Analytics, Collaboration Feature

Branded as an all-in-one B2B social media management platform, Oktopost is another high-end software that offers marketing attribution for businesses. This software offers high-powered features to simplify marketing attribution processes in just a few clicks. What makes Oktopost the best platform for marketing attribution is it provides powerful features like social media marketing, campaign analytics, automated publishing, brand tracking, content management, engagement tracking, and customizable reports. Oktopost also delivers training and webinars for marketing attribution implementation that are accessible via cloud-based and web-based deployment.

Nevertheless, there are still issues and concerns that you need to consider before picking Oktopost as your primary marketing attribution platform. This software may provide you all-in-one solutions, but Oktopost still has multiple issues with glitches, especially for timezones. The platform also needs to have an editing recurring post functionality, and its pricing options are a little bit expensive, especially for small-time businesses.


9.2 User Rating
$49 Price
A/B Testing, Reporting & Statistics, Engagement Analytics Feature

Neustar is another comprehensive marketing attribution software built for businesses of all sizes. This platform offers the most advanced and complete solutions for marketing attribution, to fit every businesses’ marketing attribution needs. This platform not only provides extensive solutions for marketing attribution, for it also provides actionable risk intelligence solutions, such as compliance, fraud, and customer support operations, as well as security protection for websites and data centers. With its high-end features in providing real-time data and actionable insights across marketing channels, Neustar is branded as today’s one of the best marketing attribution platform.

Setting aside Neustar’s recognition, take note that this platform still has disadvantages as a platform. This software might be an extensive platform for marketing attribution, but its GUI is not as intuitive as it should be. Also, it has a steep learning curve, so first-time users might take time to master how Neustar works.


9.2 User Rating
$800 Price
Marketing, Analytics, ROI Tracking, Marketing Attribution Feature

Leadsrx is another marketing attribution software programmed to help companies maximize their ROAS (return on ad spend) across offline and online marketing channels. This platform offers impartial multi-touch attribution functionality that captures customer journey, tracks, and evaluates marketing performance, as well as maximize return on ad spend. Leadsrx provides marketers with the insights, technology, and confidence they require to strengthen their marketing performance and customer relationship processes. With the platform’s SaaS-based marketing attribution technology, it has the capacity to oversee touchpoints across all channels accessible anytime, anywhere. With its capacity to capture conversions throughout the entire funnel and providing impartial results, Leadsrx is considered as one of today’s best marketing attribution software.

Despite its remark as one of the best marketing attribution software, Leadsrx still has negative qualities that you might as well consider. Leadsrx’s content report needs to be improved; its learning curve is quite steep, and its ability to download the reports and share via PDF could be enhanced.


9.1 User Rating
$25000 Price
Lead Intelligence, Lead Management, Segmentation Feature

Engagio is an account-based marketing platform built to assist marketers in understanding and measure account-based initiatives. Engagio is designed as a unified sales and marketing platform that allows its users to share data, results, and insights across their marketing and sales processes. The platform also provides an end-to-end approach to account-based sales and marketing across multiple channels, giving its users full-scale monitoring for their entire revenue processes. What also makes Engagio a perfect platform for various users is it provides web-based and cloud-based deployment, as well as for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

With its superb capabilities as a marketing platform, no doubt that you’ve considered utilizing Engagio as your marketing attribution platform. However, before you do such a move, it’s also beneficial for you to know the application’s disadvantages. Engagio is a little bit expensive compared to its alternatives; its user interface requires improvements, and it still has multiple issues with lags for runtimes.

Looker Marketing Attribution

9.1 User Rating
Activity Dashboard Collaboration Tools, Business Intelligence, Real Time Analytics Feature

Looker is a business intelligence software and data analytics platform that also provides marketing attribution solutions for businesses. This platform offers basic and essential tools for marketing attribution that allows users to explore, analyze, and share real-time marketing analytics. Looker highlights its superb features for business intelligence and marketing attribution, such as integrated insights, custom applications, data-driven workflows, and in-depth analytics.  Looker also supports a variety of data sources and deployment methods to allow its users to choose more options without compromising on security or privacy.

With these superb qualities, there is no question why Looker Marketing Attribution becomes one of today’s best business intelligence and marketing attribution software. However, setting aside its recognition, Looker still has issues and disadvantages that needs a closer look. Looker might be a superb platform for you, but you need to consider that this software takes time to master. Also, this platform has no SQL CLI, which is a disadvantage for power users.


Bizible Marketing Attribution

9 User Rating
$1500 Price
Track marketing Single, Touch Attribution, Lead Analysis Integrations Feature

Bizible Marketing Attribution is a B2B (business-to-business) review planning and marketing attribution platform, programmed to its user’s measure and plan for revenue processes. This software establishes smarter decisions, boundless growth, and unmatched visibility for marketing and revenue-driven operations. Bizible Marketing Attribution has all the essential features—from basic to advanced—that leverages marketing attribution. Bizible Marketing Attribution enables these benefits through its powerful capabilities for planning, execution, and measurement to core business objectives, powered by multi-touch attribution and revenue planning. On top of that, Bizible Marketing Attribution offers web-based, cloud, and SaaS deployment features, allowing its users to get in touch with their essential marketing attribution processes, anytime and anywhere.

There’s no doubt that Bizible Marketing Attribution is considered one of the best marketing attribution software today, given that it provides the best solutions for marketing attribution. However, there are still issues and concerns that you need to consider to take a look at before utilizing this platform. BIzible Marketing Attribution might give you the best marketing attribution solution, but take note that this platform still has multiple issues with system bugs and unresponsiveness, especially with its UI navigation.

Google Attribution

9 User Rating
Custom dashboards, Keyword referrals, API Analytics Feature

Google Attribution is a powerful platform for marketing attribution programmed under Google, LLC. This software offers high-end functionality for marketing attribution, that is perfect for businesses and organizations’ marketing attribution solution needs. What makes Google Attribution a comprehensive marketing attribution platform is it integrates with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick Search and doesn’t require any additional site tagging process. Google Attribution also has the capacity to oversee channel performance data from the connected Analytics view. On top of that, Google Attribution offers a fast and easy deployment process, for the platform is accessible through the cloud, allowing its users to get in touch with their marketing attribution processes.

Despite its recognition as one of the best marketing attribution software, Google Attribution still has several issues that you need to consider. Google Attribution lacks integration with Adobe Analytics, it is hard to configure, and it requires more twists and turns to master the platform. Make sure to take note of these disadvantages so that you can get the best Google Attribution experience.


8.8 User Rating
$25000 Price
Marketing Planning, Budgeting/Forecasting, Collaboration Feature

Branded as one of the leading marketing performance management providers, Hive9 is another platform that provides comprehensive marketing attribution for businesses. Hive9 is built to assist B2B marketing leaders in measuring, predicting, and improving their operations’ marketing impact. The platform also provides the best marketing technology that simplifies complex marketing processes like spreadsheet overload, endless data silos, and inaccurate dashboards. On top of that, Hive9 not only provides marketing attribution solutions for B2B marketing users, for it also provides robust solutions for marketing planning and collaboration, marketing performance, marketing financial management, and purchasing support.

With all these superb qualities, there is no question why Hive9 is branded as one of today’s best marketing attribution software. However, despite its remarkable characteristics as marketing attribution software, there are still disadvantages that you need to take a look at. Hive9’s setting up process might take a little time to deploy; it has a long load time for updates, as well as its synchronization time.

Adobe Analytics MA

8.5 User Rating
$9.99 Price
Collaboration Analytics, Online support, Display
 management Feature

When it comes to an analytics platform, it’s quite impossible that no one could recognize Adobe Analytics MA. Adobe Analytics MA is an industry-leading solution that provides real-time analytics across marketing channels. This platform primarily offers high-end predictive marketing capabilities functionality that enables its users to track customer behavior patterns. On top of that, this platform is perfect for campaign monitoring, which can be combined with other Adobe platforms like Adobe Audience Manager to capture, aggregate, rationalize, and understand vast amounts of data.

However, despite its recognition as one of the best marketing attribution and analytics software, there are still several issues concerning the app that are essential for you to know. Adobe Analytics MA might be an ideal platform for you, but take note that the software’s login process takes too much time. The platform is also a little bit difficult to use, especially for first-time users, and it’s an expensive app for smaller companies.