10+ Best Lead Generation Softwares 2021

Acquiring new leads is, in fact, quite vital to growing your business. Leads help your company with sales and multiply the number of organic customers you have. However, acquiring or generating leads is easier said than done. That is why tech forerunners developed apps for lead generation or what we call lead generation software. Lead generation software is a type of application that provides businesses with generating and collecting leads. These leads are gathered through various platforms or channels, such as social media, websites, and others. Benefits
  • It provides a way to capture lead information when there is contact.
  • It helps companies score each lead to determine the next action.
  • It converts users into paying customers.
If you see below, we have compiled the best lead generation software. The list is complete with the advantages and disadvantages of each application to help you get started. Scan the systems below and select the best app for your business today.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Uplead Uplead 9.6 Will Cannon N/A 2017 $4 M
Walnut 5600+ Reviews
HubSpot Lead Generation HubSpot Lead Generation 9.2 Brian Halligan $35 2006 $674.9 M
Cambridge 5000+ Reviews
78.7K +
Mailchimp Lead Generation Mailchimp Lead Generation 9 Ben Chestnut N/A 2001 $842.5 M
Atlanta 3000+ Reviews
11M +
Sharpspring Lead Generation Sharpspring Lead Generation 9 RICK CARLSON $550 1998 $18.3 M
Florida 2500+ Reviews
9K +
Leadfeeder Leadfeeder 9 Pekka Koskinen N/A 2012 $3 M
6000+ Reviews
AeroLeads AeroLeads 8.9 Elon Musk $49 2015 $1.2 M
Bangalore 3000+ Reviews
200 +
Sumo Sumo 8.8 Noah Kagan N/A 2010 $2.5 M
Austin 2000+ Reviews
eGrabber eGrabber 8.8 Chandra Bodapati N/A 1996 $9.2 M
San Jose 3000+ Reviews
Salesfusion Salesfusion 8.6 Logan Henderson $1000 2007 $7.5 M
Georgia 2900+ Reviews
103 +
Bitrix24 Lead Generation Bitrix24 Lead Generation 8 Sergey Rizhikov $19 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1878+ Reviews
5M +


9.6 User Rating
Lead Scoring, Lead Analysis, Segmentation, Customization Feature

Uplead is an advanced lead generation software application, and it caters to businesses across various industries. It allows sales teams to create a list of all targeted and qualified leads and prospects. Moreover, this enables users to engage with them and increase the company’s profitability. With Uplead, users can access the application’s rich features, such as competitor intelligence, lead profiling, and data verification.

With such an extensive platform to use, there is no question that Uplead can definitely generate better leads. Nonetheless, the app is home to a few issues that one may need to know before using it. For example, the app does not display verified email addresses, some lead profiles are not updated, and its search field is not intuitive.

HubSpot Lead Generation

9.2 User Rating
$35 Price
Sales Automation, Lead Management, Email Marketing, Integrations Feature

From the HubSpot platform’s free CRM platform comes the HubSpot Lead Generation. It is designed to serve all businesses, either startups or large enterprises. The software enables users to collect crucial lead profiles as they create a list. On top of that, HubSpot Lead Generation is supported by robust built-in integrations with the HubSpot platform. Thus, offering a more flexible application.

Being one of the top platforms in the industry, there is no question that HubSpot Lead Generation can deliver enhancements to your sales team. Nevertheless, it is not quite a perfect software. A few of its drawbacks include the following: the UI is a little clunky, it does not offer notification segmentation, and it can use a few improvements with its third-party integrations.

Mailchimp Lead Generation

9 User Rating
Email Designer, Customer analysis, Email tracking, Automated scheduling Feature

Mailchimp is an all-inclusive software designed to offer marketers a complete solution for their operations. The app offers top-notch lead generation capabilities enabling the users to reach out to these leads and prospects. The Mailchimp platform offers its solution for startups and small businesses so that they have access to a robust platform within their budget.

With proper research, you will find that Mailchimp is one of the leading software today. However, like other apps on this list, it has a few underlying issues. When using the platform, one might experience its complicated interface, poor customer support team, and lack of flexible email automation.

Sharpspring Lead Generation

9 User Rating
$550 Price
Marketing, Analytics, Automation Feature

SharpSpring Lead Generation is a web-based software application. It enables businesses to automate their lead generation processes. Moreover, this allows teams to get the job done quicker, and it also boosts productivity. With SharpSpring Lead Generation, you can access all its robust integrations, whether built-in or third-party integrations. One of its prominent integrations is its customer relationship management or CRM functionality that enables you to turn leads into long-lasting customers.

With such a comprehensive platform, one might expect that SharpSpring Lead Generation is free from any disadvantages. However, that is not true. So, you might want to learn about them before using it. The app’s onboarding process is quite complicated. Other issues that you might experience when using SharpSpring Lead Generation are its limited configuration access and some of your workflows are not customizable.


9 User Rating
Lead generation, Email marketing, integration, Email notifications Feature

Leadfeeder is an online lead generation software for businesses of all sizes. The platform enables companies and individuals to not only generate and capture leads but also score them. This allows them to engage with both leads and prospects properly. On top of that, Leadfeeder offers users robust integrations with Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and various CRM platforms.

Besides all of the benefits that you can gain from using Leadfeeder, it is also quite beneficial to know some of its drawbacks. These downsides include a lacking team collaboration feature, and a clunky interface. The app lacks real-time updates that are undoubtedly needed for today’s standard.


8.9 User Rating
$49 Price
Lead Generation, Team Collaboration, Prospecting Tools Feature

Aeroleads is an online B2B lead generation software. It offers businesses a solution to collect and capture emails, social media profiles, and phone numbers of other businesses to increase sales. On top of that, the app also enables users to identify a lead’s company location, position, sites, and others.

The platform is designed to be as straightforward as it gets with generating new leads. However, we would like to show you a few of its negative sides, such as it can be slow to generate leads. In addition, the app also does not gather the right information, it does not verify emails, and its browser plug-in could be more optimized.


8.8 User Rating
A/B Testing, Dashboards & Reporting, Analytics, Integration Feature

The Sumo software is a straightforward lead generation software for startups and mid-sized businesses. This platform enables users to accelerate the process of increasing their customer base. On top of that, Sumo provides you with tools to capture lead data, which you can use to establish a connection with them. It also allows you to create attractive pop-ups that can instantly get the intention of the prospect.

Although Sumo is a stellar performer for businesses to gather leads, it has a few downsides that you should know about. For example, the app does not have a user-friendly interface, the customer support is poor, and its installation process is complicated and takes quite a long time.


8.8 User Rating
Lead generation, Collaboration, Integration Feature

eGrabber is a comprehensive lead generation software for B2B companies. The platform aims to help its users build lists of all leads or prospects from other websites, social media, and online directories. With the eGrabber platform, you can benefit from extracting vital lead information, such as email, phone number, and job title, with a single press of a button.

eGrabber platform’s intuitive features make it a fantastic software, although one should know its disadvantages before deciding to use it. Disadvantages such as providing a limited number of lead extraction at a time and gathering inaccurate contact information at times are some of the issues one might experience.


8.6 User Rating
$1000 Price
Campaign management, Lead scoring, Social marketing Feature

Salesfusion is a cloud-based marketing software that enables businesses to create better campaigns by identifying their leads. Yes, the platform provides tools for users to generate new leads. Additionally, Salesfusion also equips you with the necessary tools to score, nurture, and stay on top of all new and pre-existing prospects. The app also provides features for media planning, budget management, marketing analytics, and more.

Nevertheless, the Salesfusion platform has a few drawbacks that you should know about before using it. When using the app, you may encounter a disorganized UI, slow responding customer support team, a poor HTML builder, and its campaign nurture functionality is quite limited.

Bitrix24 Lead Generation

8 User Rating
$19 Price
Lead Analytics, Lead Tools, Lead generation Feature

Bitrix24 Lead Generation is from Bitrix24 CRM platform. The app provides a simple solution for businesses to capture leads through various channels. These channels include email addresses, phone numbers, page builders, Facebook, messenger, social networking, and so much more. Additionally, Bitrix24 Lead Generation lets users import their lead lists from Excel or a CSV file format.

There is no doubt that this app is fantastic to work with. However, learning of an app’s negative qualities is also quite beneficial for you. That said, Bitrix24 Lead Generation’s major drawbacks include its steep prices, difficult administrative access, unfriendly interface, and its mobile application could use optimization updates.