10+ Best Knowledge Management Softwares 2021

Knowledge management software (KM software) is a subset of Enterprise content management software, which contains a range of software that specializes in the way information is collected, stored and/or accessed.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Livepro Knowledge Management Livepro Knowledge Management 9.6 Brad Shaw $500 2001 $3.8 M
Sydney 2900+ Reviews
Zendesk Knowledge Management Zendesk Knowledge Management 9.5 Mikkel Svane $5 2007 $172.2 M
San Francisco 5000+ Reviews
150K +
Document360 Document360 9.5 Saravana Kumar $59 2017 $6 M
London 4500+ Reviews
Servicenow Knowledge Management Servicenow Knowledge Management 9.4 Bill McDermott N/A 2003 $3.5 B
California 1578+ Reviews
4K +
Bloomfire Bloomfire 9.1 Mark Hammer $25 2010 $11 M
Texas 2400+ Reviews
HappyFox Knowledge Management HappyFox Knowledge Management 9.1 Shalin Jain $29 2011 $11.5 M
California 2900+ Reviews
Tettra Tettra 9 Andy Cook N/A 2016 $1.6 M
Massachusetts 5597+ Reviews
535 +
Confluence Confluence 8.8 Mark Evans N/A 1991 $115 M
3400+ Reviews
60K +
Guru Guru 8.5 Rick Nucci N/A 2013 $28 M
3400+ Reviews
352 +
Bitrix24 Knowledge Management Bitrix24 Knowledge Management 8.5 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1987+ Reviews
5M +

Livepro Knowledge Management

9.6 User Rating
$500 Price
Collaboration, Knowledge Base Management, Categorization Feature

livepro Knowledge Management a robust knowledge management software programmed to improve customer experience across businesses. This software delivers a powerful knowledge management solution that scopes in any channel, making the platform ideal for customer-driven organizations and operations. livepro Knowledge management offers the best solutions that leverage knowledge management, such as full knowledge management, knowledge base open access, customer self-service options, implementation options, and so much more. With its powerful capabilities, livepro Knowledge Management perfectly fits operations like education, airlines, insurance, and healthcare.

As a potential livepro Knowledge Management user, knowing the application’s advantages isn’t enough for you to enjoy the application’s benefits. Take note that like any other platform, livepro Knowledge Management has still downside qualities, such as improvable reporting, limitations for admin access, and lacking ticket management. These disadvantages might affect your future use, so make sure to know more about how livepro Knowledge Management works at your end.

Zendesk Knowledge Management

9.5 User Rating
$5 Price
Community forums, Open API, Real time updates, Knowledge base Feature

Zendesk Knowledge Management is an effective knowledge management platform that provides a powerful tool to gather, store, update, and access valuable organizational content for every business customer support. Zendesk Knowledge Management is programmed with a well-stocked knowledge base that will help its users configure a responsive and fully-branded help center while customizing it suiting every user’s needs. Established under Zendesk Inc., Zendesk Knowledge Management is one of Zendesk’s powerful customer service solutions. The platform emerges to leverage customer interactions are in a single platform, thanks to the software’s high-end knowledge management features. Zendesk Knowledge Management is currently trusted by over 150,000+ individual users and organizations worldwide, making them one of today’s best knowledge management software. As a company, Zendesk Knowledge Management also creates a mark as a high-earning knowledge management provider, with $172 million in revenue. When it comes to its status in the market, Zendesk Knowledge Management becomes one of the leading competitors for other knowledge management providers like ServiceNow Knowledge Management, Confluence, Knowmax, Tettra, and Document360.
Zendesk Knowledge Management is simple and easy to use knowledge management software recognized as a leading provider of knowledge management solutions. This software provides its users with a powerful tool to manage knowledge management, allowing them to ease up complex knowledge management processes. Zendesk Knowledge Management has the capacity to enable its users to create, organize, and share knowledge base articles and content, thanks to its comprehensive knowledge management feature like content management, full-text search, collaboration, a self-service portal, discussion boards, and decision tree.

Overall, Zendesk Knowledge Management is one of the best knowledge management software in today’s market. However, like any other software, Zendesk Knowledge Management also has its own disadvantages that are important for you to know. Zendesk Knowledge Management could be the perfect app for you, but this software lacks customer support. Also, the application needs to improve its automation functionality for it has several issues with bugs.


9.5 User Rating
$59 Price
Collaboration, Knowledge, Base Management, Access Controls Feature

Document360 is a knowledge base management platform programmed for every organization’s knowledge base needs. This software provides all the essential tools for creating a knowledge base, private team knowledge base, and standard operating procedures. Document360 also provides a knowledge base portal, which allows content producers to manage one knowledge base, packed with a state of the art editor, category manager, and analytics. The platform also has the capacity to build FAQ pages that constantly require adding or updating Q&A portions.

Aside from the application’s superb qualities, knowing Document360’s negative qualities are still important for you to recognize. Before opting to utilize Document360 as your primary knowledge management app, take note that this application is pretty difficult to setup. The application’s markdown editor is also difficult to set up, and it doesn’t allow any automated spell check-in. Make sure to check out these downside qualities so that you can assess about utilizing Document360 for your knowledge management.

Servicenow Knowledge Management

9.4 User Rating
Real-time dashboards, Change management, Performance analytics Feature

Branded as one of the leading knowledge management software, ServiceNow Knowledge Management is another innovative knowledge base platform designed for agents, employees, and customer-driven organizations. This software is an innovative platform that captures knowledge from across the organization, allowing its users to create articles that can be categorized, reviewed, and approved in one platform. ServiceNow Knowledge Management offers its users all the essential features for knowledge management, including content management, collaboration, a self-service portal, cataloging, and categorization.

With these advantages, no doubt, that you’re now thinking about utilizing ServiceNow Knowledge Management as your primary knowledge management software. However, like any other software, ServiceNow Knowledge Management has still downsides, particularly for its functionality that you need to consider. ServiceNow Knowledge Management is a little bit pricey compared to its alternative apps. The software is also a bit difficult to use, especially for first-time users, and its reporting functionality needs to be enhanced further.


9.1 User Rating
$25 Price
Authoring tools, Gamification, Mobile apps Feature

Bloomfire is another knowledge management application designed to provide a knowledge-sharing for businesses. This software is recognized as the best-in-class knowledge base sharing platform, thanks to its extensive knowledge management capabilities. With Bloomfire, users can enjoy its high-quality features, such as knowledge sharing, customer insights, and customer support. Bloomfire also offers extensive integrations with applications like Slack, Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Salesforce.

Regardless of what’s your take with Bloomfire’s superb features, it’s also essential for you to recognize some of the application’s negative qualities. Bloomfire might be the right platform for you; however, the software’s user management takes a longer process. Managing the application users can make the job a little longer and tedious. These Bloomfire’s negative qualities might affect your overall performance, so if you wish to opt for Bloomfire, make sure to study how the application works for you.

HappyFox Knowledge Management

9.1 User Rating
$29 Price
Live Chat, Integration, Group Contacts, REST API Feature

HappyFox Knowledge Management is a knowledge management app that provides a simple online knowledge base. This software provides multi-channel support for customer requests across social media, web, phone, and email. HappyFox Knowledge Management also provides all the necessary tools for knowledge management, including customization, SLA management, ticket collaboration, customer portal, case management, ticket management, and response automation. On top of that, HappyFox Knowledge Management provides mobile user support, for faster and convenient knowledge management processing.

Aside from its superb qualities, HappyFox Knowledge Management has still disadvantages that are also important for you to know. HappyFox Knowledge Management might not be a user-friendly platform, for the platform has several complex functionalities, especially for first-time users. The application also has notification delays, end-user integration takes work and training, and an improvable user interface. These downsides could help you decide on picking the HappyFox Knowledge Management app, so make sure to study how these qualities could work on your end.


9 User Rating
Integration, Slack notification, Page requests Feature

Tettra is an internal knowledge base platform designed to centralize knowledge management in one searchable and manageable place. Tettra allows its users to access smart workflows, enabling them to simplify knowledge base creation in no time. The software provides its users with all the basic and advanced tools for knowledge management, including easy to use editor, single sign-on, notification, collaboration functionality, high-end security, page requests, markdown support, and flexible integrations with applications like Microsoft Teams, CloudApp, JotForm, SlideShare, Giphy, and Slack.

Like any other knowledge management software, Tettra has still disadvantages that could affect your overall user experience if you wish to utilize the app for your knowledge management processes. Tettra has several issues with limited Slack authentication, limited live collaboration functionality, slow system speed, bugs and glitches, and outdated navigation function. Make sure to take a closer look at these details, and see how Tettra can work for you.


8.8 User Rating
Content management, Collaboration, Document storage Feature

Confluence is a knowledge management software programmed to create, share, and manage content, all in one platform. This software is recognized as one of the leading knowledge management providers, thanks to its high-end solutions that manage knowledge management in as fast as one-two-three. Confluence offers its users all the essential tools that oversee knowledge management, including calendar management, document management, task management, collaboration, customizable templates, audit trail, drag and drop functionality, workflow management, and so much more.

With all these excellent qualities, no doubt, that you’re now thinking about utilizing Confluence as your main knowledge management software. However, we want you to weigh things first by giving you some of the disadvantages concerning Confluence. Confluence might be the ideal software for your knowledge management process; however, take note that this application lacks several functionalities, such as limited storage, improvable word processing, and complex PDF exporting. Also, Confluence comes with an additional cost, which is not recommended for small-time users.


8.5 User Rating
Content Management, Collaboration, Self Service Portal Feature

Guru is a knowledge management solution programmed to assist businesses’ knowledge management processes. Guru is recognized as a real-time knowledge management software for businesses for it delivers automated functionality, allowing users to manage knowledge management without stressing with complex processes. Guru does this through its full-featured knowledge management, including content import, advanced search, content creation, content storage, reporting, alerts, content utilization, intelligent search, product enablement, employee onboarding, and high-end integrations for various third-party apps.

Without question, Guru is one of the best knowledge management software that you can use for your operation’s knowledge base. However, given that this platform has also its fair share of disadvantages, it’s also essential for you to recognize them knowing that you could be a potential user. Guru lacks the ability to connect with other ticketing tools, which makes it complicated for other users. Also, its user interface can be a bit complicated; thus, it requires improvement, especially for first-time users.

Bitrix24 Knowledge Management

8.5 User Rating
Instant messages, Sales reporting, Ticket management Feature

Bitrix24 Knowledge Management is one of the leading knowledge management software designed to provide comprehensive knowledge management solution. This software offers the best knowledge management functionalities that allow users to oversee their site’s knowledge base in one platform. BItrix24 Knowledge Management makes these benefits possible through its high-end features like company knowledge base, wiki, mind mapping, navigation search, and collaboration. What also makes this software ideal for every user is it delivers both mobile and desktop access.

To sum it up, Bitrix24 Knowledge Management could be the perfect software that you can utilize for your knowledge management processes. However, given that Bitrix24 Knowledge Management is not entirely perfect software, it is also beneficial for you to know its disadvantages. Bitrix24 Knowledge Management has issues with bugs, expensive pricing, limited customer support, and a clunky user interface. Make sure to take note of these negative qualities concerning Bitrix24 Knowledge Management so that you can study how the application could work for you.