10+ Best Internal Communications Softwares 2021

Internal communications software, sometimes called business messaging software, provide users with instant messaging platforms that allow for direct and group messaging within an organization. These tools aim to be intuitive and convenient, facilitating quick conversations between team members. Gone are the days of sending sentence-long emails only to receive one-word responses. Business messaging tools make talking to coworkers as easy as chatting with friends on social media or via text. Most internal communications options are fitted with emojis and GIF capability to promote authentic and natural conversation within the workplace. Key Benefits of Internal Communications Software:
  • Offers instant communication capability between team members
  • Allows teams to connect regardless of location
  • Makes messages easily searchable
  • Provides a less formal virtual workspace for team communication
  • Connects an organization horizontally and vertically


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
SnapComms SnapComms 9.5 Chris Leonard $9 2002 $9.6 M
New Zealand
1874+ Reviews
2.5M +
Poppulo Poppulo 9.4 Andrew O'Shaughnessy N/A 1996 $23 M
1876+ Reviews
800 +
Axero Axero 9.3 Tim Eisenhauer $500 2007 $4 M
San Diego
1985+ Reviews
5M +
Flock Internal Communications Flock Internal Communications 9.2 Bhavin Turakhia $2.68 2014 $11.5 M
Mumbai 1874+ Reviews
135K +
Blink Blink 9.1 Michael D. Farkas $3.40 2015 $2.9 M
London 1549+ Reviews
3.2M +
Slack Internal Communications Slack Internal Communications 9 Stewart Butterfield N/A 2009 $842 M
California 1879+ Reviews
10M +
Bitrix24 Internal Communications Bitrix24 Internal Communications 8.9 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1874+ Reviews
5M +
Reward Gateway Reward Gateway 8.8 Glenn Elliott N/A 2006 $189 M
London 1987+ Reviews
1.7M +
Skype Skype 8.7 Niklas Zennstrom $2.99 2003 $2 B
California 1658+ Reviews
40M +
Jungleworks Jungleworks 8.6 Samar Singla N/A 2016 $71.8 M
Seattle 1654+ Reviews
100K +


9.5 User Rating
$9 Price
Internal Communications, Digital Signage, Digital Workplace Feature

SnapComms is an internal communication software that drives employee engagement. This platform offers the most trusted solutions that solve internal communication needs across businesses of various sizes. SnapComms highlights its extensive internal communication features, including digital signage, incident management, employee communication tools, contact management, incident management, notifications, and audit trail.


9.4 User Rating
Event management, Enterprise, Data and Integrations Feature

Poppulo is an advanced internal communications software designed for businesses of all sizes. Essentially, this software enables organizations to transform the way they communicate on a daily basis. With this platform, you have access to its robust analytics tool that provides real-time insights regarding engagement. However, Poppulo has a counterintuitive interface and a complex implementation process.


9.3 User Rating
$500 Price
Digital Workplace, Document Management, Knowledge Management Feature

Axero is one of the more robust internal communications software and developed to help businesses tackle communication issues. Not only does this cloud-based solution help improve internal engagement, but it also aims to improve productivity and unify your organization. Nevertheless, there are a few issues regarding Axero that you can’t overlook. This includes its counterintuitive platform, poor customer support team, and complex setup process.

Flock Internal Communications

9.2 User Rating
$2.68 Price
Video Conferencing, Channel Messaging, Voice Notes Feature

Flock Internal Communications is a robust solution that is part of Flock’s Team Messenger and Online Collaboration platform. This software, which you can download on any device, helps teams seamlessly connect with each other across several departments for more fluid operations. Although Flock Internal Communication is a fantastic platform, it does have a few downsides. This includes limitations with document sharing and third-party integrations.


9.1 User Rating
$3.40 Price
Blogs, Survey/Poll Management, Real-time Chat Feature

Blink is one of the leading internal communications software available in today’s market, and for good reason. This cloud-based solution provides a highly intuitive interface to go along with a wonderful customer support team. However, even though Blink is considered one of the best in the industry, it still has a few downsides. This includes its limited functionality in terms of posting and its Hub feature needs improvement.

Slack Internal Communications

9 User Rating
Collaboration tools, Open API, Mobile integration Feature

Slack Internal Communications is a robust internal communications solution offered by Slack. In essence, this software facilitates communication and makes it more seamless for all employees. Plus, with this app, you can search all shared documents, messaging, and calls. However, Slack Internal Communications does present a few disadvantages. This includes its less than robust integrations with third-party software and its 10,000 message limit.

Bitrix24 Internal Communications

8.9 User Rating
Instant messages, Sales reporting, Ticket management Feature

Bitrix24 Internal Communications is one of the leading internal communications solutions available today. This platform offers a feature-packed experience that is sure to help increase employee engagement and improve collaboration. Nevertheless, Bitrix24 Internal Communications does have a few disadvantages to using it. This includes its steep learning curve and slow-responding support team.

Reward Gateway

8.8 User Rating
Blogs, Survey/Poll Management, Employee Database Feature

Reward Gateway is one of the leaders in terms of internal communications software. It enables businesses to attract potential employees, as well as retain their current personnel. Basically, this cloud-based solution offers straightforward features that aim to help you successfully engage with your people. However, Reward Gateway’s reporting feature and setup could be better.


8.7 User Rating
$2.99 Price
Online meetings, Security, Online administration Feature

Skype is an internal communications software that specializes in offering video and voice calls between electronic devices like computers, tablets, mobile devices, smartwatches, and the Xbox One console through the Internet. It also provides instant messaging services that users may send video, text, images, and audio. Plus, Skype allows users to have video conference calls.


8.6 User Rating
Marketplace, Ordering Features, Store Management Feature

JungleWorks is a SaaS technology service provider that caters to business owners and SMBs to increase mobile ROI. It provides developers and companies with the best of class tech tools to give their clients an omnichannel experience. Plus, it is one of the prominent players in the on-demand economy, supplying SaaS networks with iOS and Android-based apps.