10+ Best HR Softwares 2021

HR software is a digital solution for managing and optimizing the daily human resources tasks and overall HR goals of an organization. HR software makes it possible for HR staff and managers to better allocate their time and resources to more productive, profitable efforts.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
BambooHR BambooHR 9.4 Brad Rencher N/A 2008 $34.5 M
Utah 1777+ Reviews
15K +
Zoho People Zoho People 9.4 Sridhar Vembu $5.28 1996 $600 M
Chennai 2000+ Reviews
13M +
Oracle HCM Oracle HCM 9.4 Safra Catz $149 1977 $39.5 B
‎Redwood City 4000+ Reviews
10K +
UltiPro HR UltiPro HR 9.2 Scott Scherr $600 1993 $2 M
Weston 1978+ Reviews
6.6K +
Zenefits Zenefits 9.2 Jay Fulcher $10 2013 $43.5 M
San Francisco 4500+ Reviews
250K +
Gusto HR Gusto HR 8.8 Joshua Reeves N/A 2011 $100 M
San Francisco 4000+ Reviews
Sage HRMS Sage HRMS 8.8 Steve Hare $10 1981 $25 M
2500+ Reviews
15K +
CakeHR CakeHR 8.7 Kaspars Upmanis N/A 2015 $11.6 M
London 2780+ Reviews
Freshteam Freshteam 8.6 Girish Mathrubootham N/A 2010 $100 M
San Mateo 2450+ Reviews
100K +
ADP ADP 8.5 Carlos A. Rodriguez $160 1949 $14.1 B
New Jersey 2800+ Reviews


9.4 User Rating
eSignature, Open API, Performance Management Feature

BambooHR is a flexible and dynamic HR software. It provides all the HR solutions that HR managers need. BambooHR can help in hiring, employee onboarding, building company cultures, and administering employee benefits and compensation. In other words, it’s an all-in-one HR platform. Every HR manager can use BambooHR to streamline their entire HR operations.

Zoho People

9.4 User Rating
$5.28 Price
Email Hosting, CustomerSupport, Security Tools, Data management Feature

Zoho People is the SaaS software that can automate your HR tasks, from hiring new employees, scheduling, reviewing performance, preparing payroll, you name it. With Zoho People, you can spend more time managing employees (in person) rather than just sitting on your desk. Zoho People can do most of your paperwork, making you a more productive HR manager.

Oracle HCM

9.4 User Rating
$149 Price
Content Management, Information, Integration, Workspace Manager Feature

Oracle HCM is capable of making HR operations more agile and efficient. That way, HR teams can provide the best possible employee experience for their workforce. Oracle HCM uses innovative tools that eliminate common HR problems. It also helps HR personnel to oversee every aspect of the business with its visual dashboards. Oracle HCM can bring a company’s HR practices to new heights.

UltiPro HR

9.2 User Rating
$600 Price
Talent Management, Reporting, Performance Management Feature

UltiPro HR is a trusted HR solutions platform that has everything every HR manager needs. It can perform payroll, talent management, produce engagement surveys, plot employee schedules, and more. This software can assist HR managers in just about every HR task. UltiPro HR is the key to automating and streamlining HR operations for good.


9.2 User Rating
$10 Price
Human Resource, Calendar Management, Document Management Feature

Zenefits is a renowned all-in-one HR software. That said, it’s fully capable of handling a wide array of HR management tasks and processes. With it, HR teams can spend less time on their desk. They focus on hands-on tasks in managing employees. Zenefits can automate hiring, onboarding, scheduling, and more. Up-and-coming HR personnel should consider this software.

Gusto HR

8.8 User Rating
Data encryption, Collaboration, HR management Feature

Gusto HR is an online human resource software programmed to deliver high-end HR capabilities for businesses. This software offers extensive features that simplify HR management across businesses, from onboarding, payment, down to insurance processes. With Gusto HR, human resource teams can simplify their processes thanks to the application’s features, such as benefits administration, applicant tracking, payroll, and benefits dashboard.


8.8 User Rating
$10 Price
Collections, Automation, Payment Processing, Inventory, Reporting Feature

Sage HRMS is a human resources solution programmed to deliver an on-premise HR platform for small and midsize businesses. This software allows users to oversee and manage employee lifecycle, thanks to its high-end features, including payroll processing, employee record management, recruiting, onboarding, risk mitigation, and compliance management. Sage HRMS also offers other human resources modules, including learning management, decision management, employee benefits management, and decision support functionality. Sage HRMS also includes a knowledge base, support articles, blogs, and forum videos, enabling human resource teams to leverage their processes.

Despite its remarkable human resource features, Sage HRMS still has several issues and disadvantages that you might want to take a look at. Sage HRMS might be the right platform for you, but take note that this software is very slow on launch. This software’s payroll functionality also doesn’t have any interactive paycheck view; plus, it requires a more intuitive touch to its overall user interface.


8.7 User Rating
Alerts/Notifications, Calendar Management, HR Analytics Feature

CakeHR is a powerful HR software that can process just about every HR management task. That said, it almost functions as a personal assistant to HR managers. CakeHR can handle time tracking, shift scheduling, manage time offs, process reports, organize hiring and onboarding, manage company expenses, and more. And also, users can integrate it into any HR system, making it easy to adopt.


8.6 User Rating
Applicant tracking, Dashboard, Collaboration Feature

Freshteam is another cloud-based software programmed as part of Freshworks’ business processes product suite. Freshteam offers its users the basic and advanced features for human resource processes, from sourcing down to hiring potential employees. This platform also provides high-end features that oversee the entire human resource lifecycle, including time-off management, employee recording, reporting, org charts, and automated notifications. What also makes this platform a comprehensive platform for human resource processes is it provides collaboration features and online feedback forms, to allow human resource teams to streamline HR processes in one platform.

Ultimately, Freshteam is another platform that you can utilize to leverage your company’s human resource lifecycle. However, like any other platform, Freshteam still has several disadvantages that you need to consider. Before you opt to pick Freshteams as your HR software, it is important for you to know that this platform has multiple bugs issues. The platform also lacks comprehensive functionality for its keyword search, and its customer service takes time to respond.


8.5 User Rating
$160 Price
HR management, Analytics, Reliable support Feature

ADP is an all-in-one human resource platform programmed for small to medium-sized businesses. This platform offers cloud-based human resource solutions, perfectly designed for human resource teams that require a highly accessible HR platform. ADP delivers essential solutions for managing human resource processes, including HR policy, employee scheduling, workplace safety management, employee tax, payroll, and benefits administration. ADP also provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing its users to track their human resource status, anytime and anywhere.

Although ADP establishes a recognition as one of the best human resource software today, there are still issues concerning the platform’s overall quality that you need to consider before subscribing. ADP still has multiple bugs and error issues; it requires more reporting functionality and improbable UX design. These disadvantages might hamper your overall user experience, so you might as well take a closer look at these issues.