10+ Best Fraud Detection Softwares 2021

Fraud detection software is increasingly important to financial organizations, and online commerce organizations, which depend on authentication mechanisms to detect identity theft, hacking, and other fraudulent activity. Most products in this category are designed to strengthen authentication flows, evaluate the risk of events as they happen, and provide prevention mechanisms like multi-factor out-of-band authentication.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Actimize Actimize 9.6 Craig Costigan N/A 1999 $52.5 M
6780+ Reviews
Iovation Iovation 9.4 Greg Pierson $1 2004 $18.4 M
Portland 4680+ Reviews
75K +
Signifyd Signifyd 9.2 Rajesh Ramanand N/A 2011 $75 M
San Jose 4690+ Reviews
Fraudlabs Pro Fraudlabs Pro 9.1 Pilar Somoza N/A 2013 $7 M
6900+ Reviews
500 +
Sift Sift 9 Jason $500 2011 $100 M
San Francisco 4700+ Reviews
SAS Fraud Detection SAS Fraud Detection 8.9 James Goodnight $8700 1976 $3.3 B
Cary 2000+ Reviews
83K +
Kount Kount 8.9 Bradley J. Wiskirchen N/A 2007 $24.9 M
3500+ Reviews
SEON Sense SEON Sense 8.9 Tamas Kadar $110 2017 N/A 30+
3680+ Reviews
Clearsale Clearsale 8.9 Pedro Chiamulera N/A 2001 $50 M
2500+ Reviews
Riskified Riskified 8.7 Eido Gal $3000 2012 $102.5 M
Tel Aviv 3690+ Reviews


9.6 User Rating
Watch List Filtering, Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Customer Due Diligence Feature

Actimize is a cloud-based fraud detection software that delivers real-time, customer-friendly fraud prevention that promotes a holistic company-wide fraud management program. It provides features like financial markets compliance, investigation and case management, data intelligence, cloud, x-sight platform, and xceed platform. With Actimize, companies can easily detect, prevent, and investigate fraud-related concerns such as money laundering, fraud, and compliance violations.


9.4 User Rating
$1 Price
Revenue Lift, Machine Learning, Remote Authorization Feature

Iovation is a smart and dynamic fraud detection software. It protects companies from suspicious customers who have fraudulent intentions. Iovation has three key features: Identity Proofing, Risk-Based Authentication, and Fraud Analytics. They function to prevent fraud from happening or lessen the damage if it happens. Iovation is the perfect tool against fraud, especially today where people do business in the digital world.


9.2 User Rating
Fraud Detection, Real-Time Monitoring, Intelligence Reporting Features

Signifyd is a powerful software against eCommerce fraud. It can protect companies from abusive buyers, unauthorized resellers, and suspicious transactions. Signifyd makes sure that only trustworthy customers will be doing business with a company. Signifyd prevents and eliminates fraud before it can cause damage and loss. Companies should use it to optimize their protection and projected revenue.

Fraudlabs Pro

9.1 User Rating
Email notification, SMS Verification, Social Profile query Feature

FraudLabs Pro is a well-designed software that can detect payment frauds to prevent losses for merchants. It uses a blacklist-based algorithm with machine learning capabilities. That said, FraudLabsPro can familiarize and memorize fraud patterns. That type of feature isn’t present in many other fraud detection software. With FraudLabsPro, merchants will have 100% protection against fraudsters.


9 User Rating
$500 Price
Keypoint Localistaion, Orientation Assignment, Keypoint Descriptor Description

Sift is a fully capable software for protection against fraudsters. Sift can prevent account takeover, payment fraud, and other forms of scams. It does so proactively. With Sift’s protection, your company won’t be a victim of fraudsters. Thus, lessening risks and threats. Sift will optimize your cybersecurity. You’ll experience zero financial losses and obtain optimized revenue.

SAS Fraud Detection

8.9 User Rating
$8700 Price
Statistical analysis, Operations research, Graphics presentation Feature

SAS Fraud Management is a software that can monitor and detect fraud in real-time. It helps companies reduce loss and eradicate fraud before it escalates further. SAS has advanced machine learning and analytics that makes it a superior fraud detection software. It’s a single platform that can be installed at once across multiple channels within an organization.


8.9 User Rating
Host-based web application, Manage the user environment, job-order queue Feature

Kount is an AI-driven fraud detection software. It’s capable of analyzing a plethora of fraud and trust-related identity signals thanks to its machine learning ability. Kount’s AI and machine learning features enable it to identify fraud in real-time. It can also automate decisions to help users make effective counteractions against fraud.

SEON Sense

8.9 User Rating
$110 Price
Feedback loops, Leverage global data, Behaviour analytics Feature

SEON Sense is a high-end fraud detection software. It’s capable of detecting fraud 100% accurately in no time. It has a machine learning ability that can instantly recognize fraud patterns. SEON Sense can also perform behavior analytics to identify if a customer is a potential fraudster. All the digital tools that online sellers need against fraudsters are in SEON Sense.


8.9 User Rating
Transparency Remove, Operational Burden, Improve Your Financials Feature

ClearSale is a fraud management and chargeback protection solution designed to allow e-commerce companies to identify fraudulent transactions. This software has the capacity to help businesses achieve their business goals by preventing e-commerce fraud, recover loss chargebacks, and improve customer experience. Everything is achievable in one platform, thanks to ClearSale’s high-end features like transaction scoring, intelligence reporting, real-time monitoring, alerts, and fraud markers.



8.7 User Rating
$3000 Price
Device Tracking, Real-Time Monitoring, Payment Verification Feature

Riskified is a cloud-based e-commerce fraud prevention software built for businesses. This software offers extensive capabilities that use behavioral analysis, elastic linking, and proxy detection, as well as machine learning to detect and prevent fraud. Riskified also offers high-end scalable solutions that adapt to a wide variety of business operations.