Best 38 Companies founded with 2016

Time flies so fast that 2016 was just like yesterday. If we come to think of it, IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, 3D printing materials, advanced learning machine platforms, and mesh apps are the next-big-thing advancements that happened six years ago. Looking at the business perspective, these technological advancements seem like a fresh innovation that still made an impact on 2021's business process automation. All thanks to companies that specialize in providing these innovative ideas, handling businesses in today's setup is a whole lot easier. Hence, we compiled 21 best companies established in 2016 that provide high-end automation for business processes. In an era where technology is constantly reinventing at a fast-paced duration, there's no question why there are several companies in 2016 that emerge out of nowhere. Given that the 2016 business setup is focused more on gaining a competitive advantage through technology, companies like Jungleworks, Cura Operational Risk Management, Boardmanagement, Adobe Spark, ASK-EHS, Salesmate,, and such, takes the challenge of supplying the needs of every business worldwide. These companies specialize in delivering quality business automation solutions, such as internal communication processes, operational risk management processes, and video editing processes. Through time, these companies become the global-leaders of their field of specialization, making them branded as the best software companies for businesses established in 2016. The fact that these companies garnered an annual revenue of $1 million to $2.8 billion, as well as 500+ to 15M+ customers worldwide, they truly deserve the title as the global-leading software company. Change is indeed the only constant thing in the world. With the relentless pace of change in global business setup, we're so lucky that there are companies who are willing to step up in providing our business automation needs. For your end, make use of this opportunity by checking out below the best companies that would provide you the best service for your business processes.

Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Leapsome Leapsome 8.9 Kajetan von Armansperg $7 2016 $1 M
Berlin 3890+ Reviews
Guest-Note Guest-Note 8.9 Robert Sinclair $495 2016 N/A 500+
San Antonio
1874+ Reviews
GoHire GoHire 9.2 Chris Smith $63.06 2016 $2 M
San Carlos
3200+ Reviews
Qandle Qandle 8.7 Chayan Mukhopadhyay $33.43 2016 $1 M
1654+ Reviews
200K +
Ada Ada 8.5 Mike Murchison N/A 2016 $21 M
Toronto 1874+ Reviews
2.3M +
XOR XOR 8.7 Aida Fazylova N/A 2016 $17.7 M
San Francisco 1698+ Reviews
Mathilda Mathilda 8.5 Melanie Wagner N/A 2016 $1.8 M
Singapore 1587+ Reviews
GoodTime GoodTime 9.3 Ahryun Moon $999 2016 $5 M
San Francisco 1874+ Reviews
1K +
CertainSafe CertainSafe 8.6 John Nachef N/A 2016 $12 M
Colorado 1698+ Reviews
5K +
Advocately Advocately 8.6 Patrick Barnes $75 2016 $1.5 M
1744+ Reviews
500 +