Best 58 Companies founded with 2015

There were a lot of astounding things that happened in 2015, and it was not even that long ago. These events include same-sex marriage becoming a right in the US and when Africa went one year polio-free. This is also the time when global poverty fell to its lowest point. A lot of world-changing events happened that year. However, there are also some that flew under the radar. These so-called events included the establishment of software companies. Some of whom are even the best platforms of today. Those tech businesses include Pleo, Limble CMMS, Microsoft Power BI Reporting, ChurnZero, Zipbooks, Microsoft Power BI, EspoCRM, AeroLeads, Orderhive, and Propel. These are but a few of the best online platforms of this year. Again, 2015 seemed fairly recent, but these apps earned their way to become world-class in just five years. Get to know each app and see how they can help your business. Start by scrolling down.

Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
GoCo HCM GoCo HCM 8.9 Nir Leibovich $5 2015 $1.4 M
Houston 3560+ Reviews
6.2K +
Upchain PLM Upchain PLM 9.5 John Laslavic N/A 2015 $2 M
Toronto 1698+ Reviews
Propel PLM Propel PLM 8.7 Ray Hein $90 2015 $5.2 M
Santa Clara 1874+ Reviews
40M +
BrightHR BrightHR 9.2 Alan Price $38.59 2015 $9 M
1547+ Reviews
1.7K +
MaritzCX MaritzCX 8.6 Mike Sinoway N/A 2015 $210 M
Lehi 1547+ Reviews
1.7M +
MindNode MindNode 8.5 Markus Muller-Simhofer N/A 2015 $4.4 M
1547+ Reviews
5K +
Tagger Tagger 8.8 Dave Dickman N/A 2015 N/A 1,143+
Santa Monica
3560+ Reviews
Whispli Whispli 9.3 Sylvain Mansotte $379 2015 N/A 25+
Sydney 1547+ Reviews
500 +
Personio Personio 8.8 Hanno Renner $99 2015 $23.5 M
5670+ Reviews
2K +
CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting 8.7 Sameer Penakalapati $120 2015 $7.5 M
New York 4600+ Reviews
1.4K +