Best 51 Companies founded with 2002

When a customer chooses between a startup and a well-established business, chances are, that customer will choose the latter. This is especially true when the well-established business has reliable services. That is because choosing a new service is a risky option. You do not know anything about them. So, choosing a reliable and popular product is the wiser choice. This only proves that experience trumps all aspects when it comes to business. For today, we will focus on those companies that started in 2002. However, since there are more than a handful, selecting the best one might be less than ideal. That is why we offer a solution, which is to provide you with those platforms right now. Such companies are Monday, Expensify, Trello, Asana, Livechat, Infor CloudSuite EAM, Monday Lead Management, Third Light, Alert Logic, and SysAid. All these software companies are here to serve you. So, get started today and know what the benefits each of them brings to to table.

Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Jira Incident Management Jira Incident Management 9.2 Mike Cannon-Brookes N/A 2002 $1.2 B
Sydney 1748+ Reviews
135K +
SysAid Incident Management SysAid Incident Management 9.3 Sarah Lahav $1211 2002 $28.2 M
1658+ Reviews
55K +
InMoment InMoment 9.1 Andrew Joiner N/A 2002 $60 M
Utah 1547+ Reviews
11.6K +
Qualtrics Enterprise Feedback Qualtrics Enterprise Feedback 9.4 Ryan Smith $1500 2002 $568.9 M
Provo 1689+ Reviews
35M +
Decision Lens Decision Lens 8.5 John Saaty N/A 2002 $5 M
2600+ Reviews
1000minds 1000minds 9.6 Paul Hansen N/A 2002 $1 M
New Zealand
6890+ Reviews
Payscale HR Payscale HR 9.5 Scott Torrey N/A 2002 $87.5 M
Seattle 5790+ Reviews
Proofpoint DLP Proofpoint DLP 8.9 Gary Steele N/A 2002 $888.2 M
California 1587+ Reviews
250 +
Qualtrics HR Anlytics Qualtrics HR Anlytics 9.6 Ryan Smith $1500 2002 $339 M
Provo 1587+ Reviews
35M +
Qualtrics 360 Qualtrics 360 9.1 Ryan Smith $1500 2002 $647.8 M
Provo 1658+ Reviews
35M +